The TOP 10 Oculus Quest 2 Games of ALL TIME (2022) -

The TOP 10 Oculus Quest 2 Games of ALL TIME (2022)

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Hello! Here are my top 10 Quest 2 games as of 2021 going into 2022!

I hope you enjoy, lots of great software this year (well.. mainly just for Quest, not many PCVR games) but regardless, if you’re looking for some new games to play, hopefully you find something fun and exciting here!

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00:00 Intro
01:36 10. A Township Tale
02:38 9. Song in Smoke
03:18 8. Hand Physics Lab
04:12 7. Larcenauts
06:04 6. Pop One
06:58 5.
07:40 4.
08:23 3.
09:15 2.
10:00 1.5. BONUS GAME
10:48 1.


  1. I would put creed rise to glory somewhere

  2. Song in smoke remindes me of ark survivel

  3. Saints and sinners is overrated. To much wrong with the game. Very limited inventory space. Only 1 trip per day. The new inclusion of factions was a nice touch but makes it very complicated to get through 1st run of story when faction members kill you for entering a house. Some weapons are to weighted like bats. It doesn't feel natural when you swing them 2 handed. It's not worth full price. Maybe $10/$15.

  4. Can't believe after the fall isn't on there. I'd kick hand physics lab for that. But ATF could go higher on the list

  5. im getting an oculus soon and resident evil 4 is on my to get list


  7. Beat saber is so overrated. I have it but it is just meh!

  8. i dont know which to get demeo or blade and sorcery nomad
    im about to do a coinflip

  9. I've played vrchat on the quest and i feel like having the memory is better. It barely gives you a tutorial, it's hard to navigate and all the stuff surrounding skins is a joke.

  10. If you want to buy or you haven’t activated your device, Who need referral code for 30US store credit, just tell me ,I will give it to you

  11. The Room VR: A Dark Matter is amazing and one of the best I’ve ever played.

  12. Do we have to pay more for each game? Or it is included when we buy the oculus vr

  13. The walking dead game is far more immersive and better than your top pick, that’s definitely just personal preference. But in this stage of VR, the more immersive better graphics game, should be 1

  14. If you like a more tactical and realistic feel, blade and sorcery nomad is for you.
    Gorn is if you want a more wacky physics bloody gore fest with stupidly fun weapons.

  15. I know this game isn’t exactly recent, but an awesome game called journey of the gods released in 2019 is fun. Cute animated feeling graphics. It’s legends of Zelda but on vr with a very mellow low key vibe and awesome environment/sound travk

  16. Saints and sinners is indeed the best vr has to offer the moment being

  17. Have u played after the fall i have been thinking about getting it and i heard about the co op mode but dont know if i should spend 40 bucks on it or res evil 4

  18. Resident evil 4 made me love the VR and the best intro I could have playing it highly recommend it

  19. I just ordered a quest 2 after watching this video. Thanks for making me broke

  20. are there any games that are out right now that are like world of warcraft or any kind of rpg leveling types of games? with a level progression and armor progression besides the soon to be announced "zenith" main thing was want to play with friends, none of that solo crap

  21. I only bought A Township Tale because I thought you can be a Mage but it's just basic survival

  22. Yes Stormland! Super good game abandoned!!!!! 😢😢😢

  23. The Walking Dead S&S just needs Multiplayer

  24. If you make a PCVR list, you HAVE to include H3VR. Best physics and gun handling in any vr game I've played, fun sandbox, and constant updates for 5 years now, for $20

  25. I'd LOVE a similar video focused on PC VR. 🙂

  26. Ngl The Township Tale actually sounds like a dream to me

    Also idk how popular it is, but if it is popular, then you should definetly add Stride too. Any parkour fan will spend wayy too much time in it cuz it just is really fun (some half-game breaking bugs tho, but still fun)

  27. Demeo's cool but I definitely wouldn't rank it that high, personally. Maybe with the right group of friends and enough time to sit down and play it together, but without those things it's just a really cool idea that gets kind of boring fast. Some of the others you listed are also not accessible to those prone to VR sickness.

    My list would have included Walkabout Mini Golf, RealVR Fishing, and In Death: Unchained. Definitely honorable mentions for Synth Riders since it's just flat out better than Beat Saber IMO, and Wander (not technically a game but still a must-have).

  28. only here to comment the best quest 2 games are what you will enjoy never liten to these guys telling you the best of im commenting after 3secs of this video and wont watch more ive seen so many of this kind of video and unless these guys can get with a group of other quest users to define whats good or not cant be arsed going forward so sick of it!

  29. I just got my oculus today and this list was very helpful! Thanks!

  30. I have a PSVR 1 and I'm itching to pull the trigger and to update to a new headset… but damn it, I can't help but wait on the next PSVR2 or the next Occulous offering… I need to freeze myself like Kartman! 🙂

  31. Some kind of PCVR showcase is very much needed.

  32. That first game is way toooooo grindy… the game doesn't explain shit, you can't sit and play, you have to bend over physically to pick up virtual sticks. Just way too much work for a game

  33. are these games all available from within the headset ?? I am new to this

  34. im gonna pick one of these games to buy and try out today

  35. thank you for telling me that you have a discord. i have friends in VR but they almost never play

  36. Thanks for the content bro you for sure should make that top pc game list would be dope!

  37. Population one definitely deserves being on this list

  38. Fantastic List! Eleven Table Tennis is one of my favourite ways to unwind!

  39. Come join in my discord! Game giveaways and lots of cool VR people to hang out with! Also, what does your Top 10 VR games list look like? Lemme know.

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