The Best Horror Game I've Seen in a Long Time - In Sound Mind [1] -

The Best Horror Game I’ve Seen in a Long Time – In Sound Mind [1]

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Welcome to In Sound Mind! This is an indie horror game that I’ve wanted to play for a very long time now! It’s supposedly EXTREMELY good. And after playing it I can tell you that it is indeed incredible! So impressive this was made by an indie studio! ENJOY!

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  1. Yay! I was hoping you'll play it's literally the only game i've submitted in a form! 🙂

  2. I tried this game, then deleted it, I got pretty far, but this one part where I had to run, would literally not stop lagging at all

  3. You mean you’re not gonna play the whole thing in one sitting?

  4. I love listening to the voice acting of these games. It's generally pretty bad. This one is not too much better. Mostly overdramatic and definitively delivered too fast most of the time. It seems like they hired people with some experience, but that are mostly cruising on the sound and resonance of their voices instead of their actual performance ability.

    The Desmond tapes were delivered pretty well, for the most part.

    The main antagonist actor is basically JUST banking on the depth of his voice. His delivery is really cartoony and incongruent with the rest of the game.

    Voice audio in general sounds like the low end is a bit too hot.

  5. Oh I loved this game. I am glad you were able to play it and enjoyed it.

  6. That song, though. This whole game had amazing sounds all the way through it. Very easy to watch.

  7. This game is one of my favourites of all time- and seeing you play has made me so happy! it’s finally getting the recognition that is EXTREMELY deserved!!

  8. I absolutely adore this game. I really want to watch you play it but I'm saving the game for myself to replay sometime hopefully soon!

  9. I love that evil dude looks like a fucked up Nick Valentine

  10. It's really unfortunate that that happened to her, but the Protagonist/Therapist did what would be expected for her diagnosis and treatment. I do like that the game has him bring her to rest though— I've been in therapy for years. It's a tough journey. I hope anyone in her position is safe and slowly branching out in a way that makes them comfortable. I assume he's a psychologist— he's diagnosing.

  11. I HIGHLY recommend playing the game called Little Nightmare. The game is insanely good in my opinion. They somehow mastered the way a game can have a story without telling you anything… You will surely get through a lot of emotions playing it and if you enjoy the first game, you can also play the second game wich is EVEN BETTER! I really hope to see you playing it! 😁

  12. Dude on the phone sounds like Pete from Goofy Movie

  13. yo bro play hollow knight you’d def like it

  14. I know its homa-mart but when insym says it I hear homo-mart.

  15. The living tombstone made the soundtrack for this game! Wonderful to see all of the talent that went into making this game

  16. whats weird to me is every other video is declared best game or terrifying and normally with the mouth open lol idk, been on youtube too long ig

  17. OMFG, I love this game, it's given me so many emotions. I hope you find all the records and finish the game! (btw, the sound track was made by the living tombstone and lil 8-bit tracks are hidden in each tape!)

  18. I got this game a while ago and kinda stopped playing so I never beat it but yeah it was a really good game

  19. In Sound Mind is soooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!! Highly recommend anyone who likes horror plays it!!!!!

  20. Played this game a while ago never finished but glad to see that Insym can play it 😀

  21. Woulda been funny if the main character commented on the weird cloud with writing on it. Wasted opportunity.

  22. I love this game. It really gets you in the feels. Plus the music is 🔥

  23. This was my fav game last year 💙 i am so happy to finally see insym play it ^^
    The soundtrack will be on replay once again!!

  24. i didn't realized i watched the whole first part in the stream, my brain must've fallen asleep halfway. i just realized it when i heard the beautiful song

  25. Thank you for playing this amazing game! I enjoyed watching you and Chat like it so much.

  26. Hey, if my cats suddenly talks to me and decides to help me, by all means I won't mind at all hahaha.
    To be frank, sometimes, they're the only ones whom I speak to about my troubles. 1:29:24

  27. I found this game through TLT, who did the music, around a year ago. I am beyond happy to see you finally get to playing this one. I cannot wait for you to hear all the wonderful music they put together for this game. genuinely a masterpiece of an album.

  28. Damn I love this song! ❤
    Thanks for playing this game Insym!

  29. That ending though…. Noooooo Insym Please xD What an amazing game…holy…!!

  30. Thank you, this is my favorite game and I've been waiting to see someone play it. It truly is a masterpiece

  31. Holy damn… I absolutely loved the song. I am speechless.

  32. Woah I just played this on stream! Its really good! Does an amazing job to talk about mental health and all the challenges people face. Not gonna lie though, some of the puzzles really made my head hurt D:

  33. Virginia really went to a therapist just because her favourite shop had closed. What a dedication

  34. The woman being super nervous about a store shutting down sounds a lot like me as an autistic person. You get used to things just being there and suddenly they’re gone? It can throw your entire life upside down when all your plans are based around that thing.

  35. I just binge watched the Twitch streams. You flew through this game so fast and still managed to get a lot done, even finding some secrets. I learned a few tricks from this too! POG!

  36. I remember becoming sad, more and more while collecting all the pieces of Virginia story. The vynil was a piece which finally got me and I felt terribly sorry for her bad luck. Shortly speaking I shred a tear or two. A really touching moment of empathy in the whole game.

  37. 38:28 LOL, "chorizo" is a type of Spanish sausage, we never would put that name to a TV.

  38. Finally i can start watching this playthrough!! 😊

  39. story telling of these tapes feel like Code veins memories its such a cool way to story tell

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