The best games (and other stuff) of 2023 -

The best games (and other stuff) of 2023

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Here’s the best gaming stuff I played, watched and experienced in 2023.

Video written and voiced by Ralph P, edited by Stuart K and Austin B.

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  1. you f*dged up not playing pikmin this year.

  2. im at yakuza 3 and tbh the stories are so far fetched and it's not continuation per se, so you can go in whichever you want and play.

  3. Who's that other guy that keeps popping up in Austin's channel wtf ? 😅

  4. " Competition only open to those in Australia and New Zealand " i live on S.E.A. and filled all 6 entries lol, but its fine! i love supporting shill-up! happy new years btw! love your videos to this point.

  5. I put some 350 hours in Cyberpunk, at launch and afterwards. It's still my favorite game.

  6. Hopefully embark makes BF3 without EA to ruin it

  7. I know this is old news but why did you never review hogwarts legacy, I really like your channel but I hate people who pander

  8. diablo was incredibly repetitive. I had no other issue except that it was spamming the same buttons over and over again until story progressed. Meh.

  9. Where was the marketing for the dead space remake? Last time I heard, it seemed like it was just a rumor. I would’ve gotten it day one if I had known it was released for real. WHERE WAS THE MARKETING?!?!

  10. I completely agree with him on Diablo 4. As a very casual player, I thought it was a lot of fun. Sure, some of the itemization by the end of the campaign felt off. But what a kick ass campaign! I don't think I had a single bug or crash. I haven't picked it up in several months (I'm deep in BG3 now) but I already feel like I got my money's worth, and I will for certain play it again in a future season. If you are a hardcore Diablo person? Maybe it's not right for you. I can understand that. But I thought this game got far too much negativity compared to what it delivered.

  11. No praise for Diablo 4 ever. VR is lame who cares. Austin's alright, but we subbed for you so keep his presence limited. Less focus on fired developers in 2024 or make an entirely separate, clearly labeled weekly video so we can avoid it like the plague. Liking YOUR reviews as always and the Friends Per Second podcast is dope. Keep up the good work

  12. I let the video keep going when he gave blizzard space, but I could honestly care less if meta invented an affordable personal spaceship, I absolutely think every technology they create is far more exciting if it isn’t them that is creating it.

  13. Crazy to me how far Bethesda has fallen, Starfield not even mentioned.

  14. Thanks for the great work this year! Love this channel and this is a great video, even if i don't fully agree with your picks. Jedi Surviour deserves its flowers IMO and so does Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon.

  15. I adore Tears of the Kingdom but you must understand why someone would say it feels like a DLC… It's a reductive yet valid take.

  16. You don't need to keep saying 'video games', this isn't the 90's. Just call them 'Games'.

  17. Thank you for another year Skill Up team. You are the best at what you do

  18. While I don’t agree with you all the time, I do respect that you always maintain your opinion even if it’s unpopular. Of course if you have to correct something, you actually do.

  19. Ralph, you and your team continue to put out my absolute favorite gaming-related content on the internet. Bless you guys and happy new year

  20. If I recall correctly, Tears of the Kingdom DID start off as DLC for Breath of the Wild! I'm sure glad it didn't stay as DLC, though.

  21. the fact he has a point that Diablo 4's initial offering is the best in "looter" (ARPG) history is really, really sad, because the bar really is just that low. Believe in PoE2

  22. The best review of any game I've ever seen came from you Shill up, your review of Nier Automata was the only one that actually managed to reflect how good this game actually was, a masterpiece. (And I did end up playing it because of it.)

