The BEST VR FPS Games Available NOW (Quest 2, PCVR) -

The BEST VR FPS Games Available NOW (Quest 2, PCVR)

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Hello! Today we are going to take a look at 5 of the most highly played VR FPS games and compare them to find out which on is my favorite and maybe figure out which one is your favorite! It seems like I actually have found my new favorite… Doesn’t matter whether you’re QUest 2 or SteamVR, there’s something for you!

Today we’re looking at:


Pavlov Shack on AppLab


Population One:

And my new personal favorite.. Contractors:


  1. I wish they would eliminate building in population one. I’m not that at all. Just seems ridiculous.

  2. Population:one had a slowdown when they put in Ranked points. Higher levels didn’t want to squad up with noobs because even if they won the match, the noob just learning how to play the game could make the higher level players lose rank points. They shelved it the last update, and it’s actually fun again.

  3. Seriously! I want Vail on the Quest! It looks like an experience I’m missing out on!

  4. I would never play Tarkov as a normal game but a VR version of it would absolutely sick and I would force my friends to play it with me constantly.

  5. Trillseeker did you know that you can mod boneworks that makes it so you can play multiplayer callled entaglement I bet you know this but I ge5 what you mean

  6. I do love Pavlov. You forgot hyper dash though.

  7. The opposite of casual is not competitive. The opposite of casual is hardcore. Hardcore means a gritty, realistic and challenging experience with little to no hand holding mechanics. If you were to ask me Pavlov is more hardcore and Veil or wtvr its called seems more casual. But to be fair all multiplayer fps games in VR are casual atm. We'll just have to wait and see if Geronimo breaks that norm

  8. Contractors is the best imo, especially with the newest update

  9. totally disagree on Pavlov, it is so good, CS in VR, really well made

  10. at this point contractors is basically halo vr

  11. If you want something that harks back to glory days of fast paced, power up flooded, weapon floating goodness a la quake and doom, you need not look further than Hyperdash.

  12. A valorant or apex type of vr game would almost instantly become a top favorite

  13. Ain’t no way the Pavlov community is actually focusing on the quest shit. There is still more for the pc game than in quest.

  14. Must revisit to Contractor$- new modkit update: Halo Loadout / Star Wars loadout.

  15. its funny how quest still dosnt have the zoomed scope

  16. ive been waiting for months now for vvail to accept me into beta and still nothing which kinda sucks

  17. i have just bought the quest 2, my first vr headset. i have played a few of these games, it is a crazy amazing feeling to begin with. the first game i played was saints and sinners, after like 20 min i was super sweaty and sea sick, but it was so amazing i jus lay down for 30 min and keept going, the day after i could play for 2 hour before i gor sick, 2nd day i could play as long as i wanted, i wonder if my susceptibility to seasickness disappears when you get used to vr that way, it's the same misunderstanding in the brain that we're talking about. i am missing something in these pvp shooters. i would love to see some kind of report system that can keep control on the most toxic players, also i am missing some kind of stats, where you maybe get something unlocked or maybe get a rank after x number of kills. seems to be less of that in vr.

  18. VR fps feels old to me. I've played them all relentlessly, but there's one itch none have been able to scratch:
    I want an open persistent world like DayZ and Scum.
    An FPS world I can dedicate to day in and day out. Elite Dangerous has shown me I can spend ungodly streaks of hours in VR. I'd happily dump money into such a game.

  19. New Firewall Ultra will be one of the best Fps game that is out next year i think. There first game was amazing even on a old consol. So with the new psvr coming up it will be awesome i think

  20. Why is there doom music in the beginning, also like the habie reference

  21. What's the best haptic vest for fps do you think? And is vr gunstivk recoil provr the best??

  22. Unfortunately the best VR FPS game slipped through the cracks BAM Bullets And More. it is the best vr game ever made, was made by one dude, first vr game to successfully implent pubg style into VR and also was ess8intaly cod but with mod tools built in allowing for some cool maps to be built by community. The downside is everyone has forgotten about it but it was my favorite game in HS during the peak of VR. please check it out. you have enough reach that you could revive the game. thankfully bots do an okay job but its way better with actual people. infect and gun game were my favorite but even though i hate battle royals I loved it in this game.

  23. my favorite vr fps game , i just started playing it today bcz it was on sale on steam it " into the radius" it is a stalker inspiered game 😀

  24. what about lacernauts? i started to play it recently and i love it,what's the tragedy behind it?

  25. You gotta try contractors with mods, it has changed up the game so much and made it my favorite vr FPS (I have a quest 1)

  26. I'll give a shout out to Resident Evil 4 VR, something that I've been enjoying immensely, even more than the original. It's not only revamped to fit the vr experience, but the very nature of VR makes the game even more immersive than it even was. The village section oozes with atmosphere, same goes with the castle.

  27. Guys don't get onward it is now a heaping pile of ass. the devs ruined the game

  28. Thanks for the reviews, I've been debating getting a vr headset since swapping back to pc gaming. Nice video, definitely deserves more likes 👍

  29. Larcenauts is still kicking, maybe just low on players..?

  30. pavlov is not on quest 2 anymore if i can’t find it on app store

  31. Don't buy Pavlov. It's so bad lol. Guns feel like shit, takes 1000 bullets to kill.

  32. Dreadpirate Snuffles First and Last of his name says:

    Contractors feels like crap, the peakers advantage plus movement speed just ruins engagements – truly is CoD in VR

  33. Dreadpirate Snuffles First and Last of his name says:

    What about Breachers?

  34. pavlov is my favorite because it has the best game mode PUSH, i love trying to defend/take points and being a medic

  35. Hey! I should definitely clarify, Pavlov on PC is NOT abandoned. This was a bad choice of words on my part. The Quest version is still the freshest updated version of Pavlov (the PC version has not received the same update, it is an update or two behind), but this is due to an entire engine upgrade for PC that is taking a long time.

    Sorry for the harsh wording in the video 🙂 We love all these games around here, their positives and negatives.

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