The TOP Quest 2 Games Ranked... -

The TOP Quest 2 Games Ranked…

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The TOP Quest 2 Games Ranked…

In Todays video I rank the TOP/BEST Quest 2 games out right now. From, VRchat & Recroom, to Population One, Stride, & EchoVR. There are some great games out right now. Hopefully this video helps new users looking for some free & paid games.

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My channel is about VR Content (obviously lol) I’ve covered many topics on this channel in the past such as PC Building, PC Gaming Knowledge, Gaming News. That can be CPM rates, Industry knowledge, Business knowledge, how to edit, how to build a gaming PC, budget or not. But VR is cooler so I’m probably gonna keep doing that.

I’m like the monkey you send into space for tests. I just come back with the results and give them to you for FREE.

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  1. @gethip Best Quest 2 Facial Interface for comfort?


  3. no one:

    fortnite kids: is that like a new…….. controller?

  4. I remember I had to stay at my grammas house so I played some stride and my grampa thought theta I was mentally insane

  5. I can't mod beat saber because when I do it pretty much makes all my games get like "disabled?" they pretty much don't load and I can't play the games quest 2 non functional because

  6. Why the hell did you put vrchat in f?!!?!?

  7. These are all gimmick games. It would be nice to see more triple A type (or just non gimmick VR games) VR games ranked instead like Skyrim or Subnautica or Visage etc.

  8. How do I download custom songs form phone

  9. VRchat is how I met my girlfriend so I would rank s

  10. I honestly agree with most of you rankings but I disagree with normal Beat Saber I think it should’ve been a “B” tear

  11. There’s no such thing as a sub list people do know this right? Right

  12. bro superhot had existed for 5 years dude thats half my age

  13. I’m currently ranked #183 on endless gamemode on Stride. I know I’m 4 months late but it was asked for the comment

  14. The PSVR community is the worst for not adding any of these games

  15. Oh you are not old for playing superhot. I’m fricking 12 and I am addicted to that games like drugs. Not as much as blade and sorcery and be chat tho.

  16. As a one of the children of vrchat, im scared to talk since if i talk ill get bullied for existing

  17. do people actually hold their sabers like the dual-ended beat saber like that i'm new here

  18. Beats what does S team I love beat saber

  19. Beat saber had the b cut out so it became eat saber

  20. Personally id give vrchat a F because it was one of my first vr games and it left a bad taste in my mouth of the online vr environment, im 13 but i got a squaky vouce and quest mic dont do me much favors so on my first day i quit the game really upset as i just got called a "Dumbass, inaudible 8 get the fuck off this game kid i dont care if i offended you your a pice of shit" now i enjoy vr alot but for one of my first experiences it just wasnt good

  21. i truly think rec room is one of the best games since its free and so immersive. Only con on it is that youll get sick at first from it


  23. Alright, im a grown ass man, im not a child, vr chat and rec room shouldnt be on this list at all. And battle royal is just for brainless idiots. Where are the real games at?

  24. im really lucky because almost every game in vrchat is wholesome

  25. Bout 2 months ago when got my quest 2 decided to try VR chat. Very first experience I had was joining the black cat world and turning a corner where 2 men had cartoon dogs as avatars pretending to lick smell and hump each other. Like they wasn't joking they was real role playing as furries. I.. I just didn't know how to take that in…. I still don't really know how to take it in.

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