The Best Video Game April Fools' Gags of 2024 - IGN Daily Fix -

The Best Video Game April Fools’ Gags of 2024 – IGN Daily Fix

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In today’s Daily Fix:
Another April 1st, another excuse to question everything you see and read on the internet. We picked just a few of our favorite (you can see the full list on our website), which include a sleeping tournament, a new physical edition of Cyberpunk 2077, and new Nintendo Switch. We also threw in some actual bizarro news for good measure, like the Tekken 8 director considering a Waffle House stage for the game, and a Sega/IHOP collab. Weird day.



  1. The best prank was Silksong getting an Xbox page out of nowhere

  2. Missed opportunity to have an IHOP Sonic Chili Dog

  3. Yall are adults still doing April fools jokes. Yikes

  4. your viewers still think this is real fyi.

  5. April fools is the dumbest thing….how does it still exist??

  6. did he just say he wakes up and watches horror films 😂😂😂😂

  7. The waffle House has found its new host

  8. The best April Fools gag you came up with was the one where you bashed StellarBlade devs for a generic character that’s a doll where they’ve never seen a woman. That was a classic April Fools joke right…right??? Oh you actually ment it…damn IGN, you guys have gone to an all time low

  9. Brian's room setup is sick!

  10. how many 5.25" floppy's does Cyberpunk need?

  11. So if Sega is working with IHOP, they could theoretically put an IHOP level in Virtua Fighter…

  12. April Fools! None of these comments are real.

  13. In Sweden a hotell chain has a sleeping competition, who has the deepest REM sleep that is measured during the contest – the regulations and equipment aren't there yet to be a real sport though.
    You can take sleeping pills, and you can't use your own bed.

  14. 1:12 they had a Zelda movie planned back in the day but they cancelled it due to said video scaring Nintendo

  15. IGN you can't take your own gag and expect us to think it was one of the best…

  16. on another NOT fake April fools news: Chance Perdomo (GEN V actor) Die

  17. "2 weeks to flatten the curve" cannot be topped as the mother of all april fool's jokes.

  18. palworld had a dating sim… they know their fanbase.
    runescape introduced a new skill : bench sitting. u level it by going afk on a bench.

  19. This is like the Obama gifting Obama a medal meme

  20. Still haven't forgiven IGN for making me believe Titanfall would have Optimus Prime DLC 🙁 child me was very disappointed

  21. Still like the head set then cardboard labo with vr boy games all on one cartridge be ace emulator game

  22. It's a shame that Virtual Boy Pro turns out to be fake even though it would be really cool technology if it really existed and would make playing games even more fun.

  23. No mention of the "Nvidia buy Xbox brand off Microsoft"? Came here awaiting your comments on that one 😀

  24. How does Sonic not have a branded chili dog at SONIC by now???

  25. What was not April Fools, Stellar Blade burning IGN lmao

  26. Minecraft doing more for a meme update than the rest of the year

  27. Switch has a ir camera on the controller

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