The REAL Reason Gaming Isn’t Fun Anymore -

The REAL Reason Gaming Isn’t Fun Anymore

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Most people aren’t talking about the REAL reason that gaming is no longer as fun. I don’t think many people are considering just how good we had it. Year after year getting insanely fun release after insanely fun release. New gameplay mechanics never before seen, EVERY YEAR! When you’re seeing something new every year, there inevitably will come a time where there is no longer something new to see. That’s where we are now. We’ve seen 1,000 Skyrims and 400 Battle Royale type games, but when we look back on when Skyrim and Battle Royale’s were new, of course they feel more nostalgic! When Fortnite and Warzonze and Apex legends were fun, they were new!! They’re not anymore yet that’s all we’re getting nowadays! This is the ACTUAL reason gaming isn’t fun anymore…

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  1. The first time I remember waiting for the next sequel banger was Mario 64. I had to wait a QUARTER OF MY LIFE to play the next legit platformer Mario game that was Sunshine lol. The wait wasnt that bad since there were so many bangers coming out and I had all 3 main systems that gen (PS1, Saturn, N64) and gamed a bit on PC.

    I dont get the whole "gaming isnt fun anymore" statement. I have so many more important things to do as an adult that I dont have all the time in the world to game like I did in the 80s and 90s. My backlog is ridiculous. And now with things like PS+, its like a streaming service, I have more games than I have time to play. I certainly enjoy every moment I sit down to game. Even if youre a kid now, there are 40+ years worth of games to dive into. So as long as you have a PC or a console (and some cash), you shouldnt run out of things to play. If so, I would say you probably game too much lol.

  2. Gaming isn’t fun Mfs after realizing if they play the same thing over and over it won’t be fun

  3. Who's here after GTA 6 trailer? 😏🖐🏻

  4. This pretty simplistic explanation. Not that it's not true. It is harder to be innovative than ever before but it's far from impossible. However, I don't think that is the main reason why games are not so much fun anymore. It's basically money. Majority of AAA studios are owned by publicly traded mega-corps who are unwilling to take the risk. Reason being is that games are VERY expensive to make these days. They can not afford to go to their Q2 meeting and inform shareholders that their new innovative game isn't fun (Amazon) and will end up losing money. No. Instead suits who haven't played a game since Tetris, enter the room and tell developers to make game like WoW or CoD because they WORK and risks are far smaller when you walk on the paved road… and people will buy it anyway.

  5. How many Modern Warfares will there be? When will CS release new maps and guns? When will WoW be replaced by a funner MMO? When will LoL be replaced for MOBAS?

  6. Social media and streaming ruined gaming

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    So how can anyone escape the fires of hell?

    Well, imagine this: You have a bunch of speeding fines worth 500.000$. You don’t even have a single cent to pay it. Just as you are about to get life in prison without parole, somebody comes in and sells everything he has to pay for your fines so you can go free.

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    Thank you for reading this.

    God bless you :).,.

  8. Updates, Micro-transactions, Nickel & Dimming DLC, Always Online (for some games), Video game companies releasing games unfinished to meet ‘business quoters’ ala Cyber Punk 2077, Physical media going away, Having a market with 70% indie games 30% AAA games but no AA games and the three leading hardware companies now deciding to hotshot failing systems when they don’t sell.

  9. People be saying “gaming isn’t fun anymore” get some fucking friends you losers your on the fucking internet

  10. Do you guys remember when we playing game we were really excited and have smiles on our faces 🙁

  11. No, reason because after 2013 games are released broken, poorly optimized, buggy, garbage messes. Because AAA devs and company's just want your money, but people are dick riders and still support the company's. That's why a lot of people, like myself don't really play games anymore. We not going subject our selfs to that garbage

  12. I wonder if this will help push the VR industry. You'd think that's the big opportunity to innovate when graphics are already perfect.

    Not to mention the potential for VR remakes. People were constantly asking for VR remakes as an "easy" filler between AAA VR titles.

