The Top 10 BEST DS Games -

The Top 10 BEST DS Games

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The Top 10 BEST DS Games #shorts

10th on the list is The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

9th is Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time

For the 8th spot I chose Pokemon Platinum

7th on the list is Kirby Super Star Ultra

Coming in at 6th is Super Mario 64 DS. Even though the controls weren’t the best, it’s still a fantastic game

Number 5 on the list is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky

The 4th best Wii U game is Mario and Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

Coming in at 3rd is Animal Crossing Wild: World

2nd on the list is New Super Mario Bros. This game brought the 2D Mario series back from the grave and I loved this game but.

The best game on the DS is easily Mario Kart DS


  1. very generic, there are plenty of others thats better

  2. Lego games were hype too. Same with call of duty, and practically any multiplayer game.

  3. Can I please be sent back into time with the knowledge I have😭

  4. That's _waayy_ too many Mario and pokemon games….. everyone had Mario Kart.
    Pokemon 🥱🥱🥱
    Where's the real list of games that weren't dedicated to *CHILDREN*
    >Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow
    >Castlevania Portrait of Ruin
    >Lunar Knights
    >Metroid Hunters
    >Chocobo tales
    >Kirby squeak squad
    >Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords(a _True_ touchscreen game, Burns me that it never truely ported to android 😢😢😢)
    >Harvest Moon
    >Almost any Zelda game (spirit tracks was a gimmick, phantom hourglass did it better)

  5. It's honestly more like top 10 most popular games on the ds

  6. Spirit tracks on top, such an underrated zelda game its SO good

  7. For me
    10 Is kingdom hearts 358/2 days
    9 Is kingdom hearts 358/2 days
    8 Is kingdom hearts 358/2 days
    7 Is kingdom hearts 358/2 days
    6 Is kingdom hearts 358/2 days
    5 Is kingdom hearts 358/2 days
    4 Is kingdom hearts 358/2 days
    3 Is kingdom hearts 358/2 days
    2 Is kingdom hearts 358/2 days
    And 1 Is kingdom hearts 358/2 days

  8. YEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!! and i bought myself the dsi….know i just need to upgrade to a dsi xl

  9. Why isn't The Speed Racer game on your top 10

  10. Call of duty modern warfear 3 and 4 and block ops

  11. When he said witch the best is i was waiting to see if this was opinion based or done through research…

    And I can safely say it’s research 🙂

  12. so you put Platinum on the list and ignored the actual peak of Pokemon games which is Heartgold and soulsilver, not only that but you ranked Mariokart and the weakest Animal Crossing entry above Bowser's inside story, hell nah 💀

  13. Spider-Man – Shattered Dimensions left the chat…

  14. im so happy pokemon mystery dungeon: explorers of sky made the list. This game really has a special place in my heart.

  15. People who remember Nintendogs😕🥹🥹🥹

  16. I'm noticing a lack of the best platform fighter on the Nintendo DS, Marvel's Super Hero Squad for Nintendo DS (2009). Game is genuinely awesome and has GOOD DS download multiplayer.

  17. DS games I played as a kid were nsmb mkds pokemon white 1 and 2 sonic colors GTA chinatown wars and mario party ds

  18. We all know the best thing on the ds generations was flipnote hantena

  19. Pokémon HG/SS has been robbed here, otherwise a solid list

  20. Pokemon mystery dungeon over hg/ss or black and white 2 ? Yikes

  21. Why are these all Nintendo games?
    This had the best third party support out of any Nintendo console throw in some third party games
    I think GTA Chinatown wars definitely deserved to be on this list

  22. Pokémon gen 2 remakes left the chat.

  23. The Sonic Rush trilogy left the chat

  24. My favorite DS game is grand theft auto Chinatown wars and my 2nd favorite is Mario kart DS

  25. Final fantasy 3 and 4 are the best de games

  26. Its so obvious! And I agree, mario kart ds is the best ds
    Here I may favourite ds games I played
    10. Cut the rope
    9. Rabbids 3d
    8. Simpson the game ds
    7. Mario vs sonic uh Olympics game thing
    6. Rayman rabbids 2 ds game
    5. (NEW!)Super mario Bros
    4. Mario party ds
    3. Luigi's mansion 2
    2. Rabbids ramble
    1. Mario kart ds

  27. Shin megami tensei: devil survivor “left the chat”
    Shin megami tensei strange journey “left the chat”
    Radiant Historia “left the chat”

  28. pokemon heart gold/soul siver and Pokemon platinum?

  29. R.I.P. GTA Chinatown Wars,PvZ and Diddy Kong Racing

  30. Although Mario DS is a fantastic game, Tamagochi Corner shop 2 will remain an all time favourite


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