The Best Games Of My Life (Tier List) -

The Best Games Of My Life (Tier List)

Aureliano Buendia
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0:00 – Introduction
0:16 – Roguelike games
7:32 – Moba and similar games
19:17 – Boss rush and similar games
24:32 – Fighting games
35:27 – Building and survival games
47:22 – RTS games
56:34 – Turn based games
1:00:11 – Party games
1:24:31 – Action games
1:41:51 – RPG games
1:56:47 – Shooter games
2:19:08 – Multiplayer shooter games
2:30:04 – Slasher games
2:53:13 – Multiplayer slasher games
2:54:15 – MMORPG games
2:54:56 – Platformer games
2:58:16 – Racing games
3:01:52 – Card games
3:05:41 – Interactive storytelling games
3:09:42 – Sports games
3:11:49 – Horror games
3:12:53 – Puzzle games
3:15:11 – Uncategorized
3:31:06 – Outro (Rambling)
3:34:15 – Outro (Slowly looking at the result)
3:35:42 – Outro (More rambling)
3:38:49 – Outro (Thank you all for watching)


  1. It’s great you enjoyed all these games, but near the end it was pretty sad how you mentioned you dont enjoy playing games anymore. I wish you the best of luck, enjoy your life, and stay safe!

  2. If you haven't played definitely try Slay the Spire, easy S tier.

  3. bro said hollow knight is good? hahahaha……… HAHAHA HOW DARE YOU

  4. Maybe i just overthinking, but you really sound like Russian. I'm Ukrainian, and i just "hear" how we speak English, and you speak very similarly. Sorry if i wrong, just my thoughts

  5. it's both a great list and the fact that he can speak 3 hours in a row ( except drink water ) . Merry Christmas Man !

  6. average list. taste is different but most of it is just wrong. at least it's a long list lol

  7. i still remember your cursed sword run in dead cells, you inspired me to 100% the games 🙂

  8. Saw your dead cells part 11 video, actually fuck you, you cant be that good. Its so beutiful to see you play, no hate btw

  9. bloodborne on average.. you didn't do that. Dark souls 3 sucks, yeah. But bloodborne? Like seriously?

  10. I watched a lot of your videosAnd I was watching a game of dead cells…… I like what you do. And you deserve a lot more followers

  11. Man thanks for all your hard works you're an absolute legend we love you and you know what…we have been waiting for your return in dead cells because their are new bosses waiting to get slayed by the king🔥

  12. Suprised Titanfall 2 didn't make the list, especially given that Apex got put at the top. Highly recommend Battletech as well.

  13. Since I didn't watch through all of the video, I don't know if you've played a game called "ARK" its a game about dinosaurs with an interesting story line. The game isn't really all that difficult but I find it fun like terraria and minecraft because of how much you can do. The only part that I don't like is that the worlds aren't generated, they are always the same.

  14. I thought you werent gonna be making videos

  15. Sup, my dudes!

    If you are looking for a game to play – I wish this video will help you. All the masterpiece games should be played by a human being at least once in their life. It's art! Don't miss it! 🙂

    P.s. Just wanted to say thank you all for the support – I get at average 5 comments a week, and they are all very sweet! Thank you guys, it's kinda unbelievable for me that I get this kinda attention on the internet, it feels good 😀 Btw I bought myself a pair of jeans for all the money I got from ad revenue 😀

    P.s.s. I'm fine, just focusing on my life outside of a computer more! Unfortuntelly, I've found that I don't enjoy gaming anymore, I've played all kinds of games and nothing excites me unfortunately, gotta find a way to enjoy my life outside of gaming. And I feel like my life is great and becomes better with every day!

    P.s.s.s. I don't make videos coz I'm sick of doing low quality no commentary, no interesting idea videos, and I don't enjoy gaming as much as I did, and I don't see a point when there are lots of actually good content creators. Making videos is hard and time consuming – why waste my time – I'd better ride a fucking scooter, if you know what I mean 😀

    P.s.s.s.s. I made this video coz I just feel like I'm kinda done with gaming, and I wanted to share the best games I've played for the nostalgia and for the so called art education! 🙂

    Bye, my dudes. It was nice to share something with you once again! 🙂

  16. Thx for this, loved your series. I read your comment her and I wanna say your content isn't lazy. Playing and beating this games takes work. Editing takes work. And the little text in the vids are so charming. Thank you for making these amazing videos and I hope you find a new passion

  17. I was completely shocked to see you posted again, but I saw your comment, so I guess I will continue till you decide to come back

  18. what’s the song playing at the beginning? it’s on the tip of my tongue it’s driving me crazy 😭

  19. goddamn bruh how many games have you played?

  20. sup bro, I was surprised that you made a new video on youtube that you said you were leaving, I added you on steam these days and you gave me the block: ((, whatever, all the best, love you <3

  21. wow a lot of stuff i actually agree with, cool vid

  22. No Metal Gear Solid???? What's wrong with you…..

  23. Super smash bros is a masterpiece you dumbass, only because your bad doesn't mean it's demanding. Btw: learn English pleas

  24. Thanks for all your effort in gaming and putting your own thoughts into how good games are.

  25. great tierlist, thanks for your work, because i didnt know 3/4 of this games and now i can try them

  26. Sorry I didn't really watch thorough the whole video but I would definitely love to play these games this tier list is helpful thank you

  27. just founded this channel, but author already left it. So sad … But I will watch all videos of this channel just for myself because I like it.
    Good luck author, glory glory glory!

  28. hey yo !
    welcome back my dude !
    I discovered your channel 3 months ago through your dead cells video, and was sad that you had stopped making videos.

    It's good to see you back on youtube.
    finally some good recommendation from youtube.

    edit : dota is also my favorite game

  29. It's nice to see you post once more, I hope you're well!

  30. Aureliano is so good at video games he’s literally beaten half the games on my steam library: Definition of a god gamer

  31. I liked your video and the way you explained the games and evaluated them. I liked everything, but please try to make the video clips for rating the games to be short and not too long. Thank you

  32. why good things always end so quickly ?
    Thanks for all those hours of fun i had watching your vids , it helped me a lot when i was in bed recovering from corona and some other things

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