The best PS5 games you can play right now -

The best PS5 games you can play right now

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The a month after launch, the PS5 has a strong slate of launch titles, including some next gen exclusives like the remake of Demon’s Souls, some cross gen titles you should definitely play on PS5 including Spiderman: Miles Morales, and even a solid re-release in the form of Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition. Heck, even the pre-loaded Astro’s Playroom is more fun than it has any right to be.

And, well, if Cyberpunk 2077 ever comes back to the Playstation Store, maybe we’ll update this list.

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  1. Great selection I must say myself. I bought a ps5 and every game she selected I own, dmc5 was the most worth it though. The game supports ray tracing and 120fps which is brilliant for a title that is only $20 right now on the PlayStation store(sale price). I say dmc5 and borderlands 3(I bought for $12.50) are the games I've played most then a few games from my playstation plus and now subscriptions as well like ratchet and clank. Can wait till more ps5 exclusives reach it's going to be crazy next year.

  2. dmc 5 sucks ass bdw ! please no one buy that garbage !

  3. PS5 the game console you can’t buy. Even on launch… Maybe in 2-3 months.

  4. No reason to upgrade yet imo. No PS5 exclusives that are interesting to me, most games are cross gen meaning I can play them on my PS4 and I'm not a sucker for graphics.

    Will get a PS5 in one to two years time I'm guessing, once we start seeing actual PS5 exclusives like HZD: Forbidden West and other such major titles.

  5. Am I in the minority that aren’t crazy about getting a PS5 right now? There’s barely any exclusives to make it worth yet imo

  6. ty for the games ideas i just got the ps5 with the spider man game 😀

  7. I deleted demon souls the game is linear,no diagonals,dmc5 yes,miles morales yes, ghost of tsushima,hell yeah!!! cyberpunk 2077,is good but buggy,cod bo3 and 4 are amazing on ps5!and crisis remastered is still garbage.

  8. Weak list tbh. Astros playroom over demon souls…🤔

  9. PS5 versions of Dead Space, Silent Hill, Resident Evil 4, Uncharted 5, Tomb Raider, Alone in the Dark, Fatal Frame, Days Gone 2, Until Dawn 2, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, The Evil Within 3, The Last of Us III and please, No First Person games only 3rd Person games.

  10. All these games are pretty good and play and look good. I have all but devil may cry and have spent much time with them. Astro's playroom is a game changer and a must for every ps5 owner 😎👍 no other game shows off the hardware and dualsense in quite this way, hope they do a sequel(full game)this definitely could be a new ip(like a platformer)instead of just a vr one.

  11. My wife got me the PS5 for Christmas. I have COD Cold War and the rest are my ps 4 games. It’s a nice system but it still has bugs and it’s not so good that you can’t wait to get it. My wife won in a sweepstakes running. She paid $390 for the Disc version. Said she bought a bunch of slots for the sweepstakes.

  12. I dont like any of ps5 games, I only been playing bl3, cyberpunk 2077 and fall guys

  13. Weak game selection list…
    You can t get one right, can you Jess?

  14. Call of duty cold war story mode is mind blowing

  15. Anyone tell me if there will be another ps5 competition

  16. Spider-Man looks amazing on ps5 just completed the game yesterday the only disappointment is it’s more of a DLC than an actual game IMO the main story line is hella short unfortunately

  17. I have emailed your support mail asking for the outro song and commented on the video too but none of you would reply, even on the mail!

  18. To everyone wishing they had a ps5 i hope you get one its amazing and i know the pain and struggle staying up losing sleep,camping,missing drops online its worth the wait and struggle. The feeling when it arrived in the mail cant be replaced. Dont give up!!!!

  19. I haven’t played a console since ps3. This is how I feel my ps3 graphics are. 😂

  20. Demon souls is not worth another trip at $74.95, it’s worth a wait for the sale price, no matter how long it takes.

  21. Ps5 has reignited my love for gaming for a year or so I was straying away from it and starting to play less and less but I’m now back

  22. I bought bugsnax and when I started playing it on my ps5 it was so laggy. I barely hit 30 fps. The graphics are just too much for the PlayStation to handle

  23. False. The Xbox has no games or play. So it’s not really a next gen console

  24. When you have an xbox x and you wanna play ps5 games.

  25. Any one have any tips or cheats for for tekken on the PS 1

  26. finally getting my ps5 tomorrow for $700 smh…kept getting outbid on ebay so i lucked out and found a neighbor that wanted to sell his because he is having money problems..cant wait.

  27. You guessed it right its the what ad did you get man. So what ad did you get?

  28. Thank You because I'm gonna get a PS5 in March

  29. Got mine 2 days ago, my girlfriend picked it up and they escorted her to her car haha.. crazy

  30. Gl to everyone who doesn't have a ps5 🙏

  31. Hopefully they bring Cyberpunk 2077 back. I wanna play that so bad, I may just buy a physical copy. Hopefully they bring Valorant to console sometime soon too.

  32. U guys get any ps5 yet if you need info on drops I can help you guys out

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