The Game Awards 2022 - All Winners -

The Game Awards 2022 – All Winners

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In this video, I have compiled all of the winners from each category from The Game Awards 2022 into one video. Timestamps for each category are in this video, going in chronological order. There are 32 categories for this year’s 2022 Game Awards, including GOTY. I left out the speeches except the GOTY speech because I didn’t want the video to be too long and I just wanted to show the winner of each category.

Best Mobile Game – 0:00
Best Fighting Game – 0:23
Best eSports Game – 0:51
Best eSports Athlete – 1:05
Best eSports Team – 1:19
Best eSports Coach – 1:32
Best eSports Event – 1:44
Best Family Game – 1:59
Best Performance – 2:30
Best Debut Indie – 3:12
Best Game Adaptation – 3:49
Best Narrative – 4:28
Best Art Direction – 5:06
Best VR/AR Game – 5:25
Best Sim/Strategy Game – 5:41
Best Community Support – 6:00
Games For Impact – 6:17
Best Sports/Racing Game – 6:57
Best Multiplayer Game – 7:14
Best Audio Design – 7:34
Best Content Creator – 7:57
Most Anticipated Game – 8:17
Best Action Game – 8:44
Best Score & Music – 9:29
Innovation in Accessibility – 10:03
Best Role Playing Game – 10:42
Players’ Voice – 11:01
Best Independent Game – 11:27
Best Action/Adventure Game – 11:43
Best Ongoing Game – 11:59
Best Game Direction – 12:15
Game of the Year – 12:59


  1. Not sure how GoW won best innovation in accessibility lol they didn't implement anything innovative really.

  2. Smash Ultimate is still the best fighting game but Dragon Ball Fighterz is a great game too.

  3. Wtf elden ring got game of the year gow deserved every award

  4. 0:05 omg shes like "let's get this shit over with, I got things to do"😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Lame , cyberpunk adaptation was much better

  6. Twice now it feels like God of War just released at the right time to be the fresh hype game on peoples minds to win all the awards, only to be later forgotten about

  7. I know that everyone’s mad at halo infinite but the fact that it didn’t even get nominated for something, like even something that they objectively didn’t mess up in much like the soundtrack, I really hate that. But fuck it I love gatekeeping let’s go

  8. Cyberpunk definitely should've won best adaptation, but LoLers are dedicated I guess

  9. I think you forgot Bill Clinton winning the award for best gamer of all time

  10. at list the winner is Elden ring , in your face god of war sony movie garbage game

  11. I'd like to know how are those decided cause this is a whole bunch of BS.
    Valorant will never be better than CSGO.

  12. I'm glad that they took out all the bot votes and thus Genshin won.

  13. GT7 is the best racing game??? Bullshit

  14. As a splatoon fan i would like to congratulate Splatoon 3 for winning best multiplayer game Congratulations splatoon 3!

  15. Me: Not seeing cory as content creator of the year 💀

  16. "And the game awards to, YAY"

  17. Splatoon 3 took the dub in the last 30 seconds, just like good old turf war fashion..

  18. Genshin Impact winning the Players Voice is kinda cringe because they chose anime over FOUR amazing games

  19. kinda sad Cult Of The Lamb didn't make it as the best indie game

  20. I’ll play Elden Ring next week, I’ll see myself what all this hype is about.

    I want to understand why that game won over the masterpiece of GOW: Ragnarok

  21. best community support should go to team fortress 2 but it wasnt even listed there

  22. I wish the game of the year was God of war 5

  23. “Most anticipated game”

    The fact overwatch 2 wasn’t on there is astonishing considering how long we had to wait for it.

  24. Kirby totally deserves best family game! 😎

  25. Sonic Frontiers will win next year.

  26. GOW not winning game of the year is like being accepted to 99% of all major colleges in the US but 1 and somehow your buddy gets into that 1 college you wanted to be in.

  27. Bro really they liked valorant when csg is by far better than valorant 🗿

  28. In my opinion, Sunny deserved more than Judge, but… And no way people are expecting Legend of Zelda more than Hogwarts Legacy, there's a ton of amazing Zelda games, Hogwarts Legacy is to be the first AAA of Harry Potter universe.

  29. I’m confused isn’t madden and 2k a esport game?

  30. Who voted for mos book || in vr, bonelab easily wins

  31. Me, a GoW fan: “Oh yea. Ragnarök’s gonna win Game of the Year for su-“

    Elden Ring: “I’ve given thee courtesy enough”
    Equips Golden Award of the Erdtree Talisman

  32. How in the hell did Diablo Immortal get nominated. It’s either one of three things. One, Blizzard payed the game awards with the unholy amount of money that they robbed from their loyal fan base with those unforgettable micro transactions and pay way scams. Two, the mobile game market is that bad and soulless as I thought. Or three, my favorite one. THE GAME AWARDS ARE A COMPLETE AND UTTER JOKE THAT ONLY CARE ABOUT RATINGS AND BUMPING UP THE EGOS OF LAZY AND HEARTLESS CORPORATE COMPANIES AND MANAGEMENT…
    EDIT: Fuckin Multversus winning best fighting game over Sifu is just proving my point that I made above even more now…..

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