The BEST New Prop Hunt Game -

The BEST New Prop Hunt Game

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Midnight Ghost Hunt is possibly the best new prop hunt game available.
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  1. We need moo nogla. And vanoss to play it

  2. I got as board as a 2×4

  3. Seriously, why did it take so long for someone to think about making a game like this. It’s perfect. And I know Witch It exists but you’re throwing spuds at witches. Not really selling on the realism.

  4. "HOW DID HE FIND ME?!??!?!?!?!" Also the red blaring lights telling smitty that he has to move or he'll be detected

  5. Disturbing Fact: someone probably, uh, did the uh, DEED to probably grizzy, puffer, smi77y, and blarg. And someone could've done it to you too. Thanks reddit, for showing me the disturbing truth of the world.

  6. did someone go on pet simulator in the middle of this recording.

  7. "Best prop hunt game" yeah if you have friends

  8. Ah yes watching a milkbag playing another prop hunt game while eating a frozen orange juice 😌(! WHILE SICK! )

  9. Right when smii7y said "oh there's raptors to this is sick" my brother farted

  10. They should of called the game “Prop Haunt”

  11. Not enough taking the Lord's name in vain. How original.

  12. "We don't negotiate with terrorists." Smii7y said calmly.

  13. Nick's video of this game he's going to get the whole squad

  14. something funny when playing this game, i was a cannon that i could shoot and had the polt thing and some one that also was a ghost used their power up on my things i used the power ups on and we beat their assesXD

  15. wish i had so many friends to play with voicechat 😡

  16. Smitty is that guy that explains every hard thing perfectly

  17. Jericho as the sun, catapulting at the hunter…
    My brain was just thinking about the song “here comes the sun” and I couldn’t stop laughing 😂

  18. I'm only at the Rigatoni bit but I'm already laughing

    Smii7y never fails to injure my lungs and leave me dead on the floor due to pneumothorax

  19. Watching Midnight Ghosthunt at midnight.. Nice

  20. Can we get another video on this maybe it’s good I pissed my self laughing

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