The greatest game ever made -

The greatest game ever made

Modest Pelican
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Today we play The Simpsons Hit & Run.

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  1. Graphically this game looks surprisingly good, wtf! Was not expecting that at all

  2. Damn, thanks for that video! I remember playing that game with my stepson and his friends. So much fun! And you are right, that game was and still is awesome! Great video!

  3. Apparently if you have the xbox 360 disc it will issue on xbox 1

  4. Knock knock!!!……BANG!!!!💥 FBI is after you 🤣

  5. There’s a remastered version being made btw.

  6. is there any good train cinematography in the “simpsons hit and run”? that’s my deciding factor.

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  8. Lisa is not dressed as a matress. Shes the state of Florida. I know that and i live in aus..

  9. You can kick the head off the statue? I've never known. Thank you for letting me know.

  10. The cartoons in the 1930s were superior. And I see that Homer has found my bunker.

  11. i played this at like 6 and i remember the clown car and this place you colllect shit in this like warehouse cant rel remember

  12. After playing this I thought to myself “this is basically gta” and I stand by that

  13. I never knew you could kick the head off the jebediah statue. MIND. BLOWN.

  14. I enjoyed this game until it was over. Then, there really wasn’t anything left to do. That’s really my main complaint. The appeal for GTA for me is how much havoc you can cause, and being relegated to a kick and police chases kinda brings down hit and run’s replay ability.

  15. I guess my iPhone is reading my mind, I was at work today thinking about going home to play South Park: TFBW and how it and Stick of Truth are like the greatest game ever, except for…. The Simpsons: Hit & Run. Then I open YouTube and this pops up at the top of my feed. Wtf?

  16. 0:59 is the move I learned from this game and have been doing it in every GTA or car game since

  17. 0:59 is the move I learned from this game and have been doing it in every GTA or car game since

  18. what did he play this one i want to replay the game an it looks like he is def not playing on a console

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  20. i loved this game it was truly ahead of its time when it came to graphics and stuff

  21. In 8th grade, my teacher brought in an Xbox and this game and let the whole class play for the last two months of school.

  22. "Marge and her Dump Truck"

    ha dual references are fun

  23. 'You play as Apu, so unexpected, but he's a good lad' 😂😂

  24. The commentary and quick refreshment to the game was awesome. Brought back a lot of nostalgia.

  25. My dad bought this when it first came out for the Xbox and I still play it to this day

  26. How do you play? I really wanna play this game!

  27. That fucking bart mission near the end made me never be able to beat this game. And I probably never will as my wii burned when my house did

  28. I played this as a kid on my ps2 but I only ever got to level 2 because I never played properly

  29. I really hope this is remade. This was my childhood. Id choose it over gta any day.

  30. What console was he playing on ? I’m playing on a GameCube emulator but the pixels looks way higher res on his

  31. So if l am correct if l buy this and try it on Xbox 360, l should face no problems in seeing what the fuss has been about for the past 20 years?

  32. “If you’re going to be looking at an ass for hours straight, it might as well be a thick one.” U sir have gained a subscriber 🤣

  33. My Ps2 broke and couldn't read disc but if it did it was stuck on the loading screen for hours

  34. Not sure how you recorded this but this still looks great after almost 19 years!

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