The Best, Worst & Blandest of 2022 (Zero Punctuation) -

The Best, Worst & Blandest of 2022 (Zero Punctuation)

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This week on Zero Punctuation, Yahtzee provides his Best, Worst and Blandest games of 2022.

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  1. Elden Ring might be the better game but every time I get the urge to dodge roll I end up clicking on Asterigos or Sunbreak instead.

  2. Disliking Babylon 5 by association? How dare you, sir!

  3. Stray was actually really good, a really pretty game with lots of cute cat action, sure its basically a walking simulator but a lot of games are, doesn't mean they're bad though, look at Death Stranding

  4. I see he didn't get to "Signalis" this year. A pity.

  5. That fart crescendo is one of the most unsettling sounds of any Zero Punctuation year end list video

  6. I can relate to stopping Elden Ring before completing it. The game is just so massive that if someone commits to exploring everything in one playthrough, they’re likely to hit burnout. I spent over 200 hours in my first playthrough, and by the time I reached the last 2-3 story bosses, it felt like a chore playing it. Whenever I died to these bosses, I was less mad that I lost and more that I had to commit another few minutes to an attempt, because I only get so much time per week to playing games and it felt Ike the game was wasting it.

  7. Every time he shits on Hell Pie I just want to play it even more.

  8. I’m not to involved with the fnaf community. But as far as I understand they also think security breach is bad. So I don’t think your to out of touch for this occasion.

  9. You got me. I made a surprised noise at your 2nd Best choice. I hope your happy.

  10. a lot of the YouTube game critique lot putting Neon White over Elden Ring, makes half of me want to play Neon White and half of me want to throw my dummy out the pram.

  11. I'm not usually a contrarian but I enjoyed Callisto Protocol. Probably put it more into a bland category.
    But the allegations about the dev cycle definitely is a problem.
    Reminds me of LA Noire though, a game with a poor dev cycle that I enjoy.

  12. I feel sorry for Yahtzee i really think the deadlines of ZP ruined his experience with Elden Ring

  13. I respect where he put Elden ring. I too had to step away from Hodgepodge FatHoe for a while :/

    Then I found bleedfrost and my integrity left me swiftly 😀

  14. Can I ask if vampire survivors came out to late to be included, or if it's just not worthy of a place? Not that it's going to change my opinion, I personally loved the time I spent with it, but genuinely curious of where he would have put it

  15. i really like that you have a "blandest"-category because there are so many games who dont deserve either the praise they got nor the condemnation. many things are, quite often, just…bland.

  16. Yeah, I had to watch this thing twice because I didn't hear everything he said because of my own laughter over the fart sound… I'm 33 years old…😅

  17. YatZee!!! I hated the FNAF too so I Play Fab Night at Freni's!!! You should try it too!!! LoL!

  18. Turning off combat damage made Tunic a lot more fun. The fact that option is possible suggests that they noticed this during testing too

  19. The fact that stray won Most innovative gameplay steam award over neon white is a crime against humanity.

  20. I was surprised that Neon White was 1 on your list. It's a game that actually makes you a leader board person and I had way more fun play that over anything else in 2022

  21. Seeing Stray get put on the bland list makes me happy I've never seen a game get so much undeserved praise which frankly it only got because cats are cute and people are stupid

  22. Yes YouTube, I am watching a video about Dark Souls 2011.

  23. I think Yahtzee is slowly being infected with the anime 😂

  24. My boyfriend gave me an accusing glance when he brought up strangers of paradise. i'm keep singing the praises of it as a turn your brain off kind of game that gives me nostalia for ps2 corridor action games…. i don't think we agree

  25. Security Breach could be good if you imagine it was made specifically for speedrunners. they seem to have a good time with it, since it shipped broken into a pile of parts that don't even seem to fit together

  26. Oh good, elden ring was in the top five, I can keep watching these videos. Itd have been far too baffling based on his love of fromsoft games if it hadn't.

  27. ….I liked Sekiros ending, I killed everything and stuff was on fire and I became the devil they warned me I'd become if I gave myself to the killing. Simple but satisfying says I, though I recognise it is one of many endings and some of it do get a bit out there.

  28. Fromsoft: "you don't need an ending if the hands is so hard no one sees it"

  29. My 5yr of LOVED Security Breach, and i thin that's all that needs to be said about the game

  30. Fucking hell man. The new saints row game was such utter shit and buggy as hell. To put it on anything other than a list of worst games is a utter fucking joke. Yahtzee has turned into a joke at this point

  31. I tried going into NG+3 of Elden. I stopped after how much of an idiot Gideon was & how he kept fucking killing me! I no longer care for Elden. In fact, I don’t care about what kinda copypasted Souls trash Miyazaki intends on releasing, because Ik that all they’re going to provide is practically the same game! In my most humble of opinions, Sekiro was where FromSoft peaked, Elden was where FromSoft just stopped caring! And if they couldn’t care less, then so should I! It is at this point where the constant frustrations, rage & just trying to succeed with Elden has made me quit FromSoft altogether. It is clear to me that I have to become a RETIRED Souls veteran; I can’t play these games, especially knowing full-well that (despite my skills) I get easily angry!

  32. Stray has cats in it, therefore your opinion is wrong.
    Security breach is terrible mechanicaly and lore-wise, but it is hilarious!

  33. Both Yahtzee and Jacob Geller love Neon White.. I really do gotta play it!! 😀

  34. As someone that stopped reading Awful Hospital at the hole in the wall scene and stopped playing Binding of Isaac because of its aesthetics, I do not agree with putting Hell Pie in the worst games because of it's stylistic choices in spite of its gameplay, what the hell.

  35. Stray is "bland" and Neon White is the best??
    Yeah, this is a good list.

  36. If only he played SIGNALIS this year… would have been in the top 3 best at least

  37. Agree with most of the stuffs he ranked there

  38. Is it bad that I didn't know half if these games existed?

  39. I mean, fair enough, if there's any boss in Elden Ring that would stop you from playing if you don't want to look up a walkthrough, it would be the Godskin Duo. And Yahtzee complained about Renalla as being the weird shitty boss in his original review, but that's solid gold compared to the Foreskin Duo.

  40. I’m surprised Strangers of Paradise was on his worst list, but I really shouldn’t be. It was a hit among final fantasy fans. And as a final fantasy fan, not even all of us. But looking from the perspective of the general gaming audience, yeah it’s not that great.

  41. Damn, now I gotta hate on Sony for retroactively ruining Babylon 5 for Yahtzee…

    Nah, B5 is still a great show that was full of awesome characters and performances. Even if a few bits here and there were cheesier than a block of Velveeta.

    Seriously, if you like sci fi, space opera, and political intrigue, B5 is well worth checking out. Still one of my favorite shows to this day.

    I just hope that the planned reboot doesn’t completely screw the pooch—though my confidence isn’t high.

  42. Whenever he talk about fnaf security breach Yahtzee really tries to omit the fact that he gave the first FNAF a really positive review

  43. this is probably the most relatable review of elden ring ive ever heard, @ 4:27 i stopped playing in the exact same place, fighting against those two guys. it was really fun but my experience just kinda teetered off in the end

  44. I feel like souls-like games really belong on the blandest list. How many times can we trot out the exact same gameplay in a slightly different theme? Oh now it’s a vampire game, now it’s a star war, now it’s a game of thrones! The fact that Yahtzee couldn’t even finish elden ring is a pretty big indictment.

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