The BEST Game-Winners AT THE BUZZER from 2022 NBA Season 🚨 -

The BEST Game-Winners AT THE BUZZER from 2022 NBA Season 🚨

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  1. I’m really loving this channel. Keep up the good work, guys!!!!👍

  2. Don't mind me; just here to watch DeRozan's back to back game winners

  3. gotta be a record amount of buzzer beaters this season or something close to that

  4. As a heat fan we had multiple opportunities but jimmy misses them all at the buzzer..

  5. Man is this the most buzzer game winners made in a season?

  6. Gosh darn DeMarvelous with the near to impossible record to be broken 😂

  7. 4K videos? U da MVP House Of Highlights ❤️

  8. Mavericks are the team I wouldn't wanna be playing in close games in the final minutes of the 4th cause of Luka.

  9. Wizards always on the wrong side of the game winners 😂

  10. Demar with probably the best game winner in at least a decade.

  11. So glad this fucking season is over. Now it’s time to actually watch the games because they actually mean something.

  12. batum's controller ran out of battery while guarding SGA

  13. Kobe and Lebron the best clutch buzzer beater! Including Curry

  14. How did Luca literally get triple teamed by one of the best defences in the league and still make that shot??

  15. DeRozan ends year with buzzer beater, then starts the new year with another for the back to back ahah legendary.

  16. Video is 8 min 24 sec, in honor of the most clutch

  17. DeMar getting the love rightfully so but damn…. SGA step back was nastier than I remember

  18. I find it ironic that people will go for a 3 when it’s tied or down 1 but when steph did his game winner-he shot a 2.

  19. This channel better than NBA channel 😂😅

  20. The reactions of the benches are the best, nice edit!

  21. Nick Batum is gonna be out of the league with that defense

  22. My car has 3 pedals – the gas, the brake, and the DeRozan

  23. you can tell on 3:31 lavine is salty about not getting that spotlight

  24. DeRozan's 2 straight game winners is lit 🔥

  25. Austin Reaves game winner was the best the lakers got sadly

  26. Spence against his former team was kinda dope 😁

  27. Nobody has ever hit back-to-back buzzer beaters in the same year yet!

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