The Second Best Free Game You Never Played -

The Second Best Free Game You Never Played

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Outro Montage song: To See More Light – Colin Stetson
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  1. Thx to you, playing this mod right now
    Wish you would play Out of Hell mod

  2. Congratulations to Total Chaos for being the first horror game to introduce Wavedashing and Telefrags

  3. I love how he uses the last of us music when the next chapter starts

  4. Holy Crap Sr Pelo commited on this video plus my brother likes your content.

  5. I was thinking this was a great video to enjoy on a nice evening, but now im just sad.

  6. Knowing the whole time that was made in Doom engine I was just baffled, damn bro.

  7. I remember when I used to watch his old videos before he blew up

    Edit:I misspelled he so I corrected it

  8. 50 bucks says his next video in this series in S.T.A.L.K.E.R anomaly

  9. The only hidden ending I’ve found where you just leave is Arkham City where Catwoman decided to leave Batman to die and leaves, allowing Joker to become immortal and destroy the world

  10. I have to say. I usually prefer to play the game before I watch a video on it. But when it’s a game I know I would piss myself playing it’s nice to see someone else play it and have a disconnect

  11. Unbelievable this is a doom mod I mean WOW!

  12. Ok… 39:09 as an American I don’t like the month/day/year calendar either… I don’t think anyone does… it’s just how’s it’s been since the start for some reason and I think it’s just too hard to change all the documents to the regular day/month/year sooo. But I agree American rules are weird

  13. Love the video… but it’s a coastie, or a coast guards man… he is not a coast guard, despite what it says in the game

  14. So I suspected the cancer and the mental health twists…
    But I didn’t expect to be hit so hard to the point I’m still crying.
    This was a really good movie!

  15. I love how well the OST for the last of us and the last of us part II fits into this video, with it fitting the overall bleakness of the video

  16. Hey, pyrocynical I looked at the comment you sent to the Fhagbasher69 and all I have to say is lay off me plz I just like FNF and sir pelo and wanted it to be my discord name, so please lay off me. Good day, mate.

  17. I wanna watch this but for some reason this puts me to sleep unironically and I can’t explain why. I do enjoy this kind of video but once it gets to the yawn hallway I’m crashing

  18. The ending sort of sucks, just another game that ends with "akshually the gaem was all fake the whole time all along the whole time!!!" Like why can't we have a game about all that mental health stuff AND with actual monsters that exist in the world

  19. Some of this content has to be penance for voicing in parts of hunt down the freeman.

  20. "J-John Cena? Is that you"

  21. "What seems to be a genuine letter of reasoning turns into self hatred" me in a nutshell.

  22. "the P08 is based off the Luger" yeah, the P08 Luger. . . It literally says it's called a P08 in the Wiki screenshot. . . But really keep up the good work I love your videos!

  23. Radio:a storm is approaching

    vergil:crap,wrong dimension

  24. Roblox at one point your gonna need a freaken 3090 just to run one game believe it

  25. wow what a great video, took me a couple weeks to finish it, but actually excellent

  26. Wait wadaholic also made Turbo Overkill ?!

  27. One thing i also noticed when playing it was that the voice on the radio would often say "we" or "us" even when the subtitles said "you".

  28. For almost the entirety of the video I thought that it was Foot Oasis and not Fort Oasis lmao

  29. this was so good and funny defo one of my favourite videos on youtube

  30. There is WAY TOO MANY EFFORT PUT INTO THIS. This video about a DOOM 2 mod is a damn masterpiece. How does Pyro manage to create such masterpieces from literall DOOM 2 mods and games whose pixels are sharper than kitchen knives. HOW?

  31. I like how you noted dead space I played dead space yesterday I played for like three hours but then I ran into the indestructible monster guy and couldn’t get past him you know when he Regents

  32. My favorite pistil also the german…..lerger

  33. dont know if youll see this comment, but would a darkness and darkness 2 playthrough for lore be possible? @pyrocynical

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