The BEST Games to Play ALONGSIDE Total War -

The BEST Games to Play ALONGSIDE Total War

Andy’s Take
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You know how when you play a Total War game, and you love the time period it’s set it, you really wanna find other games set in that time period? I know I’ve found myself in that situation countless times. In this video, we go through the top games to play WHILE playing one of each historical Total War title and period, at least the most relevant ones in my perspective.

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  1. What is the background music?, it’s very soothing

  2. I've also heard that some cool people are developing a mod, that allows you to play your CK3 battles in Total War: Attila. 👀

  3. Is that where you've been? Playing games ALONGSIDE total war?

  4. Wait you are a Norwegian!? That just makes me love this channel even more. Jævlig bra!

  5. omg did you just mention an ubisoft game

  6. I've found myself playing a lot of Great War Western Front and Battlefield 1 Lately.

  7. For Shogun 2 I'd also recommend the Way of the Samurai games and Like a Dragon Ishin. For Rome and Rome 2 I'd recommend A Legionary's Life. Especially if you're currently playing the Hannibal at the Gates DLC as the Romans.

  8. Creative Assembly actually tried to do something like this by making Spartan: Total Warrior for the gen 6 consoles. It's kind of a console companion game to Rome total war but with more fantastical and mythological elements added. Interestingly it came out the same year as God of War and shares a lot of similarities with that game.

  9. Dude, Michael Parenti Yellow Lecture? Had no idea you were based

  10. Why not 3k and one of those dynasty warriors

  11. AC Origins and Odyssey, these game are so immersive and looks beautiful. They even have this non-combat museum mode (forgot the name) that allows you to visit areas non-combat – first person and tells you about the history. Ofc they are not as immersive Kingdom Come Deliverance, it's still an arcady game, but the places look amazing.

  12. If you want historical inmersion, you should try Kingdom Come: Deliverance (aka. medieval peasant simulator).
    What and amazing game.

  13. Cool concept for a video, you could do the same thing for shows / movies in these eras!

  14. Very appropriate video, I just finished Kindgom come deliverance. Made more interested in the HRE faction in Medieval 2. And yeah I'm going to return to AC odessy, once I play some Wrath of Sparta. However I belive that the best pairing with AC Valhalla is the Age of Charlemagne dlc. Great video!

  15. Cool video and content I've really been enjoying your channel.
    one thing I have been trying is Rome or medieval Total War role-play campaign with novel AI

    just to see if it can make things more interesting.

  16. I wonder if those two companies will pair up with a DLC to unlock the assassins creed stuff to throw in to the mix for games to allow us to get some toys and fun with it?

  17. There's also that new ac game announced in feudal Japan.

  18. I cool idea for a video would be shows/movies to watch while you play a total war 😊

  19. Ghost of Tsushima is just an absolute must-play!

  20. Loved the video! Often times I find myself playing similar eta games across multiple systems I.E. one you didn’t mention BUT Total War Three Kingdoms and ANY of the Dynasty warriors games or Dynasty Warriors Empires (which adds a bit of nation building to the mix among other things like a basic economy system and player recruitment)

    GREAT video I personally really enjoyed this one!

    Great work @Andy’s Take

  21. I dont really like games except total war series. Another thing i did was starting a campaign on Total War then reading books and articles about that time period or factions that i chose. I can honestly say i learned a lot of history. Try it out guys

  22. RYSE would also probably be good with Attila.

    This entire idea is an interesting one and I thank you for it.

  23. Funnily ive played all these games on console and total war was the first pc game i got

  24. Yellow parenti and total war is peak taste

  25. You know what is a fun combo, Shogun 2 and Sekiro. I think Ghosts of Tsushima is more your style though, as you clearly like the AC series 🙂 But I am more of DS fan, I never really got that into AC. Sekiro scratches the itch a little more for me personally. Oh and another one, EU4 + Kingdom Come Deliverance both start at basically exactly the same time. You can play has hungary and do the whole Sigismund arc yourself 😉

    I found it funny that you did this, I always thought I was weird for playing games that are all themed around one another, but I guess other people have had the same idea 😉

    I wonder what other combos people will come up with 😮

    Everyone will have to let me know if they have tried any of these or have other combos they like! ^_^

  26. It would seem showing the Statistics for Subscribers seems to be working, it is slowly going up every time you show it.

  27. Awesome video idea and well executed. Subbed.

    I'm also thinking about reinstalling AC Odyssey as I'm getting deep into Troy for the first time.

    The bloody executions in Troy really makes them even more alike.

  28. fantastic video man

    I was thinking of doing something like this but now you've taken the spot! 🙂

  29. I love origins. Its like mini egypt and gives an idea of the era. It made me homesick when I played it. Although I was a bit disappointed about alexanderia as it looked like an empty city but the descriptions of the time that it was very busy. The rest of the cities looked great.
    I am surprised to find that I am one of the unsubsrcibed ones although I enjoy your videos. Fixed now👌🏼😁

  30. “england is depicted as a dreary, cold, swampy place” so nothing has changed in a few hundred years 😂

  31. Fun video and good suggestions. I long for the day when CA returns to making historical titles. How great would an American Civil War game be? The Warhammer titles just don't interest me not matter how pretty they look.

    At this point, I'd love to see another company take a stab at what CA does. They've been in the market without competition so long they've stagnated.

  32. There are also mods for total war and others to better sink time lines. Like eagle rising for bannerlord with Rome 2. And civil war mods for empire with red dead.

  33. “You play as Connor”
    Proceeds to show Haytham

  34. I love how almost all of these are assassins creed games, not complaining ofc a lot of these games are pretty good and overhated just because of the shitty dev

  35. Scourge of War Waterloo: Taking Napoleon Total War to the next level with better and realistic mechanics, formations, organization and the courier system is unique in rts genre

  36. AC odysey bring me back to RTW 2, Fun fact – Black Flag voice actor Matt Ryan was last week in Prague Comic Con, great guy

  37. Hey can you do a list about TW games and relatable TV series or movies i think it would be wholesome, Thanks loved this video.

  38. I wholeheartedly recommend AC: Odyssey to any Rome 2 enjoyer. I was geeking out the whole time!

  39. Nice video Andy, I did the Empire Total War+ AC4 combo and I thought it was only me doing that stuff, good to know more people enjoy playing other games alogside Total War to enhance the experience 😁

  40. Love your content man, & thanks for the shouts!

  41. I’m glad I’m not the only that does this. Right now I’m playing Empire TW with Age of Empires III. Also, don’t forget AC Rogue for the 18th period!

  42. Basically just play total War and assassins creed.

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