The Best Space Games of 2022 - The Upcoming Titles and Updates -

The Best Space Games of 2022 – The Upcoming Titles and Updates

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2022 opens the door to a galaxy of space games, some of them coming from the largest gaming studios on the planet. Not to mention the many updates and improvements to existing titles that will expand upon the scale and scope of the space game genre. Here then, you can find all the massive games both indie and large studio alike.

Space Engine

Elite Dangerous

No Man’s Sky

EVE Online

X4 Foundations – Tides of Avarice

Space Engineers

Kerbal Space Program 2

Star Citizen

Evochron Legacy

Everspace 2




Homeworld 3

Epidemic Sound
Cold War Games – Gabriel Lewis
Spheres – Elliptik
Uncharted Planet – FormantX
Waikiki – Chill Cole
Caught in the Waves – Trevor Kowalski

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  1. A game like Mount and Blade Warband, but space. Best game ever

  2. star citizen is was and forever will be the most beta game ever made to last this long.

  3. Star Citizen has playing characters
    Thats a big plus

    Any Space Games that has playing characters is better.

  4. Great review on the games! There are many good ones that I didn't know about. Also, love the collection of background music you chose and listed them for reference. Thanks!

  5. Frontier just needs to hand E:D over to the community, and give it an opportunity to live up to its potential.

  6. Fantastic reviews as ever, thanks so much 'Ant

  7. No Dual Universe segment???? Why am I not surprised!!!!! Not that it's a great game or anything , but it's in development. Stars end is another space survival kinda game . it has a multi planet system that you can land on planets and base build , heck you can even build limited space ships . It's not great by any means , but again it's in development. Not 10 years in development and 450 million "invested" like star citizen mind you .

  8. Avorion is the most least talked about underrated space game on steam.

  9. Star citizen is a scam. I paid $60 back when it first was download able. Never got to play the game.

  10. hi,
    Do you have a date of release for Kerbal space program 2 ?

  11. "Star Citizen is just a space game…" And we're all just taking the piss! Years and years and years and years and years and years and years of just taking the piss! Only 7 years late mate, keep your hair on! xD

  12. Star Wars Squadrons is good game too.
    Love the space battles in this game.

  13. Seriously dude are any of these games actually playable in 2020 I know Starfield Stan I’m pretty sure her space two isn’t I don’t know about star Citizen by your title is disingenuous aren’t actually released and ready to play for anybody then it should be on this list

  14. Someone knows if space engineers have procuderal world generation or how many planets do the game have?

  15. According to many many players Empyrion galactic survival is better than all these yet it does not feature here ???E

  16. Best coming games are the fuck can you make a list of that until you actually play the the retail release of a game you have no idea whether it’s good or bad

  17. Used to really love playing space themed games such as Privateer, Xwing vs Tie fighter, Starlancer and lastly… The X3 before I'm completely off the joystick, Now thinking of getting back to it and currently trying to choose which game have that "semi sims" feels… Any suggestion? Thanks before.

  18. If starfield, Star citizen, elite dangerous, no man's sky, star base, are the best we got. This is year truly is worse than 2020. And KSP2 never happened. Doomed.

  19. Star Citizen will never launch as a full game. Best case scenario SQ41 eventually launches and is good. Fingers crossed we get that at least sometime in the next 5 years.

    Also LOL at EVE releasing new content regularly. Once every couple years they drop something that could be considered new content, but for the most part they just fuck up existing systems and drive players away.

  20. For me, by far the best space game is "Galaxy Arena Space Battles" 🙂
    As I see, other people like it too, rating on play store 5.0 🙂

  21. So no mans sky is which category game?
    I just confused because they r all same type 🤔🤔🤔

  22. Am I the only one who think that Strike suit zero should be on this list.

  23. No man’s sky has to have one of the friendliest player communities ever. If you go afk in what’s called the anomaly (which is basically the player hub if you haven’t played the game) you can expect to wake up to an inventory full of awesome shit that a random player has given you. Also in the occasional phenomenon that you find a player base 6/10 times they are giving away free stuff.

  24. I quite playing years ago still waiting for Odessy on Xbox refuse to restart after all the money, time I sunk into the game.

  25. NO MANS SKY is doing well since it's fail launch six year ago. Alot of work has been put into what now is quite an in depth game if nothing else. Unlike any of these games, it's live and worth a visit if you haven't.

  26. I am so tired with jet engine representation of deep space craft.

  27. Missing simplerockets 2 on the list.its way realistic than ksp.

  28. You missed Empyrion Galactic Survival. Even as slow as its been to update its way more balanced and accesable to people than space engineers for casual gamers. I havnt checked progress on Interstellar rift in a few years but that should also be on here even if it is a PC melter at times.

  29. How do you get that many views when you are promoting Star Citizen as one of "The Best Space Games…"

  30. awesome graphics and gameplay mechanics

  31. I wish they'd make a game about "The Expanse" which would take place after the final season we got, and the death of Inaros . It would be cool to have access to the rings to explore new planets, make attempts to explore them and deal with hostile or friendly Earth/Mars and Belters we meet on our way, and of course the "entities" and protomolecule contaminated ships/stations

  32. Nice update – thanks

  33. has ANYONE EVER thought about the possibility that "star citizen" might be a scam? or am i the very first ever who has the balls to SIOL it (say it out loud)!
    they maybe stole our money?

  34. Alot of these games need to redesign their ships because their designs suck… The gameplay can be awesome, but I can't get into it if the ships look like crap… Eve, ED, snd SC have the best looking ships and a big part of why I play them…

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