The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2019 -

The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2019

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The third GMTK Game Jam has come to a close. In this video, I look at my favourite games from among the 2,600 projects that were uploaded.

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Play all the games here –

Top 20 Games

00:00 – Introduction

01:32 – Kickochet

02:52 – Project1on

04:00 – TowerBag

05:18 – Castle Demonstone

06:23 – Level 1_1

07:56 – Paisible après-midi au fil des toiles

09:20 – Singled Out

10:34 – InFAILtration

12:03 – Intercom

13:37 – Hivemind

14:15 – Cannon

15:18 – One Action Heroes

16:10 – Lurking in the Dark

17:19 – Super Polygon

18:23 – Only One Minute Before Restart

19:12 – Soulward

20:12 – Chicken Hike

20:56 – Block Steady

21:50 – Happy Accident –

22:37 – Buddy System –
Music is Late Night Tales by Lee Rosevere ()

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  1. you better face (get it) the game with your face as the only decal

  2. It would’ve been cool if someone took a twist on it and made a game about someone with addiction and only needed “one more”

  3. But is ther eney way to make a game in an Ipad pleas I want to know

  4. You can make ramps that lead to platforms and make more ramps on the platform.

  5. nobody like really nobody him: sharuken

  6. It's pronounced ley fave

    This was a joke it's all cool I find it funny so many people get my name wrong

  7. lurking in the dark is the 13th game I see what you did there.

  8. Level 1_1 sounds amazing, I would LOVE a game like that on a much grander scale. Like, if in red dead I needed a different guy to unlock a path to X and then the of guy could do something with that.. Idk lol. But man that sounds fun.

  9. Soul ward could a real game and I wouldn't know.

  10. "Leo Lefebreve.. What, you can't put a V there" Killed me xD

  11. do you ever get collectors anxiety in large open world rpgs, play castle demonstone

  12. Wait i new to this is every game jam two days long

  13. Cannon makes me think of tf2's rocket jumping, and now I think valve needs to make something that bounces, as it's just such a departure from normal that it needs to be done.

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