The best kids games on PC -

The best kids games on PC

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Want a little less murder and scares and more joyous fun? Here are the 10 best games you can play with kids on PC.
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Rayman Legends & Origins
LEGO games
Overcooked 1 & 2
Rocket League
Portal Knights
Yoku’s Island Express
Planet Coaster
The Room series

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  1. Where's fortnite? The entire playerbase of that is children who don't appreciate good game design!

  2. Where's Fortnite and what about the Sims?

  3. how to download this games ? 😥

  4. i dont think roblox is family friendly there is alot of dating

  5. Im literarry dont know single small kid who whud be albe to finish single of those games…


  7. Gotta give minecraft first place. Overall the must addictive and complete game I saw for child's. And in multi-player servers its great fun.

  8. No lego star wars the complete saga ?

  9. "my time at portia" is a great game.. for kids i think.. never finished it

  10. i'm 23 years old and i still want to play this kind of games

  11. These arent kids games though. These are games kids can play, for the whole family >.>

  12. I dont know, lot of those look to hard for kids, and if they are not lokalised, tuff lukk.

  13. Try farming simulator 19 and dive into the endless supply of mods, its such a great game i have themed my channel around it

  14. Rayman I believe has 4 player same screen play which is a HUGE feature not mentioned.

  15. Roblox is not very for kids,some games are violent,or kinda violent,tho there are alot of rude people

    Edit: if you play flee the facility,and you are the beast,and you lose, someone is probably gonna call you a noob,that's rude

  16. Well roblox is like for kids but theres that create option what teens or adults or then kids can use. so they can make horror games and fps and shooter games… so parents should have a little watch when their own kid is playing roblox..

  17. I'm finding kids games 'cause I need a chill game for now lol

  18. I recommend games from Amanita design: Machinarium, Samorost, Chuchel

  19. no kid can play almost any of this. You didn't ask for an advice for the list but you could at least try them. Wish I could sue you for vasting my time with the video

  20. Slime Rancher is kid friendly, you just sometimes get knocked out but theres no blood or anything, id say its funny and cute

  21. my kid like castle crusher and battle block

  22. Technically games for kids should have no violence in them even fantasy violence..
    Which completely eliminates three categories of gaming… Fps..
    Hack and slash and fighting games… You could still make puzzle, trading card games, platforms, driving, rts( city building etc)…

    I would suggest a photo real desaturated look… Cause all little kids over the age of four really want is to be a grown up like mommy and daddy and if you don't give it to them they'll just rob resi evil and mortal kombat when you leave the house…

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