The Top 10 BEST Games On The New PS Plus -

The Top 10 BEST Games On The New PS Plus

Push Square
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Aaron is here to breakdown his top ten picks on the brand new PS Plus service, which gives players access to over 700 games across every PlayStation generation.

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  1. I can't believe Metal Gear isn't on PS Plus Premium! The series that probably sold more PlayStation 1, 2, and 3 consoles than any others. What an embarrassment, Sony 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. Yo if I get one month of ps now before it’s out in my country will I get ps plus plus when it’s out

  3. With the recent changes to PS Plus I've been doing a lot of perusing of the improved library and I've discovered some REAL bangers I wasn't aware of until the other day. I have some really good suggestions for the list that aren't as well known as Demon's Souls, Days Gone or Red Dead Redemption 2.▪︎▪︎▪︎ Aragami ▪︎▪︎▪︎Aragami is the secret indie lovechild of Hitman and Ghost of Tsushima. It's a really good stealth-based game where you play as an aragami, a vengeful spirit who can use tons of awesome abilities like shadow teleporting. Kill every enemy in each level or stealth your way through on a shadow passivist run. Very replayable.▪︎▪︎▪︎ Kingdom Come: Deliverance ▪︎▪︎▪︎This game doesn't look like the best game you've ever played, but it'll surprise you. As a hardcore fan of single-player RPG's, I rate this game as maybe the best RPG I've ever played, and among the top 10 games of any genre I've ever played, and I'm picky AF about games. KC:D won't hold your hand. It's brutal and frustrating and it's seriously hard to earn the skills you want for your character, but with practice everything will get much easier. Remember, you're just some guy, not "the chosen one," but the growth is REAL and with dedication you will eventually become an absolute medieval badass and you'll know you earned every ounce of your success. Learn to pick locks, steal from people and fence the stolen goods, make money, hunt animals, do alchemy to make all your potions and sell the rest for huge profits, swordfight…▪︎▪︎▪︎ Vampyr ▪︎▪︎▪︎A cult-classic RPG about a man who wakes up as a vampire during the Spanish Flu epidemic. Make dialogye choices, solve mysteries, help people or feed on them, and complete quests while deciding which of numerous branching possibilities to follow. The Vampyr series has a new PS5 game coming soon, so now is the best time to play the first classical installment.▪︎▪︎▪︎ My Time at Portia ▪︎▪︎▪︎I always thought this was a kids game because it looks cutsey. It very well could be a good game for kids, but even as an adult this game is ADDICTIVE, and rewarding too. This game is mainly about resource acquisition and building with some combat and a ton of social aspects thrown in. If you're looking for a laid-back crafting game with mining, combat, friendships/relationships/marriage, animal taming, farming, etc., then give this one a shot. It reminds me of a more grown-up Stardew Valley type of game. It's surprisingly good and extremely polished.▪︎▪︎▪︎ South Park: The Stick of Truth ▪︎▪︎▪︎This is actually a very high-tier RPG with a ton of great humor thrown in the mix. If you like RPG's and South Park, this is DEFINITELY a must-play game. When you finish it you'll also find the next game in the South Park RPG series, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, in the catalogue. Don't sleep on the South Park RPG's. Ubisoft did shockingly good work here.▪︎▪︎▪︎ The Long Dark ▪︎▪︎▪︎Just play it. TLD is one of the best, if not the absolute best hardcore survival games out there. If you liked The Forest, Green Hell, etc., then you can't miss out on The Long Dark. It's staggeringly gorgeous and brutal, and it makes the art of balancing exploration and survival feel truly dire and rewarding. So many close calls, so many deaths, and so many hundreds of hours of potential.▪︎▪︎▪︎ Kona ▪︎▪︎▪︎Kona is a super interesting, well-made and gorgeous game about an abandoned wilderness town with an overarching mystery. If you enjoyed The Long Dark and you're into laid-back but slightly eerie mystery games, then for sure give Kona a shot. Plus the theme song absolutely slaps ass.▪︎▪︎▪︎ Ashen ▪︎▪︎▪︎If you like FromSoftware games, then Ashen might be one you'd enjoy. It's a much more simplistic art style, but I was surprised to find it's fully 3D, third person, and not another 2.5D or side-scroller game. I'm not far in this one so I can't describe it too well, but as a fan of Dark Souls and Elden Ring, I love this game. It's not perfect—it's an indie game—but it's still really good, and can be quite challenging.▪︎▪︎▪︎ Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition ▪︎▪︎▪︎This is another game FromSoft fans will probably really get into. It's a sidescroller but the verticality really makes up for the lack of a third dimension. Your character is squishy, enemies abound, and the bosses can be extremely challenging. When you die you have to go back and fight your ghost to collect the coins you built up. You'll feel the similarities Hollow Knight has with FromSoft games.

  4. Extra is easily a great value, premium not so much. I just got into Death Stranding due to being scared of not liking it. But wow I’m impressed.

  5. sucks that the ps3 games are still stream only :/ hopefully they change that at some point

  6. ps plus extra is good, I haven't played Ghost of tsushima yet, it looks nice

  7. Can the games be added to library if i will subscribe to ps plus extra? (As i have read games will change every month)

    Because i don't have time right now to play. I'll have sometime maybe around august

  8. Half the library isn’t available in Aussie/NZ it’s so whack

  9. Bloodborne. If you liked Elden ring you will love this game!

  10. 2:55 Being a massive jak and daxter fan I actually bought it in 2018 when it came to ps4 for 50% off

  11. The service just launched in Europe and I decided to upgrade to the Premium version.

    My current subscription runs until next March and the upgrade lasts just as long…

    Looking through the classic games*, one that instantly caught my eye and I downloaded immediately was Kurushi, however when I checked its' expiry date, it'll seemingly runs out in mid July!

