The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2019 -

The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2019

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The third GMTK Game Jam has come to a close. In this video, I look at my favourite games from among the 2,600 projects that were uploaded.

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Top 20 Games

00:00 – Introduction

01:32 – Kickochet

02:52 – Project1on

04:00 – TowerBag

05:18 – Castle Demonstone

06:23 – Level 1_1

07:56 – Paisible après-midi au fil des toiles

09:20 – Singled Out

10:34 – InFAILtration

12:03 – Intercom

13:37 – Hivemind

14:15 – Cannon

15:18 – One Action Heroes

16:10 – Lurking in the Dark

17:19 – Super Polygon

18:23 – Only One Minute Before Restart

19:12 – Soulward

20:12 – Chicken Hike

20:56 – Block Steady

21:50 – Happy Accident –

22:37 – Buddy System –
Music is Late Night Tales by Lee Rosevere ()

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  1. A game with only one name or title screen or player or strategy would be a realy easy way to cheat this.

  2. Rare tried that whole "one world, many characters" thing. It was called Donkey Kong 64. And that was enough.

  3. So singled out is just the one game from Wii Play where you locate the Miis.

  4. 20:43 (just a guess) Try to lead them up halfway, then create a wall so they turn around, and go under and start bringing them up the other way.

  5. If game jams gave 2 weeks to be expanded into full games after the original submission, the amount of gems we'd get would be enormous

  6. how to beat In-Fail-tration: switch between the cameras as fast as possible, and you'll get a clear picture of the whole level!

  7. Day 1 of trying to become the new Justin Y.

  8. What game engine they use to create these games?

  9. Theme reminds me of There is Only One Level

  10. I think with TowerBag, several towers with varying strengths/weaknesses like in a standard tower defense, but you can only carry one into a level. Then if the game is 4 player co-op with a bit larger areas? That'd be loads of fun

  11. How does Project1on fit the theme exactly?

  12. 20:45, draw the line into the wall then curve it under the chicken, wait for the chicken to go past then finish the line up to the door, the chicken will hit the wall and move in the other direction, going up you “second” line

  13. All the games were great, Ik this is old, and I’m not trying to make it sound bad, but there’s already a game or two on cool math games that have the exact same concept as mention number 10- hiveminds. These one or two really popular games from cool math do date back to some solid amount of time before 2018, so the game concept wasn’t really all that original. But on the other hand, the execution of the concept was done much better in hive minds then on coolmathgames!

  14. What is the game where you make and kick doors?
    It says negative nancy but its not

  15. To play i need a computer, I’m on mobile, so that means… IM NOT ABLE TO PLAY
    (Also I type this at the time my dad is buying a computer so I’m gonna delete this later)

  16. Level 1_1 has so much potential, whoever created that really has a fantastic concept,

  17. the screen transition was stolen from Celeste, a game which he made a video on, kinda sus!

  18. damn so many fun looking games. Lurking in the dark looks especially fun

  19. What about a Choose Your Own Adventure game with only one choice and depending on how hesitant or eager you are to do what the choice tells you to do changes your story path

  20. if you had like 5 weeks to complete (and if i was older and smarter) i would totally create a last on earth game

  21. Cannon makes me think of tf2's rocket jumping, and now I think valve needs to make something that bounces, as it's just such a departure from normal that it needs to be done.

  22. Wait i new to this is every game jam two days long

  23. do you ever get collectors anxiety in large open world rpgs, play castle demonstone

  24. "Leo Lefebreve.. What, you can't put a V there" Killed me xD

  25. Soul ward could a real game and I wouldn't know.

  26. Level 1_1 sounds amazing, I would LOVE a game like that on a much grander scale. Like, if in red dead I needed a different guy to unlock a path to X and then the of guy could do something with that.. Idk lol. But man that sounds fun.

  27. lurking in the dark is the 13th game I see what you did there.

  28. It's pronounced ley fave

    This was a joke it's all cool I find it funny so many people get my name wrong

  29. nobody like really nobody him: sharuken

  30. You can make ramps that lead to platforms and make more ramps on the platform.

  31. But is ther eney way to make a game in an Ipad pleas I want to know

  32. It would’ve been cool if someone took a twist on it and made a game about someone with addiction and only needed “one more”

  33. you better face (get it) the game with your face as the only decal

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