The BEST GAMES PORTED to Nintendo Switch so far! -

The BEST GAMES PORTED to Nintendo Switch so far!

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Welcome to day ten of our 12 days of SwitchUp – 12 videos leading up to Christmas Eve and covering a variety of topics relating to all things Switch, done in more of a podcast style so we could just have a chat, basically! Today’ we look at 10 of the best ports to grace the Switch. Having done one of these lists before, we want to avoid too much by way of duplication so do check out the previous video if you feel something obvious is missing. It probably on there! Which games made the list? Let’s find out….

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12 Days of SwitchUp 0:00
Aliens are isolating! 0:45
When the Lights begin to die… 2:04
I see those True Colours shining through… 4:32
The elder’s fifth scroll 6:59
Glen’s Christmas Present 9:20
Z? You mean Zed! 12:11
A sword that is Skyward 15:03
Skater Boi 17:46
The Wisps are Willing 21:26
Eternally DOOMed 23:30
Extra info 26:07

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  1. Warframe a free to play game might be one of the best visually impressive games out and it's f2p

  2. You forgot about The Witcher! Sorry couldn't resist.

  3. Doom eternal is good port, what about Doom? Is that bad port?

  4. I'm still waiting for the life is strange remaster. When it was announced for the switch, I played the demo on steam and really enjoyed that.

  5. I don't like horror games but the more I hear about alien isolation and how incredible the port is, I get more and more curious and intrigued.

  6. Merry Christmas to you 🎅🌲🌲
    Thanks alot for doing giveaway of switch oled ☺️

  7. I love winning nitendo switch oled because the screen is really awesome and i don't have any switch but i hope i would win this giveaway 😊

  8. I have to many different versions of Skyrim, but playing on the go, sounds so different 🤣

    Still thinking about getting Alien:Isolation, and suffering bc KH will be cloud👀

    Great video as always, only two more to go🥲

    This has been one of the funniest vids yet🤣🤣👏

  9. I love your all videos and you are doing great keep it up 👍❤️

  10. I am loving this series😍 thanks so much. Having so muvh fun watching the 1st episodes 😊❤️

  11. Ori is such a good game. A absolute must for every switch owner 🙂

  12. Just adding my comment in hopes my luck is actually decent enough to win 😂

  13. It's crazy alien isolation doesn't have a physical copy….waiting for it to go on sale on the eshop…cheers mates!

  14. I was today years old when I learnt how to pronounce studio ghibli properly! 😳

  15. My IQ just went up 1 point, watching your videos. Thanks guys!

  16. I played WWZ on the PS4 – There is so much going on in that game with all of the zombies on the screen at one time, I'm surprised they were able to get it run on the Switch.

  17. Hmm maybe I should get Skyrim…. You can never have enough Skyrim… 😅

  18. I’ve been having a ton of fun with Ori, and I’ve hardly seen any noticeable hiccups in performance. Great game, great port.

  19. I own most of these on original systems but keep buying these ports for Switch they are that good!

  20. Really glad how Ori was ported to Nintendo Switch. My fave non JRPG game..

  21. I tried to play Witcher 3 on Switch and it was just too blurry and too much of a downgrade to want to keep going.

  22. Wishing we had a some more rts games and fps games in general.

  23. Bioshock trilogy got me hooked. It is truly a masterpiece 🥰♥️

  24. I never want these Christmas videos to end! Great content!!

  25. 9:33 "Someone's been peering into Santa's sack"
    Oh my ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  26. I thought yall said:
    "I had to BEAT MY EX and broke her arm" 😩
    But yall said:
    "I had a BMX and broke my arm"💀

  27. If you had to choose between playing Doom Eternal on Xbox Series S with next gen performance/graphics Vs. Nintendo Switch with Gyro Aim, which would you choose???

    I'm torn and would love to hear from SwitchUp as well as other gamers.

  28. Do you have to play the first 2 Life is Strange games before True Colors in order to enjoy it fully?

  29. 7:05; Skyrim "amazing"? In what department exactly? Animations are terrible, story is bad, quests are extremely dull and the combat must be some of the most boring combat in any of the RPGs I've ever played. On top of it the world feels dead as well.
    It must be one of the most overhyped games ever made.

  30. Gotta try World War Z. Keep hearing good things.

  31. A great list to show that potential of the Switch, tho I wish we get a better version of the Switch soon so this list can expand.

  32. Was waiting for Skyward sword for so long!! Definitely my choice from this list 😁 keep up the good work guys

  33. ALL new Xbox exclusive releases are on Game pass. So the Skyrim sequel will likely be a day 1 release on it. Maybe they’ll hold it back for a bit to make sales. But it’ll be on there eventually.

  34. Imo by order of must own (not order of favourite, Skyrim is number 1 for my favourite games but there are much better ways to play that):
    1 – Witcher 3
    2 – DQ11
    3 – Dark Souls Remastered
    4 – Dying Light
    5 – Skyrim
    6 – Doom Eternal (i put this so far down only because digital only and with all the additional content it's above 23 gigs making it one of the biggest games on the Switch, takes up too much space).
    7 – Assassin's Creed Rebel Collection
    8 – Subnautica collection
    9 – Ori collection
    10 – Divinity: Original Sin 2.

  35. Nice video. I enjoy skyward sword and dying light. I own Tony hawk on ps4 and switch, I think it's a great port of a game I loved on dreamcast.

  36. Skyrim was a wonderful port. Wish I had never sold. My physical copy. Loved catching up with games on the Switch I hadn't played before… Witcher 3…Dragons Dogma. Easily been my favourite console

  37. Having ports on switch are great!!
    You get to play Some of this games on the go!

  38. The Witcher on switch is unplayable in my opinion it just looks horrible

  39. Alien Isolation did not receive a Western physical release?????

  40. Talking about ports and remembering discounts which everyone loves, a few of the main horses that got ported by square enix to the switch and some other games are now discounted in the JP eShop for the folks that can buy from there.
    With exception to Octopath and Actraiser that have their discounts running up until the 5th, and Bravely Default II and Densha de Go!! that ends on the 17th, all the listed bellow are discounted until the 7th of January.

    Actraiser renaiscence (15 off, 2992 yen)
    Dq Builders (3432 yen)
    Dq builders 2 (3560 yen)
    Dq X all in one package (2640yen)
    Dq xi (3560 yen)
    Octopath traveler (it's 50off, 3740 yen)
    Bravely Default II (5236 yen)

    All the following final fantasy games seem to be 50% off until the 7th of January
    Final fantasy 7 (917 yen)
    Final fantasy 8 remastered (1273 yen)
    Final fantasy 9 (1273 yen)
    Final fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster (3344 yen)
    Final fantasy XII the zodiac age (3190 yen)
    Final fantasy fables: chocobo's dungeon (2640 yen)

    the world ends with you (Neo going for 3740 and final remix for 2640 yen)

    Legend of mana (the sekken densetsu 3 port, 2464 yen)
    Voice of cards dragon island (2816 yen for the game and 3484 yen for the game+dlc package)
    Densha de Go!! Yamanote Line (4785)

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