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The Summer’s Best Games – The MinnMax Show

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Welcome back to The MinnMax Show! On this week’s episode, Ben Hanson, Kyle Hilliard, Jeff Marchiafava, and Suriel Vazquez finally review Insomniac’s Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on the PlayStation 5. After that, JeffM unpacks Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage and Suriel Vazquez shares his glowing thoughts on Guilty Gear Strive. Then we’re joined by former Game Informer reviews editor Joe Juba to talk about Yuffie’s DLC in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and Leo Vader talks about his skateboarding adventures in Olli Olli World. Then we answer questions submitted on Patreon by the community and award the iam8bit question of the week! You can win a prize and help make the show better by supporting us on Patreon and leaving a question!

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To jump to a particular discussion, check out the timestamps below…

00:00:00 – Intro
00:03:27 – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
00:21:03 – Game Builder Garage
00:31:15 – Guilty Gear Strive
00:44:01 – Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade INTERmission DLC
00:58:17 – Joe Juba’s E3 2021
01:01:13 – Olli Olli World
01:04:53 – Thanking MinnMax’s biggest supporters
01:07:39 – Thanking iam8bit
01:08:59 – Community questions
02:04:55 – Get A Load Of This
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  1. This episode had such a nice flow and vibe. 🙂

  2. I only have time to listen to one gaming podcast but damn, I missed Joe. A great guy that knows a lot about games.

  3. Love the dives into some personal life. It was great seeing Joe and hearing him talk about….. Stuff!

  4. I always love Suriel's fighting game talk. Interesting coverage that I don't see in too many gaming podcasts

  5. You guys are by far my Podcast! Thanks for keeping my weeks interesting.

  6. I think I'm in the minority about this, but if you listen to podcasts while playing a game, I just feel like you're diminishing the experience of the game a lot. It's like trying to listen to a symphony orchestra while listening to a podcast. You just won't get the full impact of the art. But, as with everything, you do you.

  7. By the way, 2 years ago there was a crowdsource between sound designers to record death screams as alternate to wilhelm scream.
    If you hear it in 2021 there are chances it was asked by a producer or put in by a video editor. No sound editor would use it anymore unless at gun point.

  8. 46:55 Joe did the same comparaison about an old comfy pair of shoes during the super metroid super replay 🙂
    He must have a whole room filled with comfy footwear from yesteryear.

  9. Pokemon Conquest shooting up in the trending charts. Jeffm wants Pokemon Tactics the same week that the Bombcast wants Pokemon Beat 'em Up. Also, both games please, but only if you can toggle the blood or off.

  10. Dont discourage the cool haptic controller features :/ I'd rather have these over the top features with the option to turn it off (which every ps5 sony game has had so far) then just standard controller features every controller of the last 15 years has had

  11. I legit just wanna hear suriel talking guilty gear combos for an hour.

  12. Really great questions this week, but the getting dumped question was easily the best at making the show better

  13. FWIW Upgrading the void shield weapon fully makes the trophy/challenge for it much harder.

  14. is it weird that I was actually SHOCKED when Hanson's response to the Lincoln's corpse comment was 'Absolutely not!' ?? lol

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