The Best Games from the 2022 Season | NFL Films Presents -

The Best Games from the 2022 Season | NFL Films Presents

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  1. It was confirmed before overtime by dean blandino that Gabe Davis dropped the ball on the sideline. Lucky we (Vikings) still won

  2. Bills/Vikings can easily become an actual rivalry after this battle.

  3. Dolphins v Bills week 3 was a playoff game in September… absolutely one of the best games this past season

  4. Dolphins vs ravens not on this video is criminal

  5. No, Packers vs Cowboys and Vikings vs Colts. Damn 😔

  6. The Bills highlight of the year was losing to the Vikings😭😂

  7. How about Dolphins/Bills #1? Or Dolphins/Ravens?

  8. Jalen hurts didn’t even play in the cowboys game

  9. No Vikings vs Colts or REDSKINS vs Eagles to end their undefeated streak? But you have a meaningless Cowboys vs Eagles game. Ok bruh.

  10. Vikings Bills and Vikings Colts were the biggest comeback and craziest games of the year. And I can fight anyone on that.

  11. NFL Films, please upload a football life documentary on Tom Brady

  12. God, I was at the Vikings-Bills game. That was my first pro sports game I ever attended. And even though it was a loss for me, it was such a great game. I wanna go back.

  13. Its 2023, but why is this video so blurry on 1080p

  14. Please make a video with 10-20 videos, ranked. It'd be so cool to see a bunch of awesome games compiled in one video.

  15. I can't wait until Gardner Minshew finally becomes a free agent and is able to actually lead his own team and show his ability

  16. What about baker mayfield with a team 48 hours and pulls off 98 yd td drive

  17. Lmao some of the most saddest and happiest moments watching the Vikings this season

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