    Honestly, the Jedi Knight VR mods make for the best star wars games ever made.

    You should do a video on why we aren't seeing as many VR remakes.

  13. Then you have people like me who havnt really played video games since the ps2
    We got my son a ps4 for Christmas and we can get all those great games on the cheap and they all are new experiences for my house hold even tho they are old titles now I love being behind the world on things like this

  14. You want to bicker about the current state of the gaming industry? Go right ahead. Let me guess what your complaints are without viewing the video. Common complaints include overuse of microtransactions, use of probabilistic (gambling) elements like loot boxes and allowing them to contain items that give an unfair advantage, and insanely tight development shortcuts leaving lots of bugs all in a bid to save money.

    I’m not saying these are not valid complains. This… Plague has corrupted pretty much the entire mobile game side of things and much of the PC and console sides. Where my young self used to have fun playing the original Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, and even Minecraft Pocket Edition, now all we have is garbage like Raid Shadow Legends, Fortnite, or Call of Duty Mobile. Mobile gaming is dead to all but the most fanatical supporters. When I accepted that it was gone and stopped being fanatical, I quit mobile games for good. I have a feeling most with at least some brain cells left will eventually be forced to do the same before 2030 if they haven’t already. I also eventually quit Xbox for the same reason. What little good they had could be bought on other platforms and, like, 90% of the rest was trash. Halo Infinite also helped kill my interest in them.

    But in this seemingly-endless ocean of greed there are still islands. Even archipelagoes. The gaming world I grew up with is gone, but such is the nature of capitalism and even time itself. Things CHANGE. Nothing lasts forever! Look for positivity in gaming where you normally see negativity, and don’t do it through the lens of your own biases and preconceptions. Quality mobile games are dead? Didn’t need them anyway. Phones should be for making calls and that alone. The quality of Xbox games fell off a cliff? Then maybe their time is up. Leave and let them fall. Greed is not a sustainable business doctrine. It gets you a lot of money in the short term, but it eventually falls apart as you take things too far. Someone better will eventually rise in Xbox’s place. Steam, Playstation, and Nintendo, especially Nintendo, all still have quality content.

    Just OPEN YOUR EYES! Stay away from the rubbish, including fallen franchises you used to see as good, and find those “needle(s) in a haystack”.

  15. Modern games dont have any charm anymore. They try too hard to look perfect. This makes it boring…

  16. These companies don’t wanna take risk because they don’t wanna lose money. They rather copy wats hot and capitalize off that like. That’s the problem. Back in the day the gaming industry was smaller and they weren’t afraid to take risk. That’s why we got fun games like nba street, ssx, midnight club etc. because they were focused on FUN instead of MONEY.

  17. Black Ops sucks, it was never a good game, MW2 is the best game, you’re wrong.

  18. I just want a simple game with raw graphics thats fun to play with all the boys, like to old days when you would go to your firends house to play wii sports

  19. Here a few title to play to wait for new big releases

    We who are about to die

    Lethal company


    The forest

    Tower unite

    Papers please


  20. The reason is because titanfall 3 never happened

  21. Every PVP game is too damn sweaty now. Im just trying to unwind after work, not practice in empty lobbies to learn optimal routes or meta gameplay.

  22. I feel like this video's title should be changed to "The REAL Reason Shooters Aren't Fun Anymore," because the only examples you keep citing are third- and first-person shooters.

  23. I'm bored as hell of my PS5.I'm back to playing my ps2 ps3 games because i'm sick of cinematic movie games

    Tell me you've never heard of Rust without telling me you've never heard of Rust.

  25. The next game i find innovative and that made me very curious is lost skies because it's based off of an unique mechanic

  26. The reality is you experience more as you age, making true innovation actually impossible. Just like movies and TV shows, its all been done before in some way. Entertainment markets are geared towards younger markets specifically for that reason. It doesn't make much sense spending a hundred million dollars to capture a 40 year old market, when you can spend 100k to target tweens for which everything is a new and fun experience. Adults need to start accepting the fact that they simply can't have those same experiences again, anymore than they can feel in love with the same passion they had in their teens and 20s.

