The Best Xbox Games to Play RIGHT NOW -

The Best Xbox Games to Play RIGHT NOW

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These are the 15 best Xbox Series X games to play right now.
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Over the last few years we’ve seen some great new games including Forza Horizon 5, Hi-Fi Rush, Gears and Sea of Thieves. But which are the best ones to play right now on the Xbox Series X and S? If you’ve just picked up a new Xbox Series console, and you’re not sure which games you should play first, hopefully this list will help.

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0:00 | Intro
0:38 | Xbox Game 1
1:31 | Xbox Game 2
2:32 | Xbox Game 3
3:15 | Xbox Game 4
3:49 | Xbox Game 5
4:38 | Xbox Game 6
5:21 | Xbox Game 7
6:00 | Xbox Game 8
6:30 | Xbox Game 9
7:17 | Xbox Game 10
7:55 | Xbox Game 11
8:33 | Xbox Game 12
9:16 | Xbox Game 13
9:42 | Xbox Game 14
10:16 | Xbox Game 15
10:48 | Outro
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  1. Yes you are totally correct prey is criminally underrated

  2. It's such a cheap thing to not write the game timestamps and force people to watch the video…

  3. Most of them are not XBox games. They are third party games that are on the console. A good example of a "Xbox" game. Would be halo, but even then that's on Steam with MCC & infinite.

  4. I would personally suggest Void Bastards, very comedic shooter with great (comic-book like) visuals

  5. Witcher 3 was pretty good as well. Visually cyberpunk 2077 is pretty nice post update.

  6. Here is what you should do: Buy Xbox, play Forza Horizon, sell Xbox, buy PS5.

  7. I got wait till Wednesday FedEx is scheduled officially off this week

  8. I liked the look of as dusk falls but when I try to find he game on Xbox nothing comes 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  9. ik he didn't show halo infinite that game is the biggest piece of dog shit compared to the old halos😂

  10. Really great video thank you so much this really helped

  11. I don’t know what’s wrong with Xbox and first person shooter games 🤔

  12. Death Gambit :Afterlife

    One of the best Castkevsnia, Metroiidvania game out there .

  13. Unfortunately your massive assumption that I have friends at all is wrong 💀

  14. can you play Battlefield on XBOX series X with mouse and keyboard ? and also gta san andreas and gta 5 ?

  15. I’m waiting for number 6 it probably won’t be out till 2069

  16. What is your TV size please answer i wanna buy one

  17. I literally trade my ps5 for a Xbox series x and I felt great about it subscription is not worth it I can't play old games battlefield 4 can't even start for me on the ps5 for heaven sakes while gamepass have all the games I play and let's not to mention the option for dolby vision gaming on my LG C2 that makes the graphics much better than what ps5 can produce

  18. Your title is missing "One" the original Xbox came out in 2001. I still own it and these titles are not compatible.

  19. The games i play is payday 2 and grounded

  20. Is it just me or 98 percent of new gen games doesn’t catch my interest😢

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