The BEST GAMES PORTED to Nintendo Switch so far! -

The BEST GAMES PORTED to Nintendo Switch so far!

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Here’s a beast of a list I have been working on looking at 13 of the best Nintendo Switch ports and a couple of stinkers! Let me know in the comments what your favourite Nintendo Switch port is so far to be in with a chance to win a free game! Cheers guys, Seeeeeeyyyyaa! Mark

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  1. The Xbox 360 seems to be the best system to port over to the Switch, personally wouldn't complain if they want to basically port over all the games from that system. Playing Xbox 360 games on the go, i'm up for that.

  2. My favorite port on switch, while far from perfect, is definitely the crysis trilogy. Honestly i was blown away with how well these translated to the switch, esp in handheld.

  3. Hey guys I just got my first switch and I cant find a lot of games, like hellblade, darksiders, outlast, Im from peru and Im 23 years old. Please help u.u

  4. Currently, I’m playing through and completely blown away by Dying Light on Switch.
    A game that was an impressive showpiece for the PS4 a while back running and looking so damn good on a portable ..
    Its really one of those Witcher/Doom impossible port moments.
    A real treat to see and play.

  5. what is the game displayed at the end after number 1? The one where the character is fighting a giant creature…

  6. Never played bioshock until it came to the switch. I'm a submariner and spend a lot of hours down in the deep depths of the ocean and my god, this game complimented my environment, got me through some quiet hours. Beautiful series.

  7. Witcher 3 on the switch got an update that improves the performance and graphics.

  8. Doom Eternal is probably the best port followed by Witcher 3 with its 3.6 patch. Imagine how this ports would run on a Switch 2.

    I would love to see a Prey port now that the Cryengine supports the switch. Hopefully Microsoft follows through with developing games for the switch and allows Zenimax to release games on the switch.

  9. Nice Cosmo Canyon background music, super nastalgic, I used to let this blast on the pause menu while I did chores when I got home from school, along with other ff7 songs of course lol

  10. Final Fantasy 7 Remake please Nintendo.
    I’ve heard that Unreal Engine (which FF7 Remake utilizes) runs well on Switch hardware.

  11. Sorry but you lost ALL credibility by not having Skyrim on here. Go F yourself

  12. My favourite Switch PORT it World War z . It's like Left 4 dead

  13. In all honesty, I think of my switch as a semi portable xbox 360. A lot of games ported just look like xbox 360 graphics or slightly better, and since i have a lite, i love the screen and everything looks good because its small. Because of that I'm super happy with every port made on the console and i own the majority of them because a lot of games i haven't gotten to play in the past i now get a second chance with to feel new and portably makes it perfect.

  14. Dark soals…. For ppl who like doing the same thing over and over and over again

  15. For me the best ports are Skyrim, divinity original sin 2, the witcher 3, senua's sacrifice and BioShock

  16. Man if rebel collection got one good update like they check every cornor
    And left it for good I wouldn’t be mad sense they’d fix every small detail

  17. I’d love to see the Prince of Persia games ported to switch

  18. I really like Fenyx Rising and Streets of Rage. Divinity Original Sin 2 and Dragon Ball Fighterz are not bad either.

  19. Bioshock Infinite runs amazing on the Switch

  20. I wish they would port Cadillacs and dinosaurs.

  21. I don't understand how you can prefer non gyro controls , gyro just feels so much more accurate and in control and scientifically it is since you have a greater range of movement and you use more muscles in your arm like a mouse

  22. There should be much more games ported to Switch. After Crysis we all know that its possible… Boxing and Ufc games, Nfl games like Blitz the League 2 or Madden, Fallout series, Open world games like Sleeping dogs for example… They could be porting games non-stop from the Xbox 360/Ps3 era… I dont understand why they dont do it…

  23. outer worlds is also a solid port. only if you include the patches though

  24. Dragon Quest 11 is on the 3ds, I have it, has both 3d and 2d like the switch, just can't play it cos it's in Japanese lol.

  25. Didn't think your content could get any better but here we are! Absolutely going with Dragon Quest XI. The game just blew me away and offered me supreme comfort and escapism in the anxiety inducing days of the first pandemic lock down. Have a great Christmas guys!

  26. Am loving bioshock & the Witcher 3!🤪Still very fairly new @ the Witcher & I never played any of the other ones. 🤷‍♀️

  27. I still can’t believe how good alien isolation look on the switch

  28. 🔱c'L୧NToCKtisktisktiskPISSt🔱 says:

    They need to port ur voice to all reviewers.

  29. I hope they port Rainbow Vegas 2 and Dark Alliance

  30. What about Skyrim V for me the BEST port ever

  31. Should do an update and add in dying light 🔥

  32. dying light and zombie army trilogy should be here

  33. Would love Fallout New Vegas and Arkham Asylum be ported to the switch.

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