  27. You forgot one important detail, the prices, the need and the companies that does partnerships and whaling to make people buy the new consoles to be able to play, or even upgrade the computer 3 in 3 years or keep stuck in the other games and playing the same you have and free to play games that has so many pay to win and realliveservice more known as gamepasses… gaming now isn't about quality but quantity, isn't about eletronic art is about making money and starving peoples wallets. This is why I did gave up on new titles, was some new traillers of games this year and I was "fuck it" thats a strategy to grab attention for the moneyyy. Not paying 1400 euros in a RTX in this life or another, gaming in some country rn isn't something that everyone can use, in less than 10 years games will be a exclusive to riches and the free to play will be turned in a gamepass epidemic phase that people will normalize. DLC's it's okay if adds new tools and good history, regular updates cool, charging for the game when you did already buyed it… thats a joke, I miss the times when you buy the game is done, ratchet gladiator had multiplayer in the ps2, wrc before the plague of gamepasses consumed them too in the 2010, soccer, PES, wwe smackdown, incredible hulk, kim possible series, sonic collection… and the list goes on golden ages rip true gaming and care for the costumers people loved developting the games, the happyness was in frist place and not the money, now everything is about consuming strategys to eat wallets and trick yougsters. Rest in peace 90's mortal kombat always will be in my heart street fight and of course skyrim <3 true gamers miss you and all the 700 hours we stayed playing until today. Thank you steam to keep those titles alive and for gifting even a dlc.

  28. I think games arent fun anymore because of the companies hidden intent to force outcomes, in order to get monetary gain. Gaming isnt about skill, its about whether these companies want to milk us of our money or not. If they want money they will force you to lose so that you buy that upgrade just so you can win.

  29. Wrong. It's because game developers got lost in trying to use the graphics and physics and connectivity capabilities of consoles. Once upon a time, power was the limiting factor in building the experience the devs wanted to produce. But the experience was the goal.

    Graphics and computation are finally good enough to let devs be completely unlimited by hardware… But in the meantime, those years and years of focus on graphics and computation led to new generations of game developers who forgot why we wanted them in the first place.

    Here's why gaming now is boring: they are filled with photorealistic landscapes, true-to-life physics, and photorealistic humans. WE CAN GET ALL OF THIS BY GOING TO WAL-MART AND WALKING AROUND. Photorealistic environments, true to life physics, and photorealistic humans. Playing todays games too often feels like… hanging around in the real world. Either the real world of the past, the real world of the present, or the real world of the future. They even intermingle with real world currency and real world relationships online, meaning that now what you do in the game and what you do, can do, or can't do in real life depend on each other. Meaning, in other words, that by playing a game, you make new problems for yourself in real life, rather than escaping real life. WTF?

    What makes a game successful is that it takes you out of the real world and lets you live and play somewhere else for a while, consequence free. You can forget about all your problems—not be reminded of them when you don't have enough money to buy the latest whatever on game X because you haven't found that new job yet because… Look back at Mario and Sonic and the most successful platformers in history. They were 100% separate from real life AND tremendously "limited" vs. real life. Two dimensions. One path. Just a few moves. Just a few enemies. But it was this limitation that made them fun—they were a different reality with different rules and a limit on what you had to learn and master, in contrast to real life, where all kinds of garbage comes your way all day long, and whatever you did in the game stayed in the game, rather than draining your actual bank account just by playing, meaning that you could really let loose inside the game. If you let loose inside today's games, you won't be able to make your rent payment, so you have to keep the real world with you while you're inside the game.

    Look at Elden Ring or Breath of the Wild, or other massively successful open world games of recent vintage. They are the opposite of realistic. They are insane, over the top, full of magic, or demons, yet also very controlled environments, not trying to "recreate New York in massive detail" and at the same time connect your bank account to the game world and all of that garbage.