    *It's annoying that PS3 games are in the "Classic" section, similarly there seems to be no way to filter between PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP games.

    The emulation of Kurushi at least isn't great, I already own the game as a PS1 classic on PS3 and it looks good there, however in the standard 4/3 for 16/9 resolution here, the games' text is very stretched and hard to read, though in game it played very well and looked alright…

    Setting the game to native resolution improves the text clarify, however it then makes the primary image tiny – both problems would surely be an issue in text heavy games.

    And while the game thankfully has trophy support, it has too few and they're too easy to get.

    Anyway overall I was left thinking right now there's a lot of good with the new tiers but a lot of room for improvement 🤔😯😀🤘

    (While of course it's very annoying that PS3 games are only available to stream, apparently don't include any dlc, perhaps none of the games do, though apparently you can still buy dlc for them!

    Also the fact that there are no Vita games included in the service 😐.)

  12. They need to work on the old school games they've added from my experience they don't run that good on the PS4 i can't speak for anyone else or new gen i can only go by my own experience.

  13. Dude the extra and primium are

    I bought it today and I can play ALL the games I couldn't afford

  14. I have been enjoying fallout new Vegas and gonna play 3 after it

  15. 8:00 I guess the thinking behind that would be so they can advertise the service as having more games if they are 3 separate titles rather than 1 box set.

  16. I thought that I wouldn’t find anything that I would wanna play, and I have been proven wrong. I found a bunch of games that I didn’t get a chant to play from last gen that I’m now playing, and a few PS5 games I wanted to play but not buy, now I can play them such as Ride 4, WRC, and the corny but somewhat entertaining Werewolf Apocalypse (not a good game but it’s so bad it’s fun kind of game)

  17. Worrying that RDR2 and WCR10 is being removed a month or so in. Will playstation exclusives stay on for ever. That's going to be my main reason getting it. I don't want to be half way through and it gets removed. Then having to pay to finish i. As we know digital games are always expensive.

  18. the only reason i got premium was for red dead games and ghost of tsushima but a lot of the games here look good

  19. I was just so excited to finally get to play Castlevania and Lord of shadows 2 even though people hate on their games so much it is a lot of fun to play and you can't get it anywhere you can't even buy it on the PlayStation store because I loved the first one I think it is definitely the best 3D Castlevania that has ever been made

  20. 2 wasted top ten places on your list for the ps3 streaming garage service. Fk streaming

  21. Jak and Dexter Trilogy… I'm sold with that. Missed em for years man.

  22. Quite a poor selection channels obviously someone in his mid, late 30s enjoying his childhood memories

  23. If I’m buying the extra for one month and download all the games it offers, would I still be able to play the games after the month expires?

  24. played watch dogs for the first time through PS+ and i got to say it's pretty good

  25. Why should I play Tekken 2 when Tekken 7 is in every way superior. And yes I have the new ps+ I guess I'm just not a fan of older games.

  26. Dummy's Souls and Retardinal? The best of PS5 on PS Plus? LOL no. Absolutely the worst on the service for PS5 games.

  27. I’m ngl. Most people are going to play the PlayStation one games and classics for a few moments and then put it down but it’s great that you can download them.

    I stream on twitch and ps doesn’t allow you to stream a game you’re streaming so I’m not going to be jumping on those ps3 games too often. And the input delay is somewhat messy. They should’ve made these games download available because I feel PS3 games are the ones most people are trying to relive playing again and right now, streaming only isn’t a good way to play most of these games. It’s simply not as smooth as downloading.

    After paying for the highest tier, It mostly made me realize I’m paying to go back in time to play good games at meh or eh quality. And I realized goin back in time isn’t exactly as much fun as I thought.

  28. @push Square could you do the Top 10 COOP games on PS+ Extra? I think at least Returnal will be on there, but what else? Thanks

  29. I'm really surprise Ghost of Tsushima Directors cut isn't mentioned. Is Demons Souls really better?

  30. Split/second is a great game!
    Great selection I agree with all of them! I would also add Resistance 3 (a very special game in my opinion).

  31. Force unleashed being added has up sold me to premium

  32. The problem for me is there isn't a single game I haven't played already that I'm remotely interested in. Returnal is the closest but I know it'll just annoy me.

  33. The main thing I love about this is I no longer have to get out of bed to put a new game in my PS5 (at least most of them)

  34. I got PS Extra and have been reliving my childhood memories with the FFX HD remaster, I also downloaded Returnal and Demon Souls to try when I get bored.

  35. Downloaded over 20 plus games already, mostly indies, or AA games, because almost all of the great AAA games I either already own or have played before.

  36. The Jak and Daxter games are easily one of my all time favorites

  37. Who tf wants to play those ps1, 2 &3 outdated games?? May be children

  38. Most of it is old bs every normal gamer finished ages ago

  39. Terrible. Absolutely terrible. Why even bother with this service when it’s not going to even bother to compete? Is this a joke?

  40. I streamed asuras wrath and it’s great got 2 hours in so far. Highly recommend it

  41. I've not played Rdr2 yet so definitely looking forward to that and also the spiderman games

  42. Ty Red Dead Redemption 2 was probably the biggest selling factor for me but your video definitely sold me on at least extra

  43. i havent checked the new ps plus yet cus its not out where i live but if it has the same games as ps now i think rdr1 for ps3

  44. Im gonna maybe buy it but i have 2 accounts 1 acc i have ps plus but when it comes out in eu i want it on the 2 acc. So my question is can i use just ps plus on 1 acc and on the 2 acc ps plus with ps now ?

  45. The only bad thing about the new service is that it cost $120 a year to play the ps3 games. Where before it was only $60. (If you didn’t need ps plus this was amazing)

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