The Best Game You Should NOT Play -

The Best Game You Should NOT Play

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0:00 – Intro
1:40 – The Game Is Bad
5:29 – The First Game
9:57 – The Game Is le Good?
19:10 – Chapter 1: Welcome to Shanghai
20:59 – Chapter 2: The Details
28:13 – Chapter 3: Blood, Sweat and Tears
37:21 – Chapter 4: Laying Low
43:57 – Chapter 5: Coming Home
46:28 – Chapter 6: A Thousand Cuts
50:57 – Chapter 7: The Deal
55:57 – Chapter 8: Out of Shanghai
57:32 – Chapter 9: Airstrike
1:00:21 – Chapter 10: Resurrection
1:06:38 – Chapter 11: Out of Shanghai
1:11:48 – Extreme Difficulty
1:15:34 – Co-op
1:19:22 – Multiplayer
1:29:22 – Outro

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  1. Can't believe he didn't mention the rad Kane and Lynch comics!

  2. Hey pyro awesome job with the video i would like to see you do a video on spec ops the line I think it would be cool.

  3. 1:16:45 The combination of Lynch ranting while lagging and skating around had me in tears

  4. im incapable of watching any youtube video without having some part of breaking bad exposed to me before ive watched it. I JUST WANT TO WATCH YOUTUBE, IM NOT WATCHING BREAKING BAD RIGHT NOW

  5. Honestly, a little lesser in quality than the last 3.
    -overuses of the words ‘almost’ and ‘literal’ too much.
    -a lack of actual verbal jokes which takes a little of your own character out of it.
    -sometimes I think you misspoke a few times very noticeable after a 2nd watch
    -no live parts with you in some wacky costume

    Other then that it’s still great, fantastic pacing, the editing is always relevant to commentary, analysis seem through, your very consistent ability to interpret character motives, of cause the selection of obscure and interesting subject matter is always on point and the ‘above and beyond’ factor like the translations.

  6. dw its not 15 kg its only about 10 with 200 bullets

  7. This games multiplayer was the original Among Us, some mofo you thought was on your side just shoots you an tries to steal your earnings (cash) during a heist, then everyone blasts the traitor lol

  8. I had both and 2 is better than 1 worst parts is that one clip of blowing up gas can if I had video capture of any kind when I still had 2 I could see it being a compilation of me blowing up 50% of the time and the rest is me getting used to the bad gaming mechanics

  9. I love the idea of the camera man dying and you have to play blind until you hire someone else

  10. Red Faction Guerilla added a map that is a "fuck you" to games for windows live eh? Good. I was not able to play multiplayer of that game for what felt, as a kid, years because this piece of shit did not launch it's MP service of Guerilla for God knows how long.

  11. what is the creature/game at 9 seconds, looks cool

  12. Though I agree with most of the review, I think the title should be "the worst game you should play"

    Also if you're turned off by the bugs shown in the video a) some of them were actually a second player acting erratically, I guess turning the mouse sensitivity to the max b) during the few playthroughs I did last year I never encountered any of these bugs… I mean the AI wasn't exactly cutting edge, but never like this

  13. Guys watch Jacob Geller’s vid on this game too

  14. You sound like you are 35+ but you look like you have not reached puberty, wtf?

  15. Hey pyro, you planning on doing a review of the cuphead DLC?

  16. 7:05 casually just spoiled a major part of breaking bad while I’m trying to catch up

  17. Please play Spec Ops: The Line. I think you'd love it.

  18. The way you’re describing this game really brings me back to playing Army of Two The 40th Day. I believe it takes place China as well which is an interesting coincidence. But I remember being so excited to play it and remember the experience feeling really “grimy” and “dirty”. The protagonists are really just trying to survive to the end, and they’re mercenaries not heroes. The environments all feel really oppressive and chaotic, and the civilians in the game can be saved at Times but there’s not a game over if they die from what I recall. Even with the moral choices in the game, a lot of them aren’t bad or good they’re just better or worse without you knowing the consequences until after. I think it may be one of the first ugly games I played and I’m getting a lot of reminders from this video of how I felt. Not sure how that game did critically but it was one of my favorites of that generation.

  19. This is literally what Average Chad Crank movie Enjoyers play, beats the competetive players

  20. does anyone know the song used for the content chinese man.

  21. The way pyro talks about games makes terrible games into masterpieces

  22. ngl this game looks like shit but slowly felt in love with it the more i watch it like i now have urges to buy this game.

  23. This game could have been absolutely amazing if it werent for all the bugs and glitches.

  24. When I played this last year it was nowhere this broken… I mean sure NPCs would act weird, but that's it. Also the "not actually taking cover" strat works in most TPS, even Max Payne 3.

  25. I like the "gaslighting" aspect where 1 character sees only cops, more games could take notes

  26. Kane and Lynch 2 Dog Days is indeed a time capsule for another era. It's amazing how a shitty game can have so much personality. I wish there would be an spiritual successor or some shit like that just to give us more of them, the dynamics between them as much clichesque they were were actually entertaining and felt kinda real, for a Psychotic Schizo and a Sociopathic Mercenary that is.

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