The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2017 -

The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2017

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Roaring Streets

Vintage Flashlight

A Slime’s Quest for Freedom




Orbital Punch



Plover Parent


Stuck Recoil




A Tale of Wind and Sea





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  1. Makes me depressed seeing all the wonderful games made in so little time, while I can't stay motivated on my game for more than 10 minutes

  2. 1:49 that looks very similar to a PSP game called Cube, i wonder if that was the inspiration for it

  3. I've always felt that the developers who use GameMaker seem to have a more artistic outlook than the developers who use Unity or Unreal. The games of this JAM reinforced my opinion. Lots of beautiful asthetics.

  4. And where someone copies super Mario sunshine’s “flood”

  5. Okay, Resize looks amazing. I would love to see that game polished and completed!

  6. Games like this from game jams always make me feel so inadequate. Like if these people can make something this good this fast why do I even bother? :/

  7. I'll honestly never understand the point of a game jam. It seems like pure hell teaming up with randoms and trying to accomplish something difficult for hardly any reward. Not trying to sound rude, but what's the point? Wouldn't you be better off just spending all that time and energy making your own game?

  8. I feel so happy for the game jams. jams in general are awesome it's a win win for everyone.

  9. Mark Brown: It was one of the biggest game jams ever on

    GMTK 2019: HOLD MY BEER!

  10. "stuck recoil is another game for fans of tiny chics"
    welp, guess I found my game then

  11. The question is, though:
    Would you play it if you didn't have to?

    I'm saying, it has alot of ratings on the app store or windows store or whatever store, and you decide: Hm.. it looks fun!

  12. dude this is so cool! a lot of really neat ideas 😀

  13. It's so crazy with all the creative game ideas. Very impressive. Thanks for sharing! 👍🤓

  14. I'm making this comment for people to share their ideas for games with this theme of game (dual purpose mechanics) who didn't participate in the jam

    I'd make a platformer where you play as chess pieces and moving also kills the enemies and you would unlock different chess pieces who all work differently

    note: I had absolutely no affiliation with the jam I just wanna see peoples ideas ( maybe use them in my own games in the future)

  15. Dude so savage about the graphics for some of these games XD

  16. Resize reminds me of window pane on gamejolt

  17. The jam happens yearly.
    It IS my regularly scheduled Youtube programming.

  18. The one before the last can't be played in Mac because it doesn't have Windows.

  19. The indie game dev community s really something else.

  20. Gmtk had a game jam where they didnt break an itch record? Whhat the fuck

  21. Wow, you guys are good at hosting record-breaking game jams.

  22. if i had to make a game for this contest, it'd be a platformer where:
    – jumping fires a bullet (that can hit buttons that activate traps, but it also kills enemies)
    – looking up works as a parry
    – crouching can be used as a dash
    – when you bounce on an enemy you can charge for a higher boost
    – getting hit allows you to jump in the air

  23. what are gamejam admin damn bro your cool

  24. The prospect of being a Tommy gun wielding chick is adorable

  25. And after this, he went on to continue to break with his intensely large, each year record breaking, game jams!

  26. Flying towards an enemy, whipping your butt around, and then blasting out a jet fuel of explosion

  27. Biggest challenge for artists to find the graphics they want to create a game from

  28. 4:39 they should ve make a animation plays your moves immediately and shows what have you done end game

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