The Game Awards don't make ANY sense... -

The Game Awards don’t make ANY sense…

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The Game Awards 2022, God of War vs Elden Ring vs Xenoblade 3 | Head to Satisfye ➤ for Black November Sale. Up to 50% off, free shipping, additional 5% off with code BEATEMUPS

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  1. Please don’t say that people are complaining because xenoblade made it to top 6 they never get anything in game awards, it’s also my favourite game series of all time

  2. That banana commercial reminded me of Rick and a Morty watching interdimensional television….. Which I'm pretty sure was the point. 😂

  3. Zelda doesn't deserve most anticipated because only people who care about Nintendo want it.

  4. THANK YOU. MW2 for best multiplayer lol as you said I can just go ahead and ignore that one. Lazy trash that didn't even have hardcore day 1 like promised

  5. The reason everyone was talking about elden ring is because for 6-3 months we had no games all it was was a dessert of emptines

  6. Lol! "From chimpanz-A to chimpanzee!" That was hilarious!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  7. I'm sorry, but the elden ring isn't that unique or innovative. I beat the game like 4 times and it's fun and all but all it adds is open world that's it. It's literally the same setup with HUD, gameplay, the story feels the exact same as every other from software game, and it dosent add anything that new to the series

  8. Idgaf what everyone says. I just want GoW Ragnarok to win. Elder ring is an amazing game but it's technical problem and probably graphics aren't my thing.

  9. Idk who came up with chimpan A to chimpan Z needs a raise.

  10. The only thing I remember from this video was Eldern Ring

  11. Neither GoW or Elden ring deserves "Game of the year". They arent even a 9/10 on my scale.. GoW is a 7.. elden ring an 8 .

  12. Idk. Elden Ring turns full time Dads into gamers. That should be up there.

  13. When he was listening to the music and instantly said Elden Ring I was hyped lol hope it wins!

  14. My man completely ignoring Lego Star Wars when it's one of the most ambitious and charming games ever created (If you ignore the original)…

    Okay yeah kirby was amazing but CMON!

  15. why is genshin and Minecraft on the players voice award lmaoooooo

  16. imagine comparing a map theme to a main theme or the final boss fight and choosing the final boss fight track as your favorite. something tells me you didn't play XC3 otherwise you would have choose the boss fight theme or even the last boss fight theme instead of a random map lol

  17. Among us VR does not hold water to red matter 2

  18. The whole idea of Award show for video games seems archaic at best. Video games are meant to be played and be enjoyed. Video games are very much an interactive activity watching trailers of upcoming video games does absolutely nothing for the players (audience) they are not watched like movies 🤪

  19. Haven't played GoW so I can't speak for that, but as great of a game elden ring is, its soundtrack is no where near Xenoblades level

  20. I love god of war. But the music in this latest one sound too similar to horizon zero dawn to me. I noticed it since I dropped it to pick up ragnorok

  21. 17:51 aight, i agree elden ring has good music, but you really compared a random zone song from xenoblade 3 to the main themes of both the other games? like really?

  22. God of War won like more than 3 awards this year lmao

  23. I'm not sure how I got here, but him voting for other games other than Horizon twice then immediately being like "NOOO!" kinda feels like what actually happened at the Game Awards with Forbidden West going 0 for 7…

  24. You sound like you definitely rushed through the main story of god of war without exploring and doing the side quest

  25. Wish it was a fair comparison in the soundtrack bit, can't put a random map theme for one game and the main theme for another. Now all of you go listen to Weight of Life.

  26. He literally took an area theme from xc3 and compared it to final boss theme from elden ring. I think xc3 should have won that because the music there is actually memorable and you’d want to listen to it outside of the game too

  27. Not sure about anyone else, but I would personally vote for our reformed orthodox rabbi Bill Clinton. Thats just me though.

  28. I raged unbelievably hard when god of war won best music. Like so hard. At work yesterday I played the god of war soundtrack and bashed everything about it.

    My true feelings are that it’s ok at best. It’s good music, but even Elden ring is SO much better. Xenoblade should have won the music award easily

  29. Lmao this is my favorite video ya dude the banana jokes…..pure gold.

  30. bro said restricting thats razy you can literally just travel the nine realms sure you do have to unlock them but tou can’t vote for a game you haven’t played enough yet im you explore a place like the crater which is literally like 6 hours of a hundred percenting its crazy yhat he said restricting

  31. No doubt that Elden Ring has an absolutely incredible soundtrack, but seems like a weird comparison between its Final Battle and God of War's Ragnarok, literally the most climactic and cinematic pieces from the entire soundtrack, and then Li Garte Prison Camp, an innocuous and low-key area theme. I think Weight of Life or Homecoming would have been better choices for comparison.

  32. I think you shouldve took fifa 23 bc of the amazing details and graphics

  33. I highly recommend check out Two Point Campus.
    If you love Theme Hospital, the same devs that made that game, actually revived to become Two Point. You had Two Point Hospital a few years ago and now Campus!

  34. In regards of Return to Monkey Island's accessibility, it offers options for people with disabilities in regards to Video tab (Motion and Distortion), Interface tab (Influence the size and appearance of the text) and Text & Language tab (You can change the language for subtitles and dialogue captions , and with the Text Speed. SFX Subtitles is also provided).

  35. Everyone's talking about how this game was done dirty or this game was better.
    But how wasn't Sea of Thieves anywhere? It's an ongoing game so has nothing saying it couldn't be nominated

  36. When the game's taught you how to be a good parent than any other person told u.
    Then then about who should be goty.

  37. Yeah Elden Ring no question. I haven't played God of War Ragnarok yet, but from what I hear it's more of the same as the first one. That's great, but that doesn't beat Elden Ring. Not with like you said the impact it had, the masterful change from the Dark Souls formula into the open world.

  38. What's YOUR Game of the Year and WHY is it Elden Ring?

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