The BEST Nintendo DS Game Money Can Buy!? -

The BEST Nintendo DS Game Money Can Buy!?

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  1. There's the 208 in 1 with a much better catalog also on Aliexpress if anyone interested on these cartridges

  2. my grandad made me a few of these types of cartridges as a kid they were just a bunch of roms on a micro sd card & i played the shit out of mario party ds

  3. Where can I buy that Nintendo 2ds xl case that he has

  4. You need an emulator to play gba games from your sd card, something like gba runner

  5. Its a flashcard, Moonshell let you play videos on nds

  6. I have this game and I love playing gta chinatown and animal crossing new leaf

  7. Wait until you find out about homebrew. Pair a homebrew 3ds with the flash cart and you can play any game you want.

  8. At least spend 1 goddamn minute to research before filming an entire video where you feign surprise and confusion at every little thing. Incredibly frustrating video to watch.

  9. Find birthday presents for older brother: check

    I'll tell yall how it goes

  10. I had that when I was kid I thought it was cool but it never saves your data which was annoying

  11. It was interesting that you could've ctually find this for sale at some GameStop's and big Toy Stores when around the time the DS lite came out

  12. its written 3DS to say that it works on 3DS device not that it has actual 3DS games

  13. I bought a 208 in one game card and it bugged out and now I can’t see the names of any of the games. I can still play them but it’s annoying to find which game i am going to play. Any fixes?

  14. 10pounds for r4 revolution witchhas every game ever on it

  15. How much do you want to bet it has a timebomb?

  16. Wierd. Never saw a vid about ds stuff in a long time. Tried playing my 3ds again just now, and i see this.

  17. Where can I have the list of all the games in this cartridge?
    I'm thinking to buy Nintendo 2DS XL, but I want just a few games: [After burner], [Hang on], [Out run], [Thunder blade/ Blades of Thunder].
    I wonder if the cartridge on the video has these games.

  18. You are a real one, I like how you play music

  19. My nan bought me a 500 in 1 and 505 in 1 ds cartridges for chistmas once – she came back from china with them
    Now i finally will know the secrets behind them 😛

  20. Yeah I got the U.S. version. It is almost definitely a rip with crappy no-name games. The one good part about it is you can load ROMs onto it and it allows cheats so you can play the hacks on a real DS.

  21. Wait another 5 years theres gonna be sn sd to switch cartridge out there

  22. I'm surprised Nintendo hasn't taken this video down.

  23. I got a 208 in 1 because a lot of what I actually wanted to play was on it, plus I learned I can trade with Pokemon black on that with my physical Pokemon Black. Which was a pretty cool thing.

    Then not too long ago I got a flash cart and enjoyed more stuff with that as well haha

  24. Anti anime Flash and fortnite are the best says:

    I have the console

  25. And I just add this to my cart from Amazon lmao. Great timing😂

  26. what happens if you use the SD card that comes w/ the cartdrige??

  27. Why didn’t you check the .dat file and n your computer. Check the file type and check if you can mangle the data.

    It is probably just an index file so it should be easy

  28. bruh.
    you bought an r4 card with games on it
    w h a t

  29. and people sell fake cartridges for rom loaded games.

  30. he is on Amazon is what he is on because the guy who sells the stuff and well there is a strange name

  31. I have that card too and I can add games too😦

  32. I swear this guy doesn't go near any bit of rom hack technology. You don't need 5 braincells to know what an r4 is 😂

  33. Legends are playing these all games in my boy app like me😁

  34. yah I am pretty sure that was some one pirating a bunch of DS games and selling it online.

  35. I kinda Delete all delet and the emulator from the chip on the computer and cant get it back…you know any sites to get the ds or gameboy color emulator back???

  36. I'm not from the UK neither from the US T -T

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