The Best PS4 Games (Summer 2020 Update) -

The Best PS4 Games (Summer 2020 Update)

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Check out our updated list of the best PS4 games you should play, whether you’ve owned a system since day 1 or are just picking one up now. You can find the full list of our picks for the top 25 Playstation 4 games on IGN at .



  1. Assassin's creed is criying in the corner

  2. guys stoop with the recency biase in the comments

  3. POV: u just uninstall fortnite so you’re looking for something you can actually enjoy playing

  4. Where the hell is rdr 2…without it this video is certainly garbage 😂😂😂😂

  5. So Far
    1)Spider-Man PS4
    2)God of War 4
    3)Batman Arkham Knight
    4)Days Gone
    5)Spider Man Miles Morales
    7)Horizon Zero Dawn
    8)The Last of Us Part 1
    9)Uncharted 4
    10)Dragon Ball Kakarot

  6. Calling GTA 5 a felony simulator is a very accurate description

  7. IGN, where tf is Uncharted 4, Ghosts of Tsushima and RDR2? You guys are uncultured tasteless swines

  8. Red dead redemption 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Just upgraded from PS3 to PS5 just last night, i’m so excited to play what i’ve missed out on!!

  10. IGN is no different then the rest and really do not think outside the box. Typical list boring list!

  11. Bloodborne before Witcher 3? Seriously?…

  12. Who else has the "Like father, like son" platinum trophy?

  13. Can't believe he didn't put mk11 on the list

  14. HZD is my all time favorite. Should be on your top 3.

  15. what about the call of duties or black ops and star wars battle front 1 and 2

  16. Straight away ign wrong again. Uncharted legacy isn't the best uncharted at all 😂 let alone in the top 10 of vest ps4 games lol. So silly lol

  17. My Personal Top:
    1-The Last of Us Part 2
    2-God of War
    3-Uncharted 4
    4-Ghost of Tsuchima
    5-Assassin Creed Origins
    6-The Witcher 3
    7-Horizon Zero Dawn
    10-Ratchet and Clank

  18. I’m here for the “where’s RDR2” comments

  19. Persona 5 would be at the bottom of my list of best 500

  20. Bro agar Mai rdr 2 sidha khelta hu Bina rdr khele toh koi dikkat to nhi mtlb story mode hai Kya Maine rdr nhi khela to ye btao rdr khelu phle ya sidha rdr 2 khel skta hu?

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