The Greatest GIMMICK GAMES of All Time -

The Greatest GIMMICK GAMES of All Time

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The NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL have all had a gimmick game – a game designed to draw in new fans or broaden their audience. These are the best ones.

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  1. Ok… What's going on with your voice? Why is it sped up? Am I going crazy? The voices tell me I'm sane so like… Wuz up?

  2. I wont take a testosterone test for fear of breaking the test.

  3. The college basketball games on the Aircraft carriers gets left out? Seriously ?!?!?!

  4. I love how they are making 64 degrees out to be cold.

  5. Every bettman refigured overdone outdoor winter cla$$ic $$$-grab game is a #kn gimmick of a game. Sitting in seats a county away from the ice surface with a nice sun glare off of the ice…nice for my $300 #kn ticket. Also don't forget the '19 pre-season game between pack and raiders on winnipeg blue bomber bad field that cut the field down to like 75 yds. was a gimmick game in the end that should have never been played.

  6. The longest yard game should be raiders vs. Eagles. Since most of their fans are already in jail lmao

  7. Still trying to get my head around 64° being cold. That's a warm summer night here in the UK….🤔🤔

  8. FPV: “Make mouse meat out of the CFL”

    shows elk

  9. So Mark Twain sounded like Chris Berman. Got ya.

  10. Sorry, but the VT / UT game in the Bristol Motor Speedway should be on this list.

  11. His subtle edits and comments are amazing

  12. I feel like Boxing and MMA are really lagging behind in terms of gimmicky venues.

  13. Fever pitch is a great movie. What are you talking bout

  14. College Football will return to Fenway Park, as they will have the Fenway Bowl this December

  15. They held Boxing Matches in Rahway State Prison in early 80's.

  16. Tennessee vs Virginia Tech at Bristol was pretty great. Definitely more notable than ND BC at fenway

  17. No, clearly the Longest Yard game would be Raiders vs. Colts, because the Raiders wear the exact colors of the prisoner team, and the Colts are run by notorious drug peddler Jim Irsay

  18. Teaser: "… for the sole purpose of marketing!" Right after this 1 min. built-in ad. 🙄

  19. Variety is the spice of life and the spice must flow

  20. The greatest gimmick of all time was that multi surface game between Nadal and Federer

  21. San Diego State vs San Diego Basketball at Petco Park

  22. The red wings played their first nhl out door game in 1954 when they played against a prison team from the upper peninsula. It wasnt a regular season game of course but still kind of a gimmick. They stopped keeping score after the wings were up 18-0 after the first

  23. Think the daytime Tahoe games were bad, there was a early 90s nhl preseason game played in Las Vegas in September, OUTSIDE. Of course it was like 90+ degrees, who woulda figured that 🙄

  24. I became a fan of the NBA in 2010. I had no idea there was a legit game played at the Indian Wells Centre Court. That's crazy 🤦🏾‍♂️

  25. "Moose meat"…….as you're showing a video of a bull elk.

  26. I would totally let this guy destroy my pewper… Ja Feel?

  27. I guess you forgot about the football game at Bristol and had 100's of thousands of fans that most couldn't see.

  28. You forgot to mention that Fenway will be home to a College Football Bowl Game starting this year, called the Fenway Bowl

  29. The 2021 Winter Classic was supposed to be played in Minnesota, not North Carolina.

  30. Virginia Tech vs Tennessee at Bristol Motor Speedway needs to be high on this list.

  31. If the NFL wants to do something gimmicky they should do Remember The Titans

  32. Longest Yard game would have to be Raiders and Cowboys. It'd be perfect

  33. Thanks for putting my Saskatchewan Roughriders in your video👍

  34. In 2022 Nascar is racing an exhibition race at the LA Colosseum. I think it's gonna be a n exciting race.

  35. At 7:50 "Fighting for hometown pride"…Uh…Boston College is in Boston…but Notre Dame is in Indiana…I believe he was thinking of the Boston Celtics…a basketball team…

  36. How in the world do you not include the highest attended college football game of all time? Tennessee and VT at Bristol Motor Speedway. They even built the world's largest suspended video board system (named Collosus) to get rid of the racing scoring pylons in the infield, expressly as a part of hosting the football game.

    Massive oversight unless you were planning on that being a main focus of another video along these lines.

    Otherwise (meaning outside of a massive example that I expected to see based on my own biases lol), excellent video as always!

  37. Fuck that Lake Tahoe game. Flyers all got covid from that fucking thing and it ruined their season.

  38. How about the time when college football was played in the infield at Bristol Motor Speedway? The Battle at Bristol was an American college football game played at Bristol Motor Speedway in Bristol, Tennessee on Saturday, September 10, 2016, between the University of Tennessee Volunteers and the Virginia Tech Hokies. It holds the record for NCAA football's largest single-game attendance at 156,990.

  39. NBA is not meant for outside remember that idiots… don't do it ever again. Why can't we get a premier league in the US then?? So what if it's crappy teams

  40. Field of Dreams game, sure give every team a chance to play there. Play 4 or 5 games there a year.

  41. Although not a game but add the 2022 LA Coliseum NASCAR exhibition race to the list.

  42. I would love to see an NBA game where they somehow simulate a street basketball game, chain net (or no net) on the hoop and all.

  43. The winter classic was not supposed to be at NC state last year. That was a stadium series game. The winter classic was supposed to be in Minnesota.

  44. I went to the Fenway ND v BC game and it was really weird because it was technically a home game for the Irish and BC got booed entering the field just a few miles from campus.

  45. What about the 3 team MLB game played between the Dodgers, Giants, and Yankees? It was played sometime in the 40s, and it’s as crazy as it sounds

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