The BEST GAMES PORTED to Nintendo Switch so far! -

The BEST GAMES PORTED to Nintendo Switch so far!

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Welcome to day ten of our 12 days of SwitchUp – 12 videos leading up to Christmas Eve and covering a variety of topics relating to all things Switch, done in more of a podcast style so we could just have a chat, basically! Today’ we look at 10 of the best ports to grace the Switch. Having done one of these lists before, we want to avoid too much by way of duplication so do check out the previous video if you feel something obvious is missing. It probably on there! Which games made the list? Let’s find out….

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12 Days of SwitchUp 0:00
Aliens are isolating! 0:45
When the Lights begin to die… 2:04
I see those True Colours shining through… 4:32
The elder’s fifth scroll 6:59
Glen’s Christmas Present 9:20
Z? You mean Zed! 12:11
A sword that is Skyward 15:03
Skater Boi 17:46
The Wisps are Willing 21:26
Eternally DOOMed 23:30
Extra info 26:07

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  1. Well tbh i liked Skyward Sword in only a few areas of the game (like the Ghirahim fights and the final boss) but mostly the game was just boring to play and it lacked action (just in my opinion).

  2. More people need to play Alien Isolation. Its phenomenal.

  3. It’s criminal that Sega Europe never released Aliens Isolation on a cart, it deserves better.

  4. Lmao, I used to have a skate board too when I was a kid. It also got stolen. It also had ninja turtle on it. XD

  5. So many great ports – Saints Row IV, Metro Redux, Zombie Army Trilogy, Link's Awakening, Dying Light, Doom 2016, Skyrim, Resident Evil 4 & 5, The Witcher 3, Mortal Kombat 11, Turok 2, Serious Sam Collection, Doom 64, Burnout Paradise, Duke Nukem 3D World Tour, BioShock Collection, The Outer Worlds, World War Z, Gas Guzzlers Extreme, Riptide GP Renegade, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, etc.

    I've also been loving PGA Tour 2K21; now, the port isn't great, but I'm having so much fun with the controls and how many things you can buy/unlock.

  6. I have most of these, but a lot of them I still need to play like Tony Hawk 1 & 2 and Skyward Sword HD. Dying Light is amazing; I need to get back to that one.

  7. I’m so glad that I got a switch and then found this channel. There is limitless info on these guys page.

  8. Man i love those ports are beautiful
    The switch needs more attention and maybe elden rings i dont care about how low res itll be i want the gameplay

  9. U guys are awesome do this more often i love this channel

  10. "Get your head out of the sack Glen" out of context quote of the year

  11. I've pre-ordered Steam deck so I won't be playing too many ports on switch after i get through the back log but I always love these videos

  12. You missed bioshock and the borderlands games

  13. And here I am playing the worst port of a game to switch : Ark Survival Evovled 🤣

  14. 16:00 when he simply said "gimmick" it was so honestly and disrespectfully put that it was funny. He's right as all that wii mote crap makes emulation of the hardware a pain and annoyance now.

  15. Devil may cry anyone?????

    I wanna see prince of persia, jack n daxter, Shaolin monks, n halo on switch

  16. The fact switch can play subnautica when my laptop can't is amazing.

  17. 8:30 spits you shouldn't defend corporatism. They only reasons they have exclusive games is because they're not offering anything of value and if they didn't, people would go to those who are. Switch is the only console that actually has selling points. Maybe the PS5 does, but why not just make a nice pc instead?

  18. I still think alien is one of if not the best ports

  19. Dying light being unavailable in ALL of Europe and Oceania because it's somehow banned just in Germany makes no sense and makes me very sad. :/

  20. The Tony Hawk game with TMNT in was Tony Hawk's 5 and it was absolutely terrible. The cell shaded graphics and performance were awful. Terrible level design. Worst game in the series. But THPS 1+2 is fantastic!

  21. I'm sorry but neverthless The Witcher3 is the best port on Switch…

  22. Noone gonna talk about the I am legend clip in the middle of he dying light gameplay….

  23. Have not even put down Crash 4 lol. I think it is a great port on the switch.

  24. I just realize how hard to be a switch youtuber. You need to create a same content all over again.

  25. Any chance of valve releasing games on switch?

    Left4dead would be amazing and easy to run.

  26. Saints Row IV Re-elected is a pretty good port

  27. Dying light will never be available on the eshop as the German authorities will not unban something once banned. the EU server is in Germany and therefore anything Germany bans is not on the eshop… you have to have an american account and buy usd gift cards then download it from the US eshop

  28. To be fair to World War Z, it was originally a book written by Max Brooks, son of Mel Brooks and vastly changed from the books original story

  29. I wanna see mini ninjas ported over an also the True crime collections

  30. Sting light is pulled because of gambling things, and games like csgo have found a workaround. Zo that's basically it

  31. I just got a switch and am shocked by the game prices, they are all priced at AAA game level and alot look better played on my phone.

  32. Alien Isolation. Best Horror-survival ever.

  33. How is Divinity Original Sin 2 not in here!? Have you guys slept on it?

  34. I would love to see The Forest ported to the switch omg I have never even played it.

  35. "I've only played half the first one hence I haven't played the second one. But the first one has a beautiful melancholy about it." – Danny Dyer the poet. Sounds like this chap wants to be featured in the secondary school syllabus rather than be a game reviewer on YouTube.

  36. I got zelda but its a lil too kiddie for me. At least it doesnt make u dig through 1000 shrines for b.s. hearts though.
    Didn't bother to play this one on the previous crap tech. I waited from 64 to the switch to get back in the game and I started with Atari.

  37. I am currently enjoying the Star Wars Racer / Star Wars Republic Commando combo cart on the Switch.

  38. Dying light, run around and one hit kill zombies, over and over. Ori looks like something a bit different and fun. Grabbing that. Thanks Mark and Glenn!

  39. We need metal gear solid 4 and metealgear raising on Nintendo

  40. It’s a crime AC: Black Flag isn’t on here but otherwise I couldn’t agree more with your selections 🤙😅

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