The BEST NEW VR games coming this month! // NEW Quest 2, PCVR & PSVR2 games APRIL 2023 -

The BEST NEW VR games coming this month! // NEW Quest 2, PCVR & PSVR2 games APRIL 2023

Beardo Benjo
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April 2023 is here and we’ve got all these new VR games coming this month! There’s a little bit of something for everyone to be excited about, we’ve got new Quest 2, PC VR AND PSVR 2 games to round up from highly anticipated VR shooter Breachers to a brand new VR boomer shooter AMID EVIL VR! We’ve even got a brand new VR spider hunting simulator in the form of Kill it with Fire VR, a new version of the excellent flat screen game that launched a few years back (I actually covered it originally when I used to do random little flat screen game videos). As always these aren’t the ONLY new VR games we’re likely to see this month, these are just the games that have confirmed release dates so keep your eyes peeled for some last minute surprises, new VR games like to drop out of nowhere with little to no marketing after all. Lets take a look at all the new PSVR 2, Quest 2 and PC VR games launching in April 2023…

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  1. Spiders are cool, I just live and let live

  2. Still waiting for power washer simulator vr…

  3. Breachers looks kinda cool a lot like rainbow six, really wish they would remaster Vegas and Vegas 2 for next gen and vr it would be an insta buy for me.

  4. (I only have a Q2 with no PC)
    I'm getting really tired of all the multi-player and Rouge like games. I want more games like Into the radius, Red Matter 2, and BoneLab.

  5. amid evil looks so fun if done right. im still playing it on my deck and wow its fun to play on the go.

  6. Dude! Stream yourself playing A Fisherman's Tale. It will propa twist your melon!

  7. thanks for the video! It always makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside to see the games that those like me paid for and supported on PCVR that NEVER GOT FINISHED or got bailed on and left for other games, Finally come to fruition on the quest 2 isolated environment, the "apple imsg of vr."

  8. What I really want in VR is more games of the visual and gameplay quality of Half-Life Alyx (And the visual qualifty of Horizon Zero Dawn: Call of the mountain – although not that endless climbing gameplay)… Really tired of all the janky low-poly cartoony stuff that is everywhere in VR at the moment.

  9. Happy early birthday, Beardo! Thanks so much for the vr news! Just got Vertigo 2 after watching your stream. Really fantastic coverage and great to watch.

  10. for across the vally, why not actully farm at that point?

  11. rainbow six is a goated game i still play to this day so i cant wait for breachers!

  12. Seriously ,you MUST play a Fisherman's tale ! Its a very very Beautiful puzzle Story-driven made for VR game with a mind blowing technique !

  13. Kill it with Fire and Another Fisherman's Tale are my choices for this month.

  14. Im super excited for Breachers, it might be the first VR title Im going to buy right after it's premiere 😀 Among other VR multiplayer shooters, this one seems to have purpose built into gameplay that translates interestingly into VR. I hope that pricing wont kill this game…

  15. What I want is some kind of Ready Or Not game in VR with unreal engine 5 graphics… a VR developper that doesnt tone everything down so it runs on the potato that is the Quest 2 with its 2001-level graphics.

  16. I didn't think we could get much closer, but here you are in the shower with me. Don't be jealous, @Jamborino! He means nothing to me, just shower fodder!

    Great video, dude. Looking forward to April. 🫶

  17. Im afraid none of these games will be as good as vertigo 2.. i didnt like vertigo 1, but vertigo 2 got me.. a game that can really be compared in some aspects to hl alyx (great and satysfying reload mechanics, story and jokes, cranes and other physics mechanics), made by one guy, and perfectly optimized, running very well on high setrings on an ordinary 3080..
    Also the enemies are really cool, like the zombies with a hand instead of head, with an eye in the center.. bravo

  18. A fisherman's tale is one of those unique and magical experience in VR, you should definitely play it!

  19. Screw everything else. Vertigo 2. Game of the year. Screw Half Life 3, where's Vertigo 3??

  20. Do you need that old country for old men air-powered bolt gun? 2:03

  21. Amid Evil reminds me of Hexen, that was great change of pace from the guns in Doom, hoping this is the same and gives that different feel to the VR shooter landscape. Thanks for the round up, great fun as always 🙂

  22. You should do a video on which Boomer shooters have a VR version/mod and how to get them.

  23. Call of The Sea VR, not listed but definitely looking forward to it. It's supposed to release April 13th.

  24. I was gonna say, breachers does look like Rainbow Six Vegas gameplay wise! hope it gets mod support the way Contractors has

  25. In my opinion, dividing your videos into different VR systems would be a great idea as it would make it easier for viewers to find the content that they are interested in.

  26. OMG Amid Evil looks so good, finally something to drag me out of my chronic Elite Dangerous VR addiction.

  27. VR games are booming each day and also metaverse games such as Metabourne ONE.

  28. Creed was entirely too short… I don't expect much more from this version, they just want PSVR2 to feel special…

    Breachers is super fun! Prob will hurt other vrfps but there's room for some competition 🔥

  29. I will definitely be getting breaches i’ve been looking for some cool VR shooters since I got my quest 2 recently and this looks really fun and cool

  30. Breachers is gunna be big. If you love seige, but HATE the emount of characters and abilities etcetc, play breachers, it brings the buy/economy mechanic from csgo, but the play type of seige.

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