The Best Track From Every Mario Kart Game -

The Best Track From Every Mario Kart Game
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Most Mario Kart games have that one track that stands out above the rest! For this list, we’ll be exploring the whackiest, most inventive course from each of Mario’s racing titles. Our countdown includes Rainbow Road “Mario Kart 64” (1997), DK Mountain “Mario Kart: Double Dash” (2003), Music Park “Mario Kart 7” (2011), Hyrule Circuit “Mario Kart 8” (2014) and more! Which Mario Kart tracks do YOU play on repeat? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Calling Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road the best [Rainbow Road] of them all is the biggest lie you have ever said.

  2. Who else thinks that Nintendo should create an ancient Greek-themed track called "Peach Pentathlon"?

  3. This list was made by a poser who has only played MK8… 🙄✌🏻

  4. We need Mario Kart 9 Ultimate to have every course from every game

  5. My list
    SNES Rainbow Road
    N64 Yoshi Valley
    GBA Sky Garden
    GCN Wario,s Colloseum
    Wii Maple Treeway
    3DS Rainbow Road
    8D Mount Wario

  6. My picks:
    Rainbow Road
    DK Jungle Parkway
    Cheese Land
    Daisy Cruiser or Dino Dino Jungle
    Airship Fortress
    Maple Treeway
    Rosalina's Ice World
    Wild Woods

  7. I think koopa Cape is the best mk Wii track or maple treeway

  8. When will either Mario Kart or Super Mario hit our PC? When?

  9. Merry Mountain : Is picked as best Tour track.
    Ninja Hideaway that JUST CAME BACK : Am I a joke to you???

  10. My list
    SMK: bowser castle 1
    MK64: royal raceway
    MKSC: ribbon road
    MKDD: sherbet land
    MKDS: waluigi pinball
    MKW: coconut mall
    MK7: rainbow road
    MK8: electrodome

  11. Super MK : Donut Plains 3
    MK 64 : Wario Stadium
    MK super circuit: Sky Garden
    MK Double Dash: Daisy Cruiser
    MK DS : Waluigi Pinball
    MK Wii : Maple Treeway
    MK 7 : Rainbow Roar
    MK 8 : Big Blue
    MK Tour : Merry Mountain

  12. I felt like Mario Kart 7's Rainbow Road was the best track in Mario Kart 7.

  13. While I agree with double dash, ds, 7 and tour these are my picks for the other ones
    Super Mario kart: Mario circuit 1. Picked this because it started the franchise
    64: banshee boardwalk. Picked this because it is creepy and I like the cheep cheep.
    Super circuit: sunset wilds. While my overall fav for super circuit is boo lake I picked sunset wilds because of the background keep on changing
    Wii: koopa Cape. This course literally feels like a giant waterside and you go fast
    8: mount wario. Picked this due to it feeling like you are in a skiing race

  14. I still think the best track in Mario Kart Wii was Rainbow Road!

  15. I’m surprised they had ds and wii kinda right

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