    Actually I was kind of expecting another one of these one of a kind reviews (but this time for BG3) but sadly I'll have to miss it 🙁
    If anyone can do that game review justice, it's you. :')

  23. Unrelated Please talk about the Roblox problem, they are bigger than Nintendo and are making money off of kids

  24. Truly thought the lead up to baldurs gate was going to be a lead up to outer wilds

  25. I unsubscribed after hearing about diablo 4…the biggest scum after the day before.

  26. I hope more game makers shadow drop games during these large events

  27. You forgot awesome ghostrunner 2 it's a real shame. Amazing games like that don't get the recognition they deserve, but all these trash souls like games get it. Pisses me off . Ghostrunner 2 is my goty. Also loved atomic heart, trepang 2, immortals aveum, atlas fallen, and loved dead space remake. The worst games for me are Alan Wake 2, extremely boring, and starfield dull and dated. And redfall.

  28. I did both Subbed tô FPS on Spotfy and joined the curated page on steam but f*cking Glean refuse to aknowledge Both people need to stop using that shitty website for their giveaways

  29. Another reason why i should have been born down under! Steve Irvin, Skill up, LOTR and now a chance at a new rig! Damn you original birth country!!

  30. Imagine trowing shiet to FF16 then putting Diablo 4 on the best 2023 games…

  31. Hogwarts nowhere to be found. Can't upset the alphabet mafia. 😂

  32. Gaming in 2023 is the most overrated anything I've ever witnessed in my 30 years

  33. Diablo 4 was worth the money just for the excellent campaign alone. I loved it. I don't like to grind games forever anyway so that was enough for me

  34. I'm sure in 10 years when the prices for the higher end VR headsets are reasonable, I will buy them. Not worth it now though. I bought the meta quest 2 after a hundred recommendations and it fucking sucked ass. The visual fidelity was just objectively terrible. I'm not trusting this VR tech until it becomes commonplace and they've sorted out the kinks.

  35. Raphaels bossfight in BG3 was one of the highlights in all of my gaming experience (40 years of it). I was just laughing out loud while being completely into it at the same time

  36. Meh…I couldn't even be bothered to finish either TotK or balders gate 3. Both games just got old with too much meaningless side content.

  37. Man, am I the only one who thinks that the "open up a browser window while washing dishes" doesn't look appealing to do IRL? It feels like it'd be more clunky than kicking my iPad on a stand or something while I do dishes.

  38. Can we PLEASE let The Finals AI voice whining die already. They hired two voice actors to train the AI and they were very well compensated. Give it a rest already.

  39. FIRST, saying that Diablo 4 had a LOT of content Day 1 is missing the forest from the trees. If someone offers me vanilla ice cream at an ice cream competition, that's not going to cut it. Offering me A LOT of vanilla ice cream doesn't make it any better. Quantity over quality is not what people expect, just look at Starfield and its thousands of empty planets. There are plenty of cheaper or free alternatives to Diablo 4 that are already available or HAVE been available for a long time that far surpass what is still offered by Diablo 4. Simple and obvious quality of life features took MONTHS to implement, but you better believe that cash shop was working day 1. Which leads to my second point…

    Comparing Diablo 4 to "other live service looters" is REALLY TRULY missing the mark. People who loved Diablo 2 and tolerated Diablo 3 DO NOT WANT a live service looter. They just want a solid, creative, and innovative ARPG. The type of innovation, creativity, and quality that one used to be able to expect from Blizzard. We don't want cash shops in our $70 game. If you want a F2P revenue model, then make your game F2P. If you want a Buy2Play game, then drop the F2P aspects.

  40. Hi-fi rush sure is such a good game that came out of no where in 2023! that sure is fun and even has such cool art styles just making the game look like it is a
    Cartoon game that came out in the 2000s! and even the remake for dead space sure is such a good game from 2023! that I honestly enjoy and even play it a second time
    That I find it amazing that they give the dead space remake new game plus mode.

  41. Well, I consider you forgiven for not giving BG3 a review then, you could have said what was going on sooner.
    Since I just assumed you stopped caring about the review since it was already too late anyways to publish…
    Expected to see some mention to Spider Man 2, but I guess you didn't enjoyed it that much either, PS5 exclusives were far from the highlight for me this year too.

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