The Game Is The Best Liar | The Joe Budden Podcast -

The Game Is The Best Liar | The Joe Budden Podcast

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  1. 6 days later and man the game lied his as off and was on some wanna be cocky debo type shiii, he looked like a complete clown at some points, but he did also say some real things as well

  2. Is Joe saying, the Game should have creative liberties to rhyme 2001…with 2001?

  3. Fuck dt my favorite joe budden song is that all of me with emanny the most realest and heart felt bar for bar song of all time in my books joe has came a long way and deserves to be where he’s at rn in life more power to the brother

  4. The Game was a crip then converted to bloods, got a walk on the blood game by his big brother Big Face, he was a male stripper, P.Diddys sex toy for 2 yrs and he’s showing you that he’s butt hurt for not being on the Super Bowl stage performing

  5. This is the first time I agree with you Joe, Game is too extra and he lies like he is better then everyone else fact.

  6. It's Game He Think He Running Game This Clown Think R Even Said He Is Nipsey Hustle Without Being Lyrical Say Nip IsWas Honest Within The Art Even If We Can Say He Stretched A Line,but Game Whole Idea of What Makes Him A Man is Being A Gangsta on The Other Hand Nip Was Being A Man that Just Happened 2B A Gangsta Plus Game Not The Greatest West Coast Lyricist Unless You Don't Count The D.O.C,Kendrick Lamar,and King Crooked I Think Crooked I Is Right Now The West Coast Don(R.I.P Tupac)!!!!!100

  7. I use to think joe was corny when I was young but got damn this nigga like 10x worse now 😂

  8. People wear something appealing won by celebrating, if not nah, cz no one is wearing Kanye's new boosts…

  9. The dollar in the cup got it 😂😂😂

  10. Biggie lied when he said he lived in a Shaq? Yet his mother brought up him up in a decent apartment?

  11. Man I keep saying this shit…thought my nigga was real smh lol

  12. Sometimes the game tells the truth and sometimes he lies but he lies more than then tell the truth because it's the easy way out

  13. Joe talking from personal experience, remember when he said he been "better" than eminem for the past decade…same shit.

  14. I gave this video a chance but Joe is mad corny to me. I couldn't get through it. I felt like a bum listening to this nigga speak.

  15. Budden scared to say anything bad about the game. If Eminem was blatantly lying in songs I bet it would be a different story😂.

  16. The Game the biggest name dropping clout chaser in Hip Hop, hes a straight busta!

  17. Joe always puts himself in front and his cohost in the back smh 🤦‍♂️ Joe doesn’t believe in team work

  18. These n*ggas on this show is clout chasers. How you gon say "we on the same side" or that he a liar and talk about him lying for half your show obviously that's a hater move bc you stuck on what he saying. If he a liar then he a liar move on you make it more obvious that your a hater more than anything.

  19. Dante Jordan - theLIFTEDpro - Lifted Productions says:

    Game hurt cuz Dre brought 50 to the superbowl show in LA

  20. Wack 100 is going to crucify you guys on clubhouse

  21. …all he had to do is say – "…I woke up out that coma 2001, people still bumpin 2001!"

  22. Game is an extremely sensitive person. To the point where he’s dangerous. Because he will do anything to keep the lie of who he actually is from being revealed to people.

  23. I’ve never paid enough attention to game to know if he be lying or not but everybody saying he be lying is hilarious. I would’ve never known watching the dc episode he’s a good one 😂😂

  24. Joe being a hater is not surprising a bit!!

  25. “Clearly there’s gonna be niggaz dressing like bats” This nigga Joe 😂😂😂

  26. Man I have never seen so salty of washed up losers hating as usual.

  27. "The fight in the mall… it never happened." – 🎮

    "40 days" – 🎮

  28. I love the game he was mega on drink champs!

  29. If your 45 or older you will get this joke. Joe looks and acts like Mr. Furley from the Three's Company TV show from the 80's! Look it up if you don't know LOL

  30. Game is scared of 50cents💯💯💯💪💪💪

  31. The Game been a liar. He's not a gang banger. He's never been a gangster but he is such a pathological liar that I think he truly believes everything he says that comes out of his mouth. It's pretry messe dup to be honest dude should be in a mental hospital.

  32. Yall some bozos🤡..Which one of you clowns will tell Game to his face he a liar?? Commentors and Joe Buddens weak ass podcast witcho weak lame ass secretaries.

  33. Having 50 at the super bowl over Game was a violation against all sensibilities of anyone who is from LA. Everyone here did a double take when they saw 50 hanging upside down. Ridiculous

  34. Game can rap but he do take on other ppl personalities and style that makes him come off gimmicky…

  35. The Game Is hurt because she did not get the opportunity to perform at the Super Bowl. We all know how insecure and sensitive he is. Kanye has done more for him than Dr. Dre, that's hilarious.

  36. When the game said he asked his son on his birthday what he wanted to do, and his son said "dad i wanna ride around in the nipsey blue lambo all day listening to Nipsey" CAPPPPPPPPPPPPPP

  37. This Podcast ain’t been the same since Rory and mall left no cap 🧢 it’s unseasoned chicken now no flavor of love

  38. Joe budden smart about the industry and certain life issues

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