The Downfall of Mobile Gaming -

The Downfall of Mobile Gaming

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The unfortunate state of Mobile Gaming.
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  1. Oh damn, that's why I literally felt they didn't get any better since I had my Samsung Galaxy S3. It all makes sense now. Great video!

  2. Gaming in the 80's and 90's enteral bliss. Simply put, it was one of the best times to had been a gamer. You paid for the game & that was it. No strings attached. NO GREED.

  3. i believe that there is ray tracing on minecraft bedrock edition

  4. Solution to Mobile gaming: stylized Art (Pixel art, Don't Starve, Sludge Life. etc.)

  5. Isn't there the same thing with hardware variation on PC, like it is on mobile?

  6. but good thing companies like square enix releases good games, albeit the high prices. Then there's gta mobile, and the likes of pascal's wager and hoyoverse games.

  7. See mrwhosetheboss they will replace old engine to new

  8. Gaming on the phone is the future imo

  9. The mobile gaming is with the Steam Deck 😀 so much better games that on that dumb mobile Market

  10. Sorry but a phone and pc have both the same issue. With a pc you can make millions of different combinations. Cpu/ram/motherboard/gpu etc. Same as a phone. So their I don't see a difference in that case. Also ea brought out years ago need for speed most wanted. A old game to android. It charged around 5 – 10 euros and sold more then 1 million games.

  11. I NEVER understood phone gaming, it's ridiculous with screen controls.

  12. there is no downfall
    you may be living in other world

  13. I hope more pc developers start porting their games to mobile like dead cells, slay the spire, stardew walley

  14. To step up the game, company like iphone/samsung/sony should enter the market, pay the studio to made the game ONLY COMPATIBLE for the phone… Lets see how it will rocket the sale.

  15. carx devs nah forget about carx street on pc he will make it a mobile game

  16. I’m not a Gamer, but I’ve tried multiple games etc and I have to say console Gaming is definitely more comfortable. I’ve ran in to a lot of issues on PC, so that wasn’t fun. Mobile gaming is OK, but your phone heats up a lot when playing things like Genshin. It’s nice to see mobile getting things like Xbox cloud streaming so that’s a major win for gamers 🙂

  17. Can I ask a genuine question to all the people reading this comment; what sort of enjoyment do you get from playing games? I could never find any sort of enjoyment in this and I’ve really tried to

  18. Today's mobile gaming aiming for money only, its just a pay to win

  19. Genshine impact is an example may be it can only target 30% of the market but still it holds its position at top

  20. Symbian games goated, but now online glitch full of ads Games ruined .

  21. Arena breakout just released and it's basically the better version of tarkov

  22. True apart from one game. The biggest player base out of all COD games on all platforms is CALL OF DUTY MOBILE

  23. All of this becomes irrelevant when you say call of duty mobile

  24. Warzone Mobile, Carxstreet, Codm, Arena Breakout, Minecraft 🗿

  25. no one is talking about how big of a fraud Playrix is… their ads are false, what they show in ads is totally different from their shitty gameplay, yet no one takes action against them

  26. Well, let's say you've been playing the wrong games. Try something like Life After, Undawn, Black Desert, Alien Isolation, GRID AutoSport, COD Mobile, Honkai Impact, Train Pro USA just to name a few that have fantastic graphics (for a mobile game).

  27. Yuzu, Skyline, AethersSX2, Dolphin Emulator, Winlator…………………

  28. Mobile gaming companies can probably get away with using upscaled ps2 style graphics (since most phones nowadays can handle that) with decent gameplay as opposed to going full AAA so it's not a heavy investment and sell for 15.99

  29. yeah maybe in US and European countries but in many Asian countries not many could afford console gaming devices including the hardcore gamer and people prefer mobile gaming. PubG, Battleground.. etc see the statistics on how there games are thriving and also many gaming mobile oriented are being released overtime.

  30. 5:11 Who else wants mrwhosetheboss to make a video about Clash Royale's current condition? 💀💀

  31. It's because phones have a wider market compared to gaming consoles. You buy gaming consoles just to play games while phones are multi-usage object. Some people are looking for a great camera while some people are looking for gaming phones. And the downside? Chips for gaming are downgraded if the developer wants to put a great camera. I bet it's gonna be an expensive phone where the camera is 10/10 and the chipset is 10/10 with raytracing. It's gonna be expensive for both the developer and for the consumers.

    Even if you buy a "gaming" phone, the specs like camera is also thing to consider for that.

    Now if you want a gaming phone, just remove the camera, remove the other tasks like messaging, calls, and eveything…but not is gonna be a phone anymore.

  32. To be honest I know what you mean whenever I download a mobile game i delete it aftter I play it for a while

  33. There are still some good mobile games and recommend them here a list:
    Sierra 7
    Bad 2 bad
    Lone wolf
    Sniper shooter 1 2 3 and 4
    Dan the man

  34. Mobile gaming cud make lite version of their game like pubg mobile has a lite verson

  35. If there was one company making high end mobile games with console graphics they would be the only one. Guaranteed win and no competition for a while

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