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The NEXT BEST Battlegrounds Game..

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The Strongest Battlegrounds
Ki Battlegrounds


  1. The characters are imbalanced asf, Vegeta has 2 ranged moves that he can block break with and he doesn't even need time (They also for some reason do more damage then like 3 Kamehameha's each). Whenever I played I noticed the game didn't run as well as Sorcerer BG, Z BG, TSBG, Heroes BG, or even cursed arena. When I finally got my ultimate it lasted around 15 seconds. Of coarse everything I said is my own POV or might be a bug since this game is very early on in development.

  2. why is this so low rated on roblox? its REAL good

  3. Ki battlegrounds kight be good, but NOT better than the strongest battlegrounds

  4. If you think about it, Aba is a battlegrounds game

  5. ki BAttlegrounds Was Made By A Friend Of The Creator Z Battlegrounda

  6. You may not know but ki battlegrounds uses Z battlegrounds code as the main devs of z felt they could use their code to make something better and passed it on which is a really cool detail

  7. When i saw the galaxy breaker i immediately thought of saiyan saga vegeta when he killed nappa, not this dude referencing to DBFZ, close enough ig

  8. too bad the game has the weirdest hitboxes known to man

  9. infu please see this comment that there is also in that game space, if u get flung or anything u can get sent too space and you just float there its pretty cool

  10. Fun fact: Dragon rush is from fighter z as well

  11. Ki Battlegrounds is made by the same people that made Z battlegrounds, Ki Battlegrounds is just the remastered version

  12. jujutsu shenanigans is better unfortunately

  13. Bro had to use sonic music for intro lol

  14. alternate battlegrounds was the first battlgrounds game but tis play settings isnt the same


  16. With vegatas beatdown did you know you can send them to space??!! Me and my friend were playing and I used the beatdown on him and he was floating then he could see earth BUT HE WAS IN SPACE!!

  17. ki battlegrounds was made by the owner of z battlegrounds btw

  18. You know you can charge the Gallick gun

  19. Sheesh another battlegrounds game also w video infu

  20. Whats the hair u used for the thumbnail?

  21. 5:46 that move i think a a reference to a Zfighters special Frieza also has i coukd be wrong

  22. Infu pls gift me early access in heroes (dandeathray1)🫸🔵🔴🫷🫴🟣

  23. RIP Akira Toriyama
    You will always be remembered 💖

  24. You can charge galick gun and kamehameha by holding m2 after using them

  25. Anyone know the name of Goku’s awakening theme in this game?


  27. That golden frezeer ability is from xenoverse 2, god i love that ulti

  28. Fun fact this game started with the creator of zbg making it

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