The best pokemon game you never played -

The best pokemon game you never played

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lol pokemon amirite

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  1. (raises hand)
    Is the pokemon union in union cave?

  2. I played this as a kid and I have always put this in my top 3 pokemon games ever

    My top 3:
    1. Pokemon diamond (my first pokemon)
    2. Pokemon heartgold
    3. Pokemon Ranger shadows of almia

  3. 12:11 why the heck are the 2 on the left and right chewing their ice cream

  4. This reminds me of pokemon legends arceus

  5. Can we just appreciate how smooth the scene her dancing to the battle music was.

  6. 4:22 the murkrow saying “Nevermore” is a reference to the poem “The Raven”. I learnt that in English the other day 🙂

  7. PLEASE DO ELITE BEAT AGENTS even if you do include the music. The story alone is hilarious.

  8. Shadows of Almia was the only Pokémon ranger game I had and it was very fun. So ha ha ha I HAVE played this game.

    My cousin had the next game and apparently you get a pichu with a ukulele.

  9. i said yes out loud when u uncovered the box and said pokemon ranger lol

  10. The sequel to Pokémon ultra gun: Pokémon real gun.

  11. 6:48

    "I want to peg you…"

    Wait what?

    "With a snowball"

    Had us in he first half not gonna lie

  12. me: sees shellos
    also me: why wasnt jaiden freaking out about shellos

  13. Loved the dance scene but your avatar looked a bit to tall for some reason and your head was too small and it bothered me

  14. "the best game you never played"

    the people who played Pokèmon Ranger: 👁👄👁

  15. That moment you’ve never played a pokemon game.

  16. Ah brings back memories….nice and refreshing video❤️

  17. jaiden crazy brain moment: circle circle cirCLE CIRCLE CIRCLE

  18. If u listen to 4:55 It makes u want to buy the game

    Just like how I want to play it but I can’t get it

  19. I remember this game when i was younger. God im fucking old

  20. I'm confused to why see has so many views an comments but people dislikes her videos shes funny and i love her stuff.

  21. Dim Sun sounds like the name of a private school for "special" children

  22. This video was a trip from beginning to end and I haven't even reached the end yet

  23. Pokemon Pinba–Ranger. Right. I'll just…be over here…gently sobbing.

  24. well 27m people know about the game soo-
    Edit: (there was 27m ppl who watched when I wrote this

  25. I’ll have you know…I have played this game…groudon was way too OP

  26. She uses a beyblade at one of the people in the base

  27. I had a conversation about Pokémon with my friend

    My friend: I don’t like Pokémon.
    Me: why?
    My friend: I downloaded a mobile Pokémon game, it wasn’t that good.
    Me:(insert name here), WAS IT GEOMETRIC?
    My friend: y-yeah?
    Me:that’s why.

  28. XD yes someone finally talks about Pokemon Rangers XD I kinda wish they'd make a new game for this

  29. Pls can you play pokepark?? It’s a Pokemon park thing lol wait I forgot I haven’t played that game I’m ages lol. Btw it’s on the wii so yuh pls try it!!

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