The BEST Quest 2 Games Available NOW -

The BEST Quest 2 Games Available NOW

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Here are my top picks of the best VR games available for the Quest 2. These are the best Quest 2 games available now.

As Gorilla Tag is an App Lab game, you need to use this link to find it on the store;

Let me know your top Quest 2 games in the comments below…

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  1. Is quest worth it? I keep watching videos and haven’t bought one yet.. I have a 3700x and a 2070.. am I good?

  2. Walking dead saints and sinners is an S-tier game i think. I have only player for like 2 hours but still so good

  3. blade and sorcery nomad was constantly crashing for me and i couldn’t play it tried reinstalling and still kept crashing didn’t get to even use a sword

  4. I just finished Paper Beast and was really amazed by it. It is a great experience.

  5. How many pounds is beat saber im getting a quest 2 and i wanna know what i should buy first beat saber looks really fun tried it once before on my friends headset so

  6. Meh, I feel like I'm playing games from the 2000s. I'll give it a couple decades to let it marinate before I try my finances at VR games.

  7. Have you tried playing Ragnarock? I've composed a track for this game last year, and the game is genuinely awesome!

  8. 40GB!? I now wish I bought the 256GB headset.

  9. Me just casually watching this with a quest 1

  10. If u can't hear in space why is thier noise on Earth

  11. I was concerned when you said the Gorilla game (with in app purchases) was worth a look… But calling Resident Evil 4 one of the best games in the series?…. maybe ever made?
    Now I KNOW you're trolling 😂🤣

  12. After the Fall is trash. It doesn’t look nearly that good on the Quest and it plays even worse.

  13. How is saints and sinners not on this list

  14. i expect you to die 1/2 is still one of my favourite vr game series, i heavily recommend it!

  15. one of my favorite game im addicted to is real vr fishing. my whole family is hooked.

  16. Imagine some people are heading to the basket ball court to play and they just see 2 people with vr headsets on, running around

  17. 5:30 – NEVER TAKE A QUEST OUTSIDE (unless of course you want destroy the sensors.)

  18. who else is watching this because they are trying to find new games

  19. I really wish I had the space to get back into it. I use to wear vr out

  20. gorilla tag is one of my favorite games to play also there is super hot, and beat saber those are my personal favorite games to play.

  21. I am again mentally depressed because my parents won't let me buy one

  22. is it me or do i keep hearing "lets start even" and not "lets dive in"

  23. Damn, I'm trying to figure out what game to buy but this didn't really help me due to already having a few or not liking the style, i gotta get a game before the 30% off deal ends man!

  24. I'm afraid to buy a VR and not find it interesting. Or have fear that a better VR will release after I buy this one

  25. Can’t wait for Rocket Pirates to come out!! Hopefully it’ll be added to a future list! 🏴‍☠️🚀

  26. Hi! Is there a game out there that makes use of the largest room scale boundary? Ive seen somewhere that largest area is 7×7. Thank you!

  27. "The Legendary Will Wheaton"? Well, I never thought I'd ever hear anybody say that. Go google image search "will wheaton tweet". He is a terrible human being. I can't even watch TNG re-runs anymore because it reminds me of the absolute clown show he grew into. Why did you have to tell me that he was the voice in IEYTD2? Game ruined.

  28. if they didn't take out scenes I'd have re4 vr already.

  29. The blade and sorcery comment has never been so true 😂

  30. I need a proper House of The Dead like VR game. There's Drop Dead and ZombieLand, but nothing scratches that House of The Dead itch.

  31. Damn I had high hopes VR had some good stuff after being out for soo many years. Guess not. All the games on this list look like crap. Lol
    Guess I'll wait another 5 years for quality games, I mean, if VR even survives that long.

  32. I'm confused, on your website you say don't like MoH and Blade and Sorcery?

  33. RE4 VR is definitely not the best version.

  34. I get so light headed it’s not even funny.. someone help me.

  35. In my opinion I think onward should be at 5 or 4

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