The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2017 -

The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2017

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Roaring Streets

Vintage Flashlight

A Slime’s Quest for Freedom




Orbital Punch



Plover Parent


Stuck Recoil




A Tale of Wind and Sea





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  1. Cant believe this has been around for nearly longer than Australian Ninja Warrior

  2. 4:39 they should ve make a animation plays your moves immediately and shows what have you done end game

  3. Biggest challenge for artists to find the graphics they want to create a game from

  4. Flying towards an enemy, whipping your butt around, and then blasting out a jet fuel of explosion

  5. And after this, he went on to continue to break with his intensely large, each year record breaking, game jams!

  6. The prospect of being a Tommy gun wielding chick is adorable

  7. what are gamejam admin damn bro your cool

  8. if i had to make a game for this contest, it'd be a platformer where:
    – jumping fires a bullet (that can hit buttons that activate traps, but it also kills enemies)
    – looking up works as a parry
    – crouching can be used as a dash
    – when you bounce on an enemy you can charge for a higher boost
    – getting hit allows you to jump in the air

  9. Wow, you guys are good at hosting record-breaking game jams.

  10. Gmtk had a game jam where they didnt break an itch record? Whhat the fuck

  11. The indie game dev community s really something else.

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