The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2020 -

The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2020

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The GMTK Game Jam for 2020 was our biggest one yet. In this video, Mark runs down his 20 favourite games.

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1 – Restless Wing Syndrome

2 – Laserwave

3 – A Key(s) Path

4 – Puffballs

5 – Hellfiler

6 – Genre Hopper

7 – Laser Guy (Harold)

8 – You are now Possessed

9 – Edna – Out of sight, out of control

10 – Losing CTRL

11 – Emergency Protocol

12 – Time Lock

13 – Crystal Ball Chaos

14 – Two-Timin’ Towers

15 – Midnight Monorail

16 – Make The Way

17 – Dumber Dwarves

18 – Shooty Ballz

19 – Between a Clock and a Hard Place

20 – Cleaning the System

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  1. How come game jam games typically don’t have very nice art style? I am asking genuinely as a animator/designer with zero game dev experience. Would it really take that much longer to use nicer models?

  2. I don’t really understand how “one last game” fits the theme of out of control, good game nevertheless though.

  3. Dude those people who made those game.damn so much creativity blew my mind

  4. I think the best part of these game jams are just playing hours of these amazing games on one webpage. Amazing!

  5. 11:10 why does that thing look sus 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳

  6. I have been binging these vids lately and thought what is preventing a dev from submitting an already polished game that they have been working on before the game jam? Just curious.

  7. It's The 1 Year Anniversary of the game jam woo!!!!

  8. oh im definitely taking part in this next year, im making a game as a school project so hopefully ill be able to get to grips with game maker in time

  9. Has anyone noticed that Sam Hogan literally lost control of cell machine? People always add mods and texture packs.

  10. I think hellfiler is actually a really fun game to play. i see how you oculd get addicted to it. i wouldn't mind an endless mode though.

  11. This time i am actually sad that Sam Hogan didn't made it to top 20

  12. All of those games seem something that would go candy crush level of virtual crack.

  13. gmtk: you need to click control c and control v

  14. I'd love to see at least one game jam with a topic like "dragons", "love" or "adventure" to really allow developers unfettered creative opportunity.
    Main themes like "out of control", "it's a lie" or "just one" are great at challenging creators to smartly conform with the topic but I feel like in a lot of instances are really restrictive.
    It would be great to see at least one really open topic for a change 🙂

    Still – the submissions here are really great! Chapeau bas to everyone who participated 🙂

  15. I don’t know how to code, can you do a series how to code

  16. I can't use unity or download it. But, buying it, is not an option.

  17. If I have a computer I will download it.

  18. Out of control sounds like the name of a steath game where your crouch is a resource

  19. Hate to tell you timelock, #12, isn't as original as you think. It parallels ratchet and clank a crack in time time puzzles, but with a twist.

  20. Deltarune would've won if it was made in 2 days lol

  21. That Laserwave game, the rhythm game/twin stick shooter, was brilliant. I would buy a full fledged game of that.

  22. im going to try 14 and 20, they look the most fun

  23. Wow. Just wow. The creativity exhibited here is absolutely beyond my comprehension. To then have the ability to display your idea smoothly in the format of a game leaves me speechless. Hope this event goes nowhere but up

  24. dani shouldve sumbitted milkman karlson for this jam

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