The Game Awards 2022 Full Presentation -

The Game Awards 2022 Full Presentation

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Intro 0:00
Al Pacino Present Best Performance 3:20
Best Performance Winner and Speech 7:20
Hades 2 Reveal Trailer 16:15
Judas Ken Levines Next Game 19:20
Bayonetta Origins Cereza and the Lost Demon 21:38
Hozier and Bear Mccreary perform Blood Upon the Snow 27:29
Best Debut Game 33:14
Destiny Lightfall Trailer – 36:38
Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Batman Trailer – 37:19
Party Animals 42:38
Best Adaptation 45:58
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Gameplay Trailer 48:14
Earthblade Reveal Trailer 52:13
Dune Awakening 54:15
Forspoken Demo Trailer 56:04
Death Stranding 2 Trailer 01:00:50
Immortals of Aveum 01:08:14
Best Narrative 01:09:59
Tekken 8 Gameplay Trailer 01:13:28
Nightingale 01:16:20
Games for Impact 01:21:54
Baldur’s Gate 3 Release Month Trailer 01:25:05
Wayfinder Reveal Trailer 01:28:01
Fire Emblem Engage Trailer 01:29:45
Sky Trailer 01:33:22
Diablo IV Cinematic Release Date Trailer 01:37:23
Horizon Burning Shores Trailer 01:42:45
Best Action Game 01:45:45
Blue Protocol Trailer 01:49:46
Company of Heroes 3 Railer 01:53:30
Behemoth Trailer 01:54:34
Best Score & Music 01:58:42
Banishers Ghost of Eden Reveal Trailer 02:01:18
Warhammer 40k: Space Marine II Gameplay Reveal Trailer 02:03:47
Meet your Makers Release Date Trailer 02:04:41
Crash Bandicoot Arrives with a New Game 02:09:26
Innovation and Accessibility 02:13:03
Lords of the Fallen Gameplay Trailer 02:14:14
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Raids Trailer 02:20:23
Best Game Direction 02:24:49
Cyberpunk 2077 Liberty City Trailer 2 02:27:25
Armored Core VI Reveal Trailer 02:29:45
Wild Hearts Trailer 02:33:55
Final Fantasy XVI Trailer 02:36:11
Game of the Year Presentation 02:38:56


  1. Ngl the whole bill clinton thing is giving me major will smith slap vibes

  2. God of War didn't deserve half these awards smh

  3. When For Elder Ring 2 'The Power of Bill' They Forget To Add a Date..🙄

  4. Elden Ring should've won best action game, literally the best action game lol

  5. Suddenly, I don't care about Japan getting eliminated in World Cup anymore hahaha <3

  6. 2018 orchestra was still the best. Not taking anything away from this. But that was top tier

  7. Can we appriciate the flute guy and how he used 4 instruments during the orchestra? Forget the imposter kid, id like to see the flute guy more

  8. Elden Ring is a great game, but the MVP of the year is 100% God Of War Ragnarok.
    It's just as unfair when God of War was named game of the year instead of RDR2, even though God of War was actually a weaker contender that year.

  9. This award show was well deserved for all the winners. great year and amazing games that we had played. All of them were great and amazing.

  10. Half of this videos audio is just silence…. ruined my experience trying to watch

  11. So Bill Clinton is nominated for GOTY now? Well deserved.

  12. I missed the game awards but now I want to see if Legends Arceus will win I hope it will and I also want Kirby to win too I don't mind if the forgotten land will win that much.

  13. Next time get Lowko or someone to host tbh, nothing against Al

  14. Welcome to The Satanic Gaming Introduction to Evil -The Lilith Demon programming for children a special touch of EVIL-BUT THATS HOLLYWOOD

  15. How much did Ninspendo bribe y'all to award Rabid Mario over Warhammer?
    Absolute joke.

  16. Chris Judge and God of War Ragnarok deserved the award.

  17. Not a single nominee for Dying Light 2..Sadd

  18. Best Score and Music? You guys were just lucky that there wasn't another Doom this year 😀 To be honest, all of the nominees would have deserved that!

  19. o cholerę tu chodzi z tym lords of the fallen ? co to kurwa jest, cz2 czy co ? nazwa gry z dupy wzięta, bo przecież lords of the fallen już istnieje.
    Lordsa przechodziłem chyba z 5x i nie może być to ani remake, ani remaster bo tam nie ma takich lokacji jak na trailerze.
    Czyli co to wgl za gra jest ? sami twórcy pewnie kurwa nie wiedzą co wymącili.

  20. I keep getting random moments where the video has no sound. Is that for a copyright thing or is that on my end?

  21. I usually don’t like award shows but this one was really fun. Great host, great audience, awesome music performances and the deserving games won their awards. 10/10 show.

  22. judge went upto the stage with the best music score playing in the background… what a star🤩

  23. Dämlich oder peinlich? Einen Award zu 2022, obwohl 2022 noch gar nicht vorüber ist?

    Stell sich einer vor, dass Finanzamt verlangt z.B. für den ganzen Mai 2023 alle Unterlagen, obwohl erst der 10. Mai ist. Am besten dann noch mit Mahnungen und Sanktionen verbunden, weil man nicht nachkommt wird dann das ganze Eigentum beschlagnahmt.

  24. Love how everyone just accepted the kid was there. No questions asked, just thought he was a guy who worked on the game.

  25. miyazaki debera aprender ingles y darse cuenta que tiene un chico atras XD

  26. you cant even be mad at him for being on stage when he shouldn't have because how did he get there in the first place?

  27. A Plague Tale: Requiem deserves awards. It's a masterpiece.

  28. GOD of war is just super overrated game . that VOICE direction award should goto plague tale requiem

  29. All the categories where GOW has won=rigged. Had to be HFW simple as that. GOW = f**ing OVERrated. Only game who won fully deserved = Stray,

  30. Is the audio supposed to cut out during about half of the video? Is this a copyright thing? @Gamespot

  31. I'm just getting warmed up in Elden Ring!

  32. Finally finished watching. Anyone else notice CoD didn't get a single award? How does it always sell so well and why does Sony care about it so much? GoWR just about took every award it was nominated for

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