The best pokemon game you never played -

The best pokemon game you never played

Jaiden Animations
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lol pokemon amirite

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  1. I have never even heard of this series before and now I want to play all of them.

  2. Bisexual icon student asking if they're cute no matter gender choice.

  3. An old game i remember that i loved because it opened up a lot of the landscape that wasent too explored on the cartoon was SPONGEBOB THE YELLOW AVENGER. I really like that game i dont remember what happened to it and i think i never finished it because i needed to find the last pearl of a necklace but never did. But it was a good game. Really liked the boss fights

  4. Bro I could listen to Jaiden talk about Pokémon for hours, I love these videos

  5. Last pokemon vid: oops/ lol dying with that face expression.(tounge out)

    Keith: I am his cousin.(tougne out as well) theory:their both the same thing but human and Pokemon version

  6. I got pokemon ranger to. I still have it. It confused me so much when i was alot younger for some reason.

  7. I didn’t know jaiden watches the spooky month series

  8. i wish this game had a bigger fanbase!

    28 million views

  9. Try Pokémon Conquest for DS, really amazed me (for 300 hours)

  10. Just came across this channel and it's so good! The animation brings such life to these games

  11. K cant stop watching you fling ratata with your whip thing

  12. Ngl thought you were gonna talk about Pokémon park

  13. Isaac is apparently smarter than Albert forking Einstein

  14. “Do I have to like them?No……”🤣☺️

  15. Pokémon rumble blast was the high point of my first and second grade years holy shit. It was great

  16. The fact that Ruby was your 1st Pokémon game just made me feel so much older.

    Not as much as when I heart "Black and White" but still got my back aching a little.

  17. Murcrow saying "Nevermore"
    Who said JaidenAnimations isn't culture, Hun?

  18. I beat Pokemon Ranger AND Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, both with a broken DS touch screen. You know the kind, Jaiden.

  19. she says its a normal school it's kinda not one

  20. I remember playing guardian signs and the first one until my brother sold my ds and my games

  21. I love Shadows of Almia! One of my favorite games when I was a kid.

  22. I play that weird geometric one. It is called Pokémon quest.

  23. 12:50
    Jaiden: dances to a mid life crisis
    Him: you want me to call therapy for her?

  24. 8:13
    When your friend is about to win and you made them lose

  25. Jaiden:the shadows of something one seems to be high in peoples list
    Me reads like Shrek: O:

  26. In the background you can hear the fight music jaiden danced too

  27. Love rewatching this video. The dancing montages are hilarious. I haven't been super impressed with the core games either for a while (still play 'em), but the real magic is with the spin-offs like Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Ranger. Give me more Mystery Dungeon! Give me another Ranger game!

  28. But I have played this game before though but too me they are boring

  29. SPD I wish I could party with you alright says:


  30. Why did it take so long for me to notice the little cameo of Cloud and Aeris from Final Fantasy 7 at 8:03? I mean… Spiky haired blond guy named Clawd and a brown haired girl with a ribbon names Eris… I should have noticed that a lot sooner.

    I really like this animation, and I think I'll try Pokemon Ranger once again, cause I never got to finish it :3

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