The Best HALLOWEEN GAMES For Your Party -

The Best HALLOWEEN GAMES For Your Party

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If you’re throwing a Halloween party for kids, here are some great games and ideas. I play Halloween spider splat, pin the witch nose, race wind up figures like ghosts and pumpkins, and I make really cool Halloween diy cookies, perfect for Halloween food snacks. See Pumpkin Carving Ideas here:
More fun Halloween ideas here:

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  2. This is literally the best halloween party idea channel like theres not a single one thats better literally

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    Best youtuber ever!

  9. My favourite was the wind up toys ngl.but its too expensive in my country…

  10. 1:13 the fact I actually own the pumpkin one lol, its in a box inside my room currently.

  11. Spooky scary skeleton and shivers down your spine

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  13. i like helloween! THANKS!

  14. What isn't better than Dave throwing rap sings at the screen?

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    I have the eyeball wan its red

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  17. Halloween toys for 5 year olds, please I need this

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    oh god

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