The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2021 -

The Best Games from GMTK Game Jam 2021

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The GMTK Game Jam for 2021 was – once again! – our biggest yet. In this video, Mark runs down his 20 favourite games.

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1) Rift Shift –
2) Sleepy Blocks –
3) Puzzle Sigma –
4) Factori –
5) Ghostel –
6) Grappling Scarf –
7) Phasing Puller –
8) Telephone Trouble –
9) Paisible Soirée au Fil d’Étoiles –
10) I Gacha Head –
11) Static Cling –
12) Tether n’ Feather –
13) Mrs. Modifier –
14) Octo and the Pocket Dimensions –
15) Space Scrap Shuffle –
16) Threadbound –
17) Loop –
18) Tongue-Tied –
19) Ball to the Wall –
20) SparkLink –


  1. It was super fun, great theme, and loved all the awesome games!!

  2. sorry I wasn't able to join this year. maybe next year.

  3. I spent the entire 3 days working on one mechanic but I learned a lot so I don't care

  4. Yay another video to rewatch over and over when im binging the jam videos!

  5. gmtk game jam : starts
    My school : Lets give him 100 pages of HW and ruin his weekend

  6. Utterly Threadful is the single greatest game name ever…

  7. As 1/3 of Star Garden Games, I think I can speak on behalf of the team that we are amazed and humbled to be on this list, sharing a spot with incredible games. Thank you so much to all the amazing people who came and told us how much they loved our game, and to all the random people I found talking about factori in the GMTK discord. The support has been incredible, and it came at such a difficult time of my life, so the love and support has completely lifted me up again. Thanks so much to Mark for enjoying our game enough to feature it as well… I'm just so lost for words, but seriously thank you everyone. Thanks for playing factori, we can't wait to show you v1.0, we hope you love it.

  8. my game has a full 3 seconds of footage in this video and it makes me so happy. I also got #37 in the Jam, which just validates me so much. thanks to mark for hosting the jam and thanks to everyone who played my game, "Clump"

  9. Thanks for featuring our game (BALL TO THE WALL)! It was a real fun time! Still can't believe we got 1st in fun!

  10. Holy mackerel, everyone is incredibly talented! Carto influence. baba is you influence. it's getting real!

  11. Your theme was good man, keep challenging us game developers 🙂

  12. 16:00 it reminds me of that DS pokemon game, pokemon ranger if I remember correctly.

  13. i decided to apply but not make a game for some reason

  14. I wish I could have participated this year! My game engine was glitching our so I was having trouble getting anything to work. Maybe I’ll try to get it to work now. Good job to everyone that got their game done!

  15. 10 years later: We once again broke new records with 234,017,642 games submitted.

  16. The jam was a blast once again. However, there seems to be a pernicious culture that's developing amongst jammers and I feel the need of pointing it out. I call it: "The General Comment Syndrome"

    Basically, it's where the jammers go around playing others' games at a surface level, or worse, not playing the game at all and leaving a general nice comment with the hope that the recipient will reciprocate. It's difficult to come across an honest and critical comment on games these days and that's disheartening.

    I, and I'm sure a lot of developers, would love to see some critical and insightful comments that would help us improve our games in the future but we just don't get that anymore. So let's stop being hypocritical and start being critical in our reviews. That'd be nice for a change.

  17. i hope Puzzle Sigma gets a full release… it's a great puzzle game with arithmetic elements where one could benefit from playing especially towards children instead of playing those shitty mobile games

  18. I thought popularity rank gonna works(#10), but our actual rate was pretty lower than we thought. It would be lie if I say I'm not disappointed, but I'm glad that we participated this gamejam and got this much popularity. Thank you for all!

  19. "Sleepy blocks" should be named "Tetramigos" since the pieces looks like tetraminos

  20. There are so many games that could just be released as is, maybe some bug fixing required, but let's be honest, better than the cheap asset games on steam

  21. Since the large majority of games didn't have 10 people play it, the ratings don't mean much to be honest. xD But there were indeed very cool games. Glad to have participated.

  22. Well done everyone! Every year I'm blown away by what you guys can do ❤️

  23. I started making a game for this jam… but unfortunately I didn't finish it in time 😕

  24. Thank you for hosting it again! It was really fun!

  25. This was my first Game Jam and the first game I finished. It's a bad game. But I enjoyed the experience. And seeing this video I realize then, even if my game wasn't great, it brings me experience, and keys to make a better one next time and next time and….

    Thank you GMTK and thank you all!!

  26. We abandoned our game concept this year. I think that the jams theme was quite bad, as almost all games were puzzle or platformer games. It was quite limiting and if you are like me and don't enjoy puzzle games, then this theme was bad.

    Mark, for next year please pick a theme that can work with more than 2 genres.

  27. It always impresses me how good the puzzles in these games are.

  28. I'm just really happy to have seen progress with my game dev skills compared with last year's game jam, both in my own judgement of the game, and the score numbers. I went from Overall Rank 3000, to Overall Rank 600, so it's just nice to participate and get real feedback every year. Thank you Mark for doing this every year! It's always a blast!

  29. “This quick youtube ad break”

    Me: Proceeds to get a 28 minute long ad

  30. now wait for the polymars video he was one of the people who participated

  31. "Octo and the Pocket Dimensions" is reminding me a lot of VVVVVV

  32. This comment section feels like an older sibling :)))
    Love you all too.

  33. oh man i loved this jam! remember guys! submitting ur game is still a prize! So dont get disappointed if ur game didnt show up 🙂

  34. Static cling's gameplay is super similar to Ghost trick on the DS's. Which feels special to me because that's one of my favorite games of all time and I wish more games took inspiration from it.

  35. I wish you had covered more non-platformer games. This video feels like a compilation of the best puzzle platformer games in the jam

  36. This is Mark's favorite time of the year, isn't it?

  37. It was a blast to participate, see yall next year!

  38. 10:12 wears its Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective influence on its sleeve

  39. If nothing this proves just how creative people in the games industry can be. It's such a shame the commercial games we get from large developers doesn't reflect that. I understand things change when money is involved, but it does feel like a lot of creativity is going to waste in the industry as a whole.

  40. This is an excellent and inspiring video, with some awesome games! I'm looking forward to playing them in the coming weeks. Also, this video was created surprisingly fast… in 48 hours, exactly the same as the time we had to make our games. Well played! And thanks a lot for organizing all of this!

  41. I unfortunately did not have enough time to make a cool game. Had this idea for a bullet hell game where the movement of one was limited by the proximity of the other.

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