    The most fun games are games that start out with a very limited universe that is *completely separate from ours*, yes even if they are open world with a large map. Limited as in, a limited range of visuals, a limited set of rules, a limited set of behaviors, and limited fidelity to "reality."

    Sometimes this does also foster "innovation" because developers aren't so focused on recreating Los Angeles city blocks and thus have time to use their imaginations a little bit. But Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog are still fun today. They're no longer innovative, in fact, they've racked up billions of hours in collective play time. We've known them inside and out for decades. Why are they still fun?

    Because they are an escape from real life. They do exactly the opposite of what game developers try to do now. Old games reduced your problem set and choice of behaviors drastically for a couple of hours. This was a relief from the massive complexity of real life, and gave you a targeted set of tasks that you could work to master.

    Now the goal seems to be to achieve a problem set and behavior set that matches real life in scale, and a visual set that matches real life in diversity. At that point, you're bored. It's like having a game called "real life" where you do all the same things. Why would you bother to pay extra money to have to do all the things you do anyway?

    Gaming is too realistic, and too complex. You don't bother to play them, and get bored with them, because they feel like work—not like an escape to a simpler place that may take focus to master, but won't require that you dedicate your entire life to them to master them (as real life does).

    What has been lost is escapism. Or at least an awareness of why people want to escape from one place to another. We want to escape because real life is distracting, overwhelming, and confusing, and sometimes it's nice to have a break and join a world that is simpler, learnable, and masterable. We don't want to escape to another place that's just as distracting, overwhelming, and confusing, yet this is what the AAA game developers have been trending toward for a decade or more. "We'll know we have a winner on our hands when you can't tell the difference between playing a game and living a life."

    That's just wrongheaded.

  30. "Oh no!!! I keep playing the same genre of games all the time and im getting bored of it, GAMING IN GENERAL isnt fun anymore!!!!!!!1111"!!!!!

  31. Merh, balance. Everything in moderation. Get a job and work your ass off and an hour of gaming every few days will feel great again.

  32. Older person here. The last console I bought was the Xbox 360 back in the mid 00s. I really tried to love it but it just left me cold compared to what I had grown up with from the late 80s to early 00s. The Dreamcast, the console I had before the Xbox, was the last time I really enjoyed gaming. It was probably me just getting older though.

  33. No it’s not any of that every fucking game I play is broken beyond any repair like rust that game is so beyond dog shit broken it’s hard to even wrap my mind around it


  35. And it’s not even them trying to keep up there hasn’t been a single new game in fucking 5 plus years nothing dead and any that have are broken piece of shit worthless fucking games


  37. We need to understand gaming is dead period there’s no good games anymore period they all suck

  38. You use to just buy the game and play it, then down the road pay for some dlc, and then everything became a constant bill for the budget. Gaming is WAY more expensive than back in the early xbox live days. I tried to get back into it with Destiny, and I just couldn't and stopped again. A new Fallout game is the only thing that's going to get me back.

    So many games were just ruined for me because of in game purchases. They killed pogo too. Its just impossible to fully enjoy it now without spending money constantly

  39. This reminds me that there Is a Company that can innovinate but dosen't, i know they can because almost all theyr realeses did, they are valve

  40. You want innovation. Indie games are the way to go!

  41. Ever since I quit multiplayer games, Ive never been happier.

  42. Real real reason gaming is lame now…

    Some people hate anything mainstream. Gaming is mainstream so they hate it now.

    Instead of being a cool thing only your cool friends understood, now grandmas can play candy crush on their lifeline phones 😂

    Same thing for alcohol and MJ. Sneaking around was half the fun. Once you join the adults in that enjoyment, it stops feeling like something you did as a group and "the norm"

  43. Realistic graphics should not be "the standard", innovation and creativity should be. Until that is priority again, this issue will continue.

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