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The Summer’s Best Games – The MinnMax Show

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Welcome back to The MinnMax Show! On this week’s episode, Ben Hanson, Kyle Hilliard, Jeff Marchiafava, and Suriel Vazquez finally review Insomniac’s Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on the PlayStation 5. After that, JeffM unpacks Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage and Suriel Vazquez shares his glowing thoughts on Guilty Gear Strive. Then we’re joined by former Game Informer reviews editor Joe Juba to talk about Yuffie’s DLC in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and Leo Vader talks about his skateboarding adventures in Olli Olli World. Then we answer questions submitted on Patreon by the community and award the iam8bit question of the week! You can win a prize and help make the show better by supporting us on Patreon and leaving a question!

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To jump to a particular discussion, check out the timestamps below…

00:00:00 – Intro
00:03:27 – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
00:21:03 – Game Builder Garage
00:31:15 – Guilty Gear Strive
00:44:01 – Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade INTERmission DLC
00:58:17 – Joe Juba’s E3 2021
01:01:13 – Olli Olli World
01:04:53 – Thanking MinnMax’s biggest supporters
01:07:39 – Thanking iam8bit
01:08:59 – Community questions
02:04:55 – Get A Load Of This
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  1. Guilty Gear Strive is the best game I've played this year. It is my first Guilty Gear too.

    It's just so goddamn fun: an in-depth combat system, every character feels completely different, responsive gamefeel, and the rollback makes online matches so frictionless. I highly recommend it!

  2. Loved the Ratchet discussion, just beat it last night!

  3. I never got into the Ratchet and Clank games and I don’t think I ever will. They don’t really appeal to me. The only thing I can think about every time a new ratchet game comes out is how much I wish the Jak and Daxter games would’ve continued too.

  4. “Sweded” was the term from Be Kind Rewind. Don’t know why I remember this! 😂

  5. It's always good to see Joe. He brings such a bright energy and great smile!

  6. I respectfully totally disagree with you guys on the haptics experience of R&C Rift Apart. I love how much it's used. To me it adds another layer of feedback that just makes it more enjoyable to play the game. I went back to R&C PS4 (with the intention of comparing the graphics) and the more noticeable thing was how sterile it felt to play with such limited and nonspecific rumble. Guns and actions and even the environment greatly lacked impact compared to Rift Apart.

  7. I actually watched Be Kind Rewind a couple weeks ago cause my gf has never seen it. The term is Sweded Hanson! And the movie is still awesome!

  8. "It's game on for defiling a corpse!" … and I absolutely lost it.

  9. I missed hearing Joe talk about games. It was good to hear from him again.

  10. Community Questions Breakdown:
    1:09:02 – What does the crew want to see in a new Dead Space?

    1:13:47 – What's your favorite video game mini game?

    1:18:27 – Does anyone else feel like the conversation around games is going backwards in some way, e.g. graphics?

    1:22:44 – Game: Can you guess the game based off its UK release title?

    1:26:11 – What video game titles do you mess up?

    1:28:12 – If you could banish any video game trope to the Phantom Zone, what would it be?

    1:32:51 – FFIX is getting a show!

    1:34:12 – Have you ever been dumped, and what did you do to overcome it?

    1:41:49 – If you were the sole guard of Lincoln after his assassination, what would you do?

    1:44:55 – With Gears of War entering the turn based tactics genre, what other franchises would you like to see get the XCOM treatment?

    1:46:17 – Why do publishers never make enough copies of Collector's Editions?

    1:48:07 – Did anybody get the $1000 from Josef Fares for getting bored in It Takes Two?

    1:49:14 – Does anybody find stock sound effects distracting?

    1:52:12 – Trivia Tower is wonderful!

    1:53:20 – Is there anything game developers can do to ease new adult gamers into the language of video games?

    2:01:29 – Game: Is it taller than a PS5?

  11. 1:18:44
    It's the console wars.

    In 2013 when Xbone did 900p and PS4 did 1080p it was, "Graphics matter!".

    Then when the One X came out and it was more capable than the PS4 Pro it was, "Graphics don't matter, it's the games!"

    We're at the start of a new console generation and the warriors are looking to fight over every pixel until it becomes clear that one console is more graphically capable than the other.

    If the conclusion is that Xbox is more graphically capable, then graphics won't matter, just the games.

    If it becomes clear that Xbox has some ongoing graphics presentation issues in-spite of its more capable GPU, then graphics will matter.

    Sony going all in on nextgen? Xbox is compromising! Sony doing crossgen? Nothing is compromised! PS5 games still look great! And so it goes.

  12. loved listening to suriels rundown of strive, im having fun with it. im just thinking about what it sounds to someone who doesn't understand the terms he's talking about lol

  13. 1:53:43

    Have comprehensive "Easy" modes and/or cheat systems.

    I was able to get into Demon's Souls on PS3, after initially hating the game, by using the "item duplication" exploit. Now I love the Souls games.

    I'd be very happy to see that exploit as part of the front end rather than something I had to discover by looking it up.

    Give us comprehensive difficulty modes and a cheats menu. If you want to prevent some trophies from popping, fine.

