The BEST Oculus Quest 2 Games 2021! -

The BEST Oculus Quest 2 Games 2021!

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Today on BMF we are checking out the best Oculus Quest 2 games 2021 Edition! Which Oculus Quest 2 game is your favorite?

00:00 – Intro
00:07 – Population: One
00:58 – Contractors
01:41 – Hyper Dash
02:33 – Jurassic World Aftermath
03:38 – Crashland
04:49 – Zombieland Headshot Fever
05:46 – The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners
06:30 – Floor Plan 2
07:15 – Myst
08:02 – Cosmodread
09:24 – Wraith: The Oblivion – Afterlife
10:34 – Demeo
12:32 – Star Wars Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge
13:33 – Swarm
14:44 – Hand Physics Lab
15:53 – Outro

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  1. Is beat saber a good game that will last a while in terms of not getting bored?

  2. There's not enough long games on the quest

  3. POV: Your oculus quest 2 is arriving in a few hours and your speedrunning every video about it.

  4. Another great game is Acient Dungeons, it's free and in beta. It's a dungeon crawler with minecraft graphics. Highly recommend it!

  5. hmm I wonder why gorn Isn't on there

  6. Too many horror shooters in my opinion. I think my list would be very different but I appreciate this video bringing my attention to some games I had not even considered playing.

  7. In death unchained is THE best game for OQ2. Read the reviews. Everyone says they have quit all other games to focus on this. My quest has become an IDU only headset. The progression is so slow that it keeps rewarding you in very satisfying ways almost every day yet there are months and months of progress needed to unlock everything and to finally get through all the levels and beat the 3 bosses. Bow mechanics feel INCREDIBLE on the quest. The controllers just feel like they were made for it. You forget you have controllers and just are holding a bow. Also one of the best looking games.

  8. Swarm is insanely fun! Can’t stop playing it!

  9. I didn't like swarm either. It's hard to say but something feels wrong with the swinging mechanics and it not satisfying at all.

  10. Managed to get a 256 gig version for $300 at a pawn shop. A bit peeved that this plays better than my alienware laptop with my original rift. But that's a good thing to be peeved about x3 far easier to pick up and play

  11. The perfect combination of adorable and handsome. c:

  12. But what if I just want to see 2d games in 3D? Or third person shooters and platformers?

  13. Been giving a bunch of years to 3D peripherals like oculus but they’re all still a gimmick and just some novelty

  14. Do you need a pc to play these games? Please respond ASAP

  15. Totally agree on Crashland. Love this game.

  16. I love onward but I never see it mentioned in VR videos. Its my favorite game on the quest 2 followed by population one and beat saber

  17. Bro did he just ruin the ending of that commador horror game? I dont how to add time but its at lime 9min 20 sec

  18. Ot my guest 2 today n i find that my nose is almost full on inside the head set. Any way to fix this?

  19. So we ain’t gonna talk about how super hot isn’t on here

  20. wow all those games suck, wont be buying this lol

  21. I need money

    about 500 dollars to play a game for free but only its only on pc unless you got gamer setup or something then you can connect it to vrheaset

  22. I personally suggest bonework and job simulator for combat in the bonework game which has unlimited stuff to do and job simulator which is a more chill fun game that is a fun game to just have a run time in. These are just some of my favorites

  23. Another good game that is so underrated is elven Asassin it’s 15$ and it’s available for the quest and quest 2

  24. do not run away yet , the graphics are terible (ok i'm runnin)

  25. It would be helpful if u put the price/cost of the games.

  26. best of quest in my opinion is Onward, Beat Saber, Gorilla Tag, Population 1, The Climb one and 2, many more but those are my top.

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