The Top BEST Games on Quest 2 VR - New 2022 UPDATED -

The Top BEST Games on Quest 2 VR – New 2022 UPDATED

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10 Great New Games on the Quest 2! What to Play?! No Oldies
A Ton of amazing new Games on the Oculus Quest with even more Games Coming Soon! This list of games are some of the best the platform has to offer but we didn’t do the usual bunch thats in the original list. We are 2022 updated here now!

Intro: 0:00
Nock: 0:29
Zenith: 1:24
ATF: 2:26
Resist: 3:14
Nomad: 4:13
Gun Raiders: 5:02
Demeo: 6:17
Climb 2: 6:58
Vox Machinae: 8:41
Until You Fall: 9:39
Outro: 10:31

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  1. All the violent games are totally BS. How can Peple have fun at this nonsense. Thick World!I prefer Simulation games and FPV Flying Apps. Please ban these violent antimankind games. Please Elon, buy Meta !! Freedom from violent qames!

  2. Nope, Quake 3 VR port is the best 2022 game😉

  3. I think it's a mistake not to give Population One more than a glacing mention here. It's recent Metropolis Map Update has revitlized the game bringing older players back and attracting newer players. It's hands down the best multiplayer shooter in the VR genre right now and it isn't even close IMO.

  4. I keep going back and forth with Demeo. It looks like a lot of fun but hard to learn. Great video as usual!

  5. Contactors is great as we know Steve definitely Knows

  6. I like the way you just said Vox to avoid miss pronouncing the second word, if thats the case I dont blame you

  7. I own most of the good quest 2 games. Pop One is my favorite: flying, climbing, shooting, big map

  8. Slight boo boo.. contractors time slot is not in description

  9. No hyper dash in this list? It's very polished FPS and it has an ESports league. It's the best FPS on Quest, I don't know why YouTubers keep sleeping on it.

  10. I would recommend legendary tales Instead of blades and sorcery it has better physics and more content plus multiplayer.

  11. Espire 1 is really good too. Tons of content, like a robot james bond, i feel like it gets overlooked

  12. You dont even know how bad I want After the Fall.

  13. After the fall has been a huge letdown for me by now I expected a full game but the much awaited update only brings 2 square maps to a game with only 5 missions

  14. "Ancient dungeon" belongs on a top 10 video 🙂

  15. I was so dissapointed with the look of Zenith on Quest 2… I hope to buy it on Steam at some point but, if very rough looking VR isn't for you, steer clear of the native version.

    Also… Does this guy like anything that doesn't involve trolling? 😒

  16. good list there Steve :), also good Arnie impression 🤣🤣

  17. Nice little suggestion. While showing the game, put the price in the corner of the screen. It would be much appreciated ^_^

  18. No shadowgate steeeeeeeveee ???? An overlooked belter that seems to have been a single play and binned by the vr content creators …such a pity ..its a fantastic game that got better and more impressive the deeper u got

  19. Zenith hasn't seen a single patch since March 7th and it was a hotfix…
    They need to ramp up content and bad.

  20. If you think Nomad brings out the pscho in people, if they ever remake Manhunt for VR, it'll be completely different.

  21. You should swap out Resist for Swarm. The swinging mechanic is much better in Swarm and it doesn't make you motion sick. Not that Resist isn't a great game, but Swarm is just way more fun and addictive.

  22. I have over 1000 hours on blaston and I cannot tell anyone enough how much of an amazing game it is, shame not to see it on many lists

  23. Yep…Resist was the first game I purchased. Love the look but makes me sick AF! Pretty bummed about it.

  24. Who agrees that we NEED a jet flying VR game of some kind? IVE ALWAYS WANTED TO PLAY something like that!

    Also steve. I LOVE the new layout anf introductions to each game. Very chill 😎

  25. Great content Steve! I'm wanting to buy some new games

  26. Eh, WTF–no RE4 VR here? RE4 VR is easily one of thee very best games on Quest 2, without any shadow of a doubt, and it utterly pisses on most of the games you actually chose for this list. What an utterly weird omission, especially considering you included what I consider completely clunky and convoluted crap like Blade and Sorcery on there, which feels more like an extremely unfinished and unpolished tech demo imo. What is the point of these companies putting so much love into finally giving us proper and genuine AAA quality games for the likes of Quest 2 when some low quality meh is going to get recommended over them by the popular VR sites/channels like yours. Same is true of half of the games you picked; where it seems to me you've went for a gimmick over actual quality. I hate that so many modern gamers can be so blinded to actual genuine quality of execution and polish over some gimmick that 1000% will not hold up over time. When you play a game like Blade and Sorcery in a few years time, it will feel utterly outdated and terrible and you will see just how bad much of the execution of the controls and menus and interactions and so on are and how poorly they hold up. RE4 VR on the other hand will still be a total blast to actually play and will hold up extremely well for the most part. THAT is how you should be judging these VR games, and what you should be recommending them to new VR users based on, not based on some extremely roughly executed and short-lived gimmick or novelty that has no staying power. But, hey, I see a lot of other VR users who similarly seem to have no clue whatsoever and will just play total crap because it has new-fangled "realistic" physics or whatever, no matter how bad that stuff actually is in reality. So whatever. Just bizarre.

  27. "even halo maps" proceeds to plays a map from black ops

  28. Please help us get Streaming back on quest Native. I want to stream to TikTok , YouTube, Facebook Gaming , Twitch Ect

  29. I enjoy zenith but I still don't really have a clue what to do or were to go half of the time

  30. Does anyone know of a multiplayer escape room for the Quest??

  31. I have my own funds for the oculus but my parents won’t let me get one. Could you tell me how to make them more leanient

  32. i justed started green Hell which is really good.

  33. finally someone talking about until you fall its so good!😁

  34. i hated zenith, it is not as good as it seems

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