The best games (and other stuff) of 2022 -

The best games (and other stuff) of 2022

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Here’s the best stuff I played, watched, listened to and read in 2022.

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  1. Thank you for appreciating Horizon. I know it's not perfect, but it doesn't deserve to be overlooked.

  2. "The Witcher is a good video game adaptation"

    ehhhhhhhh intensifies

  3. And on the list of the best gaming channels on YouTube for 2022, you're def the #1 for me.

  4. Elden Ring has 9 unique bosses not 72? All others are either copy pasted to other areas/dungeons or have a small change added like a different status effect or extra enemies in the arena

  5. Uhhhhh I love Elden Ring but 72 "unique" bosses? I wish…

  6. I respect you so much more than reviewers like Angry Joe who put dumpster fire games like Marvel Midnight suns, halo infintie, and COD as their top 10 games of the year. Games that they actively chew out for being bad in their top ten review. It makes no sense. whereas the games you pick are unique and truly capture the creativity and fun of games played in 2022. Thank you for giving great games like Nobody saves the world, domekeeper, vampire survivors, etc. the time in the lime light that they deserve. Games like Horizon, god of war, and elden ring don't really need that as much as those cult classics do. keep up the great work. Cheers!

  7. Shillup made number 2 on my list, THICC BOI #1!!!!

  8. Arcane, the animated show was bonkers great!

  9. Not a lot of love for Forbidden West in many goty list, but to me it was truly fantastic

  10. Forbidden West is a fantastic game. Controls are smooth as silk ,combat is super run, and obviously it is gorgeous. I'll say that I would still have to go with Elden Ring for game of the year but they are very different games. You can also turn off all the map icons in the map menu

  11. Monster Hunter Rise: SunBreak is also one of the best games released this year, only matched by Elden Ring and GOW Ragnarok

  12. I love the Horizon games, I just wish the second one would come out on pc already… i hate how Sony gate keeps some of these games until they’ve squeezed all the money they can put of the console market.

  13. 3:17 “you can’t see anything in a podcast” said one of the hosts of Friends Per Second 😂

  14. Are you able to use the steam deck with an australian steam account? I might try preordering one to friends in the UK but I heard they are region locked depending on where you purchase it.

  15. The fact that neon white didn't get a mention is a travesty 😢

  16. Ragnarok's fast ending really put a poor taste in my mouth. Such a great game, but wrapped up so quickly at the end. I wish they did more to connect the game to the lore and predecessor. Still a really great game, but the ending just didn't so it for me.

  17. I have had enough, i am getting a steam deck now.

  18. You need to put the titles of the games somewhere on the screen at some point–especially considering that you sometimes only briefly blurt out the title of the game and go on to just refer to it as "the game"

    You should also add chapters to the video, each titled according to the game being talked about. This video isn't convenient to navigate, and it could be easier to get value from it

    Take or leave the advice, but I'm leaving a dislike on this one

  19. "Seek out people who hold a different opinion than yourself, who might show you a different perspective."

    I'll pass. I get preached at enough about teh patriarchy and lgbtbbq+ nonsense everywhere else in the media. I will consider looking at other perspectives as soon as those other perspectives are actually about games rather than the politics they want to shoehorn into their "reviews". Until then, I will not be rewarding them with my clicks or my time. You said it yourself Ralph, that "Engagement" is purely anger driven. I refuse to engage with these charlatans because I refuse to encourage more of their behavior. Games journalism can't die soon enough.

  20. If Cyberpunk is going to keep existing CD Projekt Red needs to hire at least ONE great programmer who will own the game in the sense that he will make sure that the Cyberpunk we have NOW never gets rereleased because what the fuck. Everything is fine and then the game is down, restart, OK back mostly where I was not bad… but then I play again everything seems good then it is broken. What the fuck. The game breaks and someone needs to know how to follow the issue backwards and stop it. They do not need anyone smart, have 10 people start playing at 9, and before 10 at least one of those testers will have a broken game, OK, that is a guess I have not tracked the minutes between the game starting and the game failing. I don't think I have seen a t-pose just yet, but I have seem a clothing outfit that fucking glowed like the person was a neon light until I moved closer, that was bad, but it did not crash the game. So hey companies, figure out what you fucked up before you start making a new great hit and hire at least one fucking god-like programmer who can fix your shit.

  21. The Print magazines section was such an interesting nostalgic throwback. I hope the medium survives in the future or see some kind of revolution that ensures the same.

  22. 'When i think about video games i don't just think about gaming, i think about culture…' I liked that the gaming culture.

  23. horizon is imho a fantastic game but that is not my type. if it is your type great!

  24. "The best games (and other stuff) of 2022" is the best youtube video i watched in 2023 – gj mate!

  25. Kalisto protocol was such a letdown anytime somebody asks how it plays I always have to tell them that combat is literally nothing more than quick time events and the exact same one pretty much every single time. Combat isn't combat it's just perfect inputs. Shit sucked.

  26. How is subscribing to a magazine different to subscribing to a creator. They may not have the algorithm punishing them, but the same market forces direct them to appeal to their subscriber base.

  27. hrmm quite a meandering video. I guess its intentional to avoid the same format that most other youtubers doing best games of the year which are generally streamlined and with timestamps and such. But youve got so much other stuff mixed in, background stuff, going on asides ie netflix shows for a few minutes and kinda advertising all this other stuff before getting back to the *actual games*. Its different but i dont think it all hangs together or at least not as a "best games of 2022"" video. But i appreciate the general high quality of your content 😁

    i notice you did do goty videos for previous years in a more standardized format (ie focus on games and timestamps etc without the diverging to other topics) Did this video do better for you than that type of format?

  28. Wow, did Disasterpiece make the music for Dome Keeper? Sounded very similar to Fez’s soundtrack

  29. you're still referencing opencritic & metacritic ?
    Moist meter has more credibility than those scores

  30. 2022 was such an amazing year for gaming.

    And somehow this video mentioned nothing that made come to that conclusion. Neon White, Hush Hush, and Potionomics are each titles that deserve to be high in lists for best games of all time. With the Steam Next Fests promising many more wonderful titles.

  31. Seeing Vampire Survivors on here shocked me. I didn’t realize how universally loved it was until now. It’s a super fun game and is absolutely part of my bedtime routine at this point. It is criminal how much content you get for $5, in this era of gaming. If you have a Steam Deck, get it and get it now.

  32. Looking forward to trying dome keeper and vampire survivor. Still dont get the 10/10 praise for Arcane when it was definitely not even close to being a 10/10 show. 8/10? Sure. 7/10 above average? Absolutely without question. 10/10 perfection? nooooohohohoooo. So many bad contrivances and nonsensical decisions by characters. A few episodes in and I was struggling to finish before it started getting good again but those flaws stuck with me

  33. Play good card games like LoR, if you're coming from Hearthstone, it's like a dream come true.
    Marvel Snap has insaneley predatory monitisation compared to Legends of Runeterra and there is even less skill involved in playing Marvel Snap.
    I got bored off it in a month, I've been playing LoR since April 29th 2020.
    It should be criminal prasing Marvel Snap without even mentioning LoR (yes Ik Marvel Snap is good, but there is way better).

  34. I maintain my firmly helf belief that people who like Horizon are simple

  35. Nah sorry mate, Scorn was a huge disappointment and wasted potential.

  36. Avatar 2 was not that great, Horizon 2 is. How dare you compare them. Also, I did feel the heart in the first game, and I can't wait to play the second.

  37. i agree with almost all of your takes usually… but the mortal kombat movie was absolutely awful. so was mario, street fighter, alone in the dark, tomb raider, resident evil and petty much anything before the last of us series…

  38. With God of War Ragnarok, did anyone else feel like it ended just as it was getting started? I felt like I was finally leveled up and then it was the final scene. I LOVED it, so don't come for me. Just felt like it was short…. maybe?

  39. Helix Station reminds me a lot of Hunt the Truth for Halo 5. It was infinitly more interesting than the actual story of Halo 5. It even had celebrities! Keegan Michael Key!

  40. And now Kojima and Peele are making a game together!

  41. I hope that we get another video like this for 2023 too. Thanks for all the great coverage, reviews and porcast these year to Ralp & Team. 🙌

  42. Just wait for baldures gate 3..elden ring is puny

  43. Wtf I clicked on the 2023 video, why am I being shown 2022 😭😭😭 I noticed this as Elden ring popped up.

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