The Best Oculus Quest 2 Games Available NOW -

The Best Oculus Quest 2 Games Available NOW

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I share my top Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 VR games. In my opinion these are the best Oculus Quest 2 games available available right now…

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00:00 – Intro
01:24 – Music Rhythm
02:26 – FPS
03:47 – Puzzle
06:01 – Horror
07:21 – Stealth
08:44 – Utility
09:26 – Social
11:10 – Family
11:43 – Adventure
12:46 – Action
13:59 – Hand Tracking
15:10 – Sports
16:15 – Fitness
17:26 – Chill
18:37 – Multiplayer
20:57 – Final Thoughts

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Let me know what you think are the best Oculus Quest 2 games in the comments below…

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  1. As I stated somewhere else, most disappointed that I can't access my massive library of Oculus Rift software and store some of those games on the Quest headset… Only a handful of the Rift games I bought have Quest versions, and very few of those will let me store them on the Quest 2 headset without paying full price for them… AGAIN…

    I hope Oculus fixes this, as there are many games I still enjoy that the developers have all but abandoned, and will probably NOT make Quest versions of…

  2. What's that star wars game at 41 seconds into the video?

  3. what do you mean holidays ya baldy bastard?. Happy Christmas!

  4. Pro tip for echo vr, use a rotating chair for easy in game rotation

  5. The onward community is welcome to newcomers-


  6. unfortunately cuz i am 12, on vrchat everybody makes fun of my squeaky voice 🙁

  7. I love how it says horror games have a comfortable rating LOL

  8. Thanks for reccomending walking dead saints and sinners! I got it today and it scared me so much!

  9. When talking about echo VR: "they welcome newcomers"

    Everyone in my first game: "aww man, we got stuck with the guy with no stats, were gonna lose for sure"

  10. I smiled so hard when you said "welcome to the oasis"

  11. Is a pc needed to play all of this games? Or the only requirement is to have the quest

  12. saints and sinner was so realistic compared to other games killing zombies felt too real lol

  13. How dare you not include blade and sorcery

  14. Five nights of Freddy games are so shit and boring. If I want to be scared I want atmosfear. <<< see what I did there 🙂

  15. Sorry but Synthriders is the absolute best rhythm game there is

  16. This is a good video, thank you, I like how u covered every genre – I just bought the oculus quest 2 and I was not sure which games to get, you have given me great ideas for the whole family. Thanks!

  17. Fair warning for potention rec room players; all the mods in every community made game are extremely power mad. No exceptions.

  18. is the elite strap worth it? im getting a vr headset on my birthday

  19. im getting my first job in 2 weeks and I'm buying a guest 2 I hope its worth it awesome video

  20. All oculus games are downgraded OLD games on PC/PS4. A good AAA VR PC game is over 100G. Even with 256 G storage, a Quest 2 can take only 3 AAA VR games. But the problem is, it can't even play these games without serious downgrading. We are talking about games that have been around for over 4 to 6 years. LOL

  21. i understand quest 2 is good for beginners to vr, but after getting used to it and advancing will the oculus still be a good headset or would a upgrade be needed?

  22. Thank god the games suck I don't feel bad about not having an oculus.

  23. Clone wars over mandalorian for the next game no doubt

  24. 12:46 okay so 100% for sure they're crowdsourcing super hot usage data to train learning algorithms for robotics and stuff. high speed robots can utilize human ingenuity if given databases of optimized movements and recorded results

  25. It won’t let me screen cast on my oculus 2 and I just got it today

  26. Does oculus quest 2 not have minecraft on it?

  27. Any actual golf game realistic simulation golf games similar to 2K21 PGA Tour yet?

  28. Thanks! I've just purchased the 128 gb. I'm definitely going to get the Eleven ping pong game

  29. I was expecting Pavlov to be in this vid or I missed it

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