The Best Rocket League Game Ever! -

The Best Rocket League Game Ever!

MrBeast Gaming
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  1. Massive thank you to Epic for sponsoring this video!
    All proceeds from code "MrBeast" goes directly to support our moms!

  2. It’s funny how they think they are pros when they are actually playing against bots

  3. Karl is like defences
    Me the ball is not coming to the goals

  4. Can i verse you 1v4 me vs the boys username:LuckyduckyXD145

  5. Jimmy: today were playing rocket league! Chris: Wooooo!
    Chandler: ah I missed!

  6. Yeah but the worst part is they have camera shake

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  8. Watching this video while listening the Rocket League meme song (it's called All I Need from Slushii btw)

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