    Not allowed to invade other players on a save file that has had cheats active? Great! But I want the options to be there.

    One of the pillars of Doom had been its "console command" cheats, which were always great fun.

    You don't have access to those cheats in Doom Eternal. I wanted to have infinite ammo, I wasn't really enjoying the game, cheating would have gone a long way to bring me more into it.

    I also think the easiest difficulty mode in Eternal was just not easy enough.

    Sometimes it's fun to just dominate in a game before getting into the nitty gritty of things.

    When I played Final Fantasies 7 and 9 back in the day I didn't have access to the cheats that people playing today have.

    I am NOT upset that people are enjoying those games with the cheats on. I hope they would have some desire to eventually do a playthrough with cheats off, but if it helps them to get into it, then great.

    I love Doom 3, but it doesn't TERRIFY me. Stresses me out, sure, but that's because of its intense combat engagements in low visibility environments.

    I'll scream occasionally when there's a threat but either I succeed in dealing with that threat or I don't.

    I sat my huband down to play Doom 3 and I activated God Mode.

    Now, from what Souls purists will tell you this would ruin the game by completely removing the tension. But such people NEVER choose the "easy" difficulty, even when it's an option, they are too proud.

    "Easy" mode doesn't exist for THEM.

    I can tell you that my husband was crippled with fear playing Doom 3 even though he knew there was no real danger and the player character could not die. He experienced MUCH more fear playing that game than I ever have.

  14. I hope there's more Joe juba in the future! He was always one of my favorite editors at gi.

  15. Thank you for mentioning Be Kind Rewind. I rewatched it as soon as I was done watching this episode.

  16. I hated the dancing mini game in yakuza 0. And also the racing mini game. And also everything else. lol. I did like the games vibe though.

  17. Take it easy MinnMax, you keep messin around like this, you might become the best video game podcast around these parts.

  18. I would also throw my hat in the "Spent a lot of time playing Mahjong in Yakuza games" group, along with everything else when trying to get 100% completion. The Cabaret minigame from 0 and Kiwami 2 is still better though.

  19. I think some of y'all forgot to say "Get A Load of This"

  20. Wow learning about love on a gaming podcast

    You guys at minnmax are really versatile

  21. important note about the music in guilty gear strive this is the only game in the series that has vocals in every single song

  22. All-Star. Surely not alone in wishing this became the lineup, Founders+Leo+Juba. Top it with some Elise+Javi action for ultimate perfection 🙂
    Missing old GI yet loving MinnMax came in and doubled back with far more than just a vengeance 👍 👍 Loving it

  23. 1:25:10 The term "Ninja" was only taboo in the UK back then, not all of Europe

  24. Bezos will be fine no one's found and destroyed all of his horcruxes yet

  25. 1:17:23 i was stuck on that too. i am bothered by it at first, but quickly got hooked by the stakeholder meeting "combat". your ultimate "attack" was so hilarious i lol'd so hard the first time. acquiring businesses and getting hundreds of millions so fast is also very fulfilling. feels good to be a ceo.

  26. Wow. (slow clap) Joe has officially won GALOT, with the most fascinating discovery in any episode so far. What a strange, astonishing tale.

  27. "I like that old time necromorph." Ben, I see you and I appreciate you.

  28. is it weird that I was actually SHOCKED when Hanson's response to the Lincoln's corpse comment was 'Absolutely not!' ?? lol

  29. FWIW Upgrading the void shield weapon fully makes the trophy/challenge for it much harder.

  30. Really great questions this week, but the getting dumped question was easily the best at making the show better

  31. I legit just wanna hear suriel talking guilty gear combos for an hour.

  32. Dont discourage the cool haptic controller features :/ I'd rather have these over the top features with the option to turn it off (which every ps5 sony game has had so far) then just standard controller features every controller of the last 15 years has had

  33. Pokemon Conquest shooting up in the trending charts. Jeffm wants Pokemon Tactics the same week that the Bombcast wants Pokemon Beat 'em Up. Also, both games please, but only if you can toggle the blood or off.

  34. 46:55 Joe did the same comparaison about an old comfy pair of shoes during the super metroid super replay 🙂
    He must have a whole room filled with comfy footwear from yesteryear.

  35. By the way, 2 years ago there was a crowdsource between sound designers to record death screams as alternate to wilhelm scream.
    If you hear it in 2021 there are chances it was asked by a producer or put in by a video editor. No sound editor would use it anymore unless at gun point.

  36. I think I'm in the minority about this, but if you listen to podcasts while playing a game, I just feel like you're diminishing the experience of the game a lot. It's like trying to listen to a symphony orchestra while listening to a podcast. You just won't get the full impact of the art. But, as with everything, you do you.

  37. You guys are by far my Podcast! Thanks for keeping my weeks interesting.

  38. I always love Suriel's fighting game talk. Interesting coverage that I don't see in too many gaming podcasts

  39. Love the dives into some personal life. It was great seeing Joe and hearing him talk about….. Stuff!

  40. I only have time to listen to one gaming podcast but damn, I missed Joe. A great guy that knows a lot